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VIDEO : Funny Referee Moments

Here is another clip to cheer you all up.
Notice that Carra is involved in one of the incidents.
My favourite is the one where the players just walk past the referee who is on the ground and no one helps him.

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BOOK : Red Race: A New Bastion

Red_race_bastion_smaller-196x300Paul Tomkins’ new book is out now and for a limited time you can purchase the collector’s edition for only £12.50, it retails for £50.00.

Red Race: A New Bastion includes:

• An in-depth analysis of the 2008/09 season, with both anecdotal and original statistical analysis of the entire Liverpool squad. How did the team perform with certain players in the side? whose absence was most keenly felt? who contributed most in the big games? and many more relevant questions are answered;

• A unique analysis of the wherewithal it takes to win the title in the Premiership era, with evaluations of all major title challengers, and the money they’ve spent, using the Relative Transfer System™ devised for Dynasty. Who has got the most league points in relation to the money they spent? –– looking at the entire Premiership in the 2008/09 season, and in particular at those challenging for honours over the past 17 years;

• A look at the controversial youth structure at Liverpool, combined with an examination of the average ages of every successful team in the modern era, to see if you really can win league titles with ‘kids’, and how the current squad fares by comparison;

• Ferguson vs Benítez: a look at the rivalry that intensified over the course of the season, as well as the similarities in the situations each faced in the early years of the job; leading to the inevitable look at Ferguson vs Dalglish, from when the United manager was in pretty much the same situation to his current Liverpool counterpart;

And much more. Beyond anything else, it is an examination of what the Reds have to do to land a 19th title in the near future.

Click here to Purchase for only 12.50 retail price is 50.00

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VIDEO : Funny, Goal Celebration Fail

Trying to find stuff to cheer us up, YNWA.

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Wed 30th September 2009 News, Rumours and Rants

Well I am sure that like me you are all waking up and getting all the banter from the gloaters. Have faith my Red friends we shall overcome. The one thing I do not like is people picking on individual players, football is a team sport, when you lose a game the whole team loses. We played bad and lost, now we move on.

Rafa Vows to improve more…
(There are still 4 games to be played in the Champions league so we still can even finish first in the group.)

Daniel Agger is back, he played for the reserves last night as we beat Man City 2-0  more…
(Maybe we should have watched this game instead of the Fiorentina one)

Of course the other big news story yesterday was the fact that Tom Hicks & George Gillett issued a statement that they are looking for investors  more…
(I am positive that is will be the beginning of the end for them. My feeling is that Gillett will sell 25% then eventually he will sell the other 25% which would leave Tom Hicks and the new investor. As Hicks sees his value rise he might also then cash out.)

For those who missed it, we managed to get the name of Bill Shankly up to No 5 in the Twitter Trending Topics.
(Shanks would have been proud)

Michael Owen wants to go to South Africa for the World Cup.
(Well Michael you are a big boy, go to Expedia and purchase an airline ticket)

Remember that Honda guy that we were suppose to be buying? Everton are after him now  more…
(Honda? Everton seem to be more of a Kia kind of club)

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VIDEO : Funny player steals red card from referee

Most of us are depressed but this should cheer you up a little.
This is the future “Cristiano Ronaldo” being sent off after stealing the red card from the referee and then he even cries like Ronaldo.

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No problem with us starting with the formation we chose, but it was obvious from the start we was going to struggle with penetration, as well as defending there movement. Hopefully they will tire a bit in the second half and play with less tempo, but we should change this now. With Aurelio going wide left, Kuyt wide right, Lucas top of the midfield diamond and Gerrard bottom of the midfield Diamond , then Yossi to play alongside Torres!

Now half time, change to as suggested above but bring on Babel to play up front with Torres, move Yossi to the top of the Diamond, take Lucas off.

Taking Lucas off because he is out of his depth at this level, with the 4-4-2 diamond midfield we have the ability to keep the ball up field as well as compete and give support when we lose possession!