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Sami Hyypiä elected to the best defender of the German Bundesliga

The German leading sport magazine “kicker” released a list of the best Bundesliga football players of the year 2009. Sami Hyypiä, the former Liverpool’s number 4, who is actually playing for the front-runner Bayer 04 Leverkusen, was chosen to the best defender of the German league.

What convinced the most was Sami’s serenity, the quality of his headers and decisions, his reliability and inimitable charisma which is something of a rarity in the German football.

“There was no arguing about this choice in our office. Sami Hyypiä is a world class player and he is simply the best defender in our league, there is no doubt about that. Bayer Leverkusen is very lucky to have a player of such a unique quality in the squad. The rest of the league is unimaginable jealous of him”, explained “kicker” in the latest issue of the magazine.

Well, the Liverpool fans can estimate Sami’s value the best. We are happy for him, his success in Germany and for his new team, of course. Congratulations, Sami! You deserve that. But even if your new shirt is also red and it fits good, we would love to have you back. We still miss you!! YNWA

A Happy New Year to all Liverpool players, supporters, writers and readers.


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The Daily Antoine 31/12/2009 LFC News Digest

Happy New Year’s Eve

Irfaan posted a couple of videos yesterday, Recap of the funniest moments in Football for 2009.
Part 1 here…
Part 2 here..

And as the decade ends here is a list of the worst Liverpool team of the decade
(I would disagree with  having Pellegrino in that list, although he did not cut it as a player however he has been a great coach)

Bad news regarding the injury that Glen Johnson suffered more…
(They did not say how long but I recon at least 8 weeks)

Carra believes that Liverpool’s season is back on track more…
(Hopefully the gloom is over)

And George Gillett was spotted in Dubai as rumours of new investors surfaced more…
(I heard that he was there for the “Skint Anonymous” Convention)

According to this, Andrei Voronin is in Miami Beach enjoying the sunshine while his team mates were playing against Villa more…
(How does he get time off? I wonder if he is still there, maybe I should pay him a visit, sneak up on him and cut his pony tail)

There is talk about work on the new stadium starting in April more…
(Let us see, I am not holding my breath)

And van Nistelrooy is back in the mix more…
(As a 6 month loan?)

And Aquilani did not visit the placenta doctor more…
(Media lies? surprise)

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Let’s be objective!

I have always dreamed of LFC having the possibility to pick and choose players the way Chelsea and Manchester City have done in recent history, but I am also an objective person that this is not the Liverpool way and it is also not within our possibility.

The rumours coming from the media and the many players I see on individual wish lists are enticing, but most are highly unrealistic. Players like Goran Pandev or Marek Hamsik would be too illusive for Liverpool. Right now it seems that our only solution seems to be taking players on loan, but there again the players being mentioned are on stratospheric salaries and I am not so sure the Club is in a position to pay such money. I already wrote once, twice and now a third time……van Nistelooy or Heskey will not come to be Torres’ subs. They want to leave their Clubs because they are not playing and because they want to be in contention for a place in next summers World Cup.

I remind my fellow Liverpool diehards of the disappointments we were dragged through last summer, and this January transfer window will be no different.

I also remind my friends of the valid players we have burnt in recent history for some reason or other: players like Crouch, Keane and Sissoko. Yes Momo Sissoko who became the motor of the Juventus midfield and is sorely missed when not available. And how about the loaning out of Cristian Nemeth?

We won’t make big money from the sale of Dossena, Voronin or Babel, and if it boils down to having to send them out on loan it will only lighten the salary burden but this will not generate funds to bring in the quality inserts we need.

I beg everyone not to be misled; the last two victories in the PL do not mean anything, if not 6 points in the bag. We have not suddenly recovered our confidence. We are not back to our full potential. They were two good and much needed results and we should be intelligent enough to take them for that, at least for now.

Last year our battle was with the traditional top three adversaries, this year we are battling 7/8 competitors because even teams like Birmingham and Fulham are coming on strong. So, no joy rides, we are still in a weary situation and our heartbreaks are not over.

We have too many problems to solve with our team. Our defence is leaking goals, our two main midfielders, Lucas and Mascherano, are being asked to do duties that are not within their characteristics. They can win balls and hold a tight midfield but they are not ball distributors or playmakers. Aquilani has potential but needs time. The Italian lad will give the team quality and edge of inventiveness that we don’t have at present. Kuyt is by role a centre forward and is played out on the right; Benayoun is an attacking midfielder and is played out on the left. Both, in my view, out of their natural position! We insist with Gerrard as a second striker to assist Torres but I am adamant in my view that this season he should have been brought back into midfield as our playmaker in place of Alonso. Why Rafa did not go for such a solution (at least until Aquilani was up and running…and fully fit) I honestly don’t know. Torres….well…..50 goals in 72 games (Club record) and not being our penalty taker is no mean feat. What more can we ask from him?

The presence of Alonso called for a style of play which cannot be repeated. We do NOT have a player with his vision and ball distribution that can cut defenses in half with his passing. The ONLY player that could have done that job was Steven Gerrard!

It’s very possible that we have the squad to be competitive, but I feel that somehow the players, or most of them, are not being used in roles that make them bring forth their full potential.

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VIDEO : Former LFC keeper can save them blindfolded

Check this out, former LFC keeper David James can actually save blindfolded.

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VIDEO : Torres’ 50 Premier League Goals

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VIDEO : Football Comedy Part 2