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Bye Bye Nando

So Fernando Torres is gone. I am disappointed yes, but he hasn’t wanted to play for us for such a long time now, so in one way I am glad to see the back of him, as why should we keep a player against his will.

We have now bought in two strikers in Suarez and Carroll. Suarez may be unproven in the premier league, but Carroll has been banging in the goals left, right and centre, and if he scores goals for us like he did for Newcastle when we met them earlier this season, then I will be one happy bunny.

There is no need for bitter recriminations against Torres. I certainly don’t harbour any, and I look forward to us meeting him in his new team this Sunday and us showing him what he is missing by not being a Liverpool player anymore.

Thanks for a great job, Fernando, but you are now yesterdays news. Luis and Andy are the way forward now for Liverpool FC.

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Even if…

Hello Reds,

What an amazing exciting last transfer window’s day we lived.
Plenty of emotions: joy and hope with Suarez and Caroll incomings. Real interesting and ambitious adds to the team.
Angryness, disapointment, ununderstanding, and sadness with Torres departure to a club I can’t name.

I wanted to write about Torres, for the last time. Now that he’s a rival, an enemy, a Blue.

Even if we feel ANGRY tonight. We should never never never burn red Torres shirt. Because of all brillant moments he gave to us. Remember his two goals against Chelsea at home in 2009.

Even if we feel DISAPOINTED with his so fucking bad decision to leave us for a club without spirit and history, we should not, as he’s doing, insult him. Because of all the times he made us dreaming of glory days.

Even if we’ll will NEVER UNDERSTAND his choice, we should remember all the times he made us bouncing and singing his name.

Even if we feel SAD about his departure, we should always remember that we had love him. He made us proud of the Red shirt and made his best to win trophies for the club.

So even if he broke our heart, even if he betrayed us choosing Chelsea, even if we were expecting him to explain his decision, we should ever remember that we had in Torres, an extraordinary striker, humble and bold. We should ever remember that he was something like a genius with his number 9…

But, Kenny repeated this morning what we are all thinking especially since four days: “Nothing is more important than the club”.

Our Club. Our love for it. Our passion.

Fernando has written some pages of our history, and we can’t burn them. But we can’t cry him tonight, because he deeeply disrespected us. We can only show to him all the reasons why he signed for Liverpool: we are proud, loyal, ad ambitious. We are respectful for any players who love the Club, and we always back them when they fight. Even in times of trouble.

Torres is gone ? But the Club is still alive, and will always be: Liverpool Football Club is untouchable.

So tonight, take a look, for the last time, at your Torres shirt. We’ll never forget Nando. We’ll never sing his song again. We’ll never bounce for him no more.

We will just boo him as much as possible. And we’ll sing louder louder to support our players. They wear the sacred Red shirt and they need us. As we need them…

You’ll never walk alone…

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Life After Torres

As the clock ticks away towards the end of the January transfer window, the events which have taken place during the past three days will shape the immediate future of this football club. The news that Liverpool and Chelsea agreed on terms and conditions for Torres to move to London was a bitter pill to swallow. Some may argue that it is now useless pondering on the why’s and how’s of this transfer mini soap-opera but many questions still remain unanswered and it is important to determine what exactly pushed Torres to the limit and hence his request to be transferred.

Getting used to Liverpool without Torres is one thing. It’s Torres playing for the Blues of Chelsea which will never be stomached. It would have been more acceptable if El Nino moved to another country. Chelsea play hosts to Liverpool next Sunday and it will be interesting to gauge the reaction of the Liverpool section inside Stamford Bridge. I’m pretty sure Torres will be in for rough treatment.

Torres is now history, and it’s time to move on and give some space to the new look Liverpool side featuring new additions, Luiz Suares – El Pistolero – and Andy Carroll. In Suarez Liverpool have a player who can create goals. Andy Carroll has a knack at being at the right place at the right time to head goalwards. Make no mistake, the Englishman is not only good in the air, he is also a frightening prospect when taking shots. It would be unfair to say that the class of Torres is lacking, although at first glance this seems to be sound judgement. Nonetheless, Liverpool have struck gold in bringing over these two players – future Liverpool teams will not be dependent on a single player to deliver the goods as was the case with Torres. Dalglish’s philosophy is to defend and attack as a team – it’s the build-up to the goal which is of most importance; how the goal is scored is irrelevant. Hence the reason why Suarez has been brought in. With Suarez, Meireles and Gerrard, Liverpool have a guaranteed super supply-line and I’m excluding Kelly and Johnson who many times kick-start attacks. Carroll will be asked to play infront of Suarez, Gerrard and Kuyt and latch onto passes and finish off. Focus will be on how to serve the forward player on a silver plate. Straightforward tactic, football made easy, total football. If Carroll is out injured, Suarez can take the role of main striker, but given his lack of Premiership experience, I believe Carroll will feature in this area for the time-being.

The team has been rocked by the departure of Torres. With an important game coming up in less than forty-eight hours, Dalglish and his coaching stuff need to ensure everybody is mentally fit to pull on the Red shirt and dispense of an irritating Stoke side. The players would have been the first to realise that Torres’ future lies elsewhere and will know that there’s no place for emotion in the wake of big money transfers. They will be buoyed by the apparent urgency of Liverpool’s owners to buy big. NESV mean business and have proven to be witty and determined in striking deals and negotiating Torres’ transfer. Let’s face it, fifty million for a player who is injury-prone is not bad, not bad at all.

As the Blues prepare to parade their latest expensive signing, Liverpool will want to usher the new arrivals in the squad as quickly as possible. Both players will know that the fees spent to bring them over to Anfield will carry inevitable pressures and only time will tell if both can withstand the burden of wearing the Red shirt. Undoubtedly, they will be thrown in the thick of it all on Wednesday and if either one or both can get debut goals, the sour experience borne out of Torres’ sudden departure will be instantly forgotten. This is also a time for others to step forward and stake a claim in making the grade to the first eleven.

This is a time to hold one’s head up high. We’ve weathered every storm so far and this latest setback will only serve to propel us forward, safe in the knowledge that the man behind Liverpool’s resurgence is a man of authority, charisma, class and stature.

See you next time.

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…. right now, we have Torres, Carroll and Súarez.

Fuck me, that’s good.

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Andy Carroll to join Liverpool for £35m

Breaking news is that Andy Carroll will become a Liverpool for a club breaking fee of £35 million, this moves most likely paves way for Fernando Torres to leave Liverpool.

Ridiculous fee to pay however that is what happens when you sign a player on the last day of the transfer window.

Here is a video of Andy in action.

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Liverpool FC Final Transfer Day As It Unfolds

Back…Liverpool to let Torres leave for 50m. Enough said.

So, nothing yet officially confirmed although it seems Torres may be released for £48-50m and Liverpool will welcome Newcastle striker Andy Carroll, a transfer carrying a price-tag of £35m. Suarez has been given the nod to wear the number 7 shirt. Just under seven hours of frantic transfer activity remaining. I will be offline for some-time, maybe get back laters. In the mean-time, You’ll Never Walk Alone!

Sky Sports :: 15:41 GMT :: Andy Carroll looks to be heading to the North-West fuelling rumours a deal is about to be complete.

Interesting prospect this Andy Carroll. Athletic build, unstoppable in the air.

Guardian :: 15:03 GMT :: Liverpool’s whopping £35m bid for Carroll has been accepted. The mind boggles. With Babbel’s fee and the £50m for Torres, that should be break-even.

The Mirror seem to be pushing for the transfer to happen. What’s all this then?

Brilliant news is that Jamie Carragher will be returning on Wednesday!

Sky Sports :: 14:30 GMT :: Quoting Balague? Torres not heading anywhere, still in Liverpol, still negotiating. Surely such a big move needs to be sorted soon? Big money transfers can’t be left for late.

Talksport “understands” that Torres is on his way to London and Liverpool will be receiving £48m in return.

Guardian :: 14:16 GMT :: The Guardian claims that a deal for Torres hasn’t been struck as yet. I tend to give the Guardian more importance somehow. :)

Sky Sports :: 14:10 GMT :: Torres expected at Chelsea’s training ground. Twitter report apparently. Someone, please, anyone, just confirm the bad news…

Another far-fetched theory is that Torres sacrificed his face (predicting the inevitable barage of criticism by fans), put in a transfer request to force Liverpool into buying big only to come out and tell us all how stupid of him it was to hand in a transfer request.

As i see it, Liverpool are busy trying to find a new striker as a “replacement” for Torres. At the moment the desired candidate seems to be Andy Carroll, Newcastle’s striker. Sky previously pointed out that there will be developments reg. Carroll. Whatever’s left of me thinking Torres will stay is slowly fading away. Better get used to life without Liverpool’s current number 9; albeit, Torres is still a squad player on Liverpool’s official website. :-)

Sky Sports :: 13:39 GMT :: Suarez to wear number seven shirt.

In the mean-time Suarez has yet to be officially unveiled. Still reading reports of “Suarez set to complete….”

…Anyone still expecting El Nino to stay around?

Sky Sports :: 13:21 GMT :: More news to follow regarding Andy Carroll.

Guardian :: 13:10 GMT :: Torres has left Melwood in a car, not a helicopter as some Mirror reporter suggested on Twitter. Torres looked all sad and sulky.

With clubs eager to retain their prized assets, Torres departing would leave Liverpool with Suarez as a super striker who still needs time to bed in the Liverpool way.

Sky Sports :: 12:31 GMT :: Reports coming in that Torres has left Melwood in style, via helicopter. Destination unknown but presumably London. Nearing the end me thinks.

Guardian :: 12:19 GMT :: Five Live suggesting Torres has been sold.

Aquilani‘s Juve lost to Udinese yesterday, 2-1 the score. Not that we could care less right now, but anyway there’s something more to write given that we’ve gone stale on the transfer end.

The questions beckons, what is Fernando doing at Melwood right now? Training? Discussing terms of a move to Chelsea? His agent was around yesterday and presumably is today and that doesn’t come as good news, does it?

Nice one from the official site: Dalglish’s comments never seize to impress me. So fluent, concise, coherent and articulated. Go King!

To the King and club officials – Walk On, we’re all with you in these nail-biting, exciting, anxious hours.

Guardian :: 11:25 GMT :: £25m bid by Liverpool for Andy Carroll (Newcastle) turned down. More signs of Torres leaving?

Guardian :: 11:07 GMT :: Luiz Suarez is at Melwood. Welcome to El Pistolero.

Sky Sports :: 11:05 GMT :: Reports coming in that LFC are bidding £30m for Andy Carroll.

Guardian :: 10:59 GMT :: Daglish: “Movement is part and parcel of football but the most important people at Liverpool Football Club are the ones who want to be here.” Should we take that to mean that Torres wants to leave and is now of irrelevance?

Guardian :: 10:53 GMT :: Sky reporting that Twitter news of Torres leaving are simply untrue.

Still seeing Torres in promotion on the Liverpool site, so maybe there’s still light at the end of the tunnel. I re-iterate, we really need to keep Torres and if he goes he should consider another league.

Guardian :: 10:43 GMT :: Stephen Warnock could be back at Liverpool on loan.

…Listening to Enola Gay from O.M.D. and it sums up my emotions right now…

Sky Sports :: 10:37 GMT :: Sky suggesting Liverpool are interested in Mario Gomez.

…and if Torres leaves, I will probably call it quits on football, at least for today.

BBC :: 10:24 GMT :: Daily Mirror reporting Liverpool have accepted a bid for Torres.

Guardian :: 10:21 GMT :: Dalglish confirms loan deals for Ayala and Konchesky but no revelations on Torres. Nail-biting this is.

Guardian suggest that Torres will definitely be sold if an offer of £50m or above comes along. We knew this didn’t we?

Guardian :: 10:08 GMT :: Promotional stuff related to Fernando Torres has been put down from Liverpool’s official site. Skimmed through the site and at first glance this seems to be correct, but don’t quote me. Do your own homework.

BBC have now confirmed that Paul Konchesky‘s move to Forest has been done and dusted. Another one bites the dust.

As a side-note, I can’t imagine Torres in a Chelsea shirt; just the thought of that is sickening. What has the Spaniard been thinking?

Sky Sports :: 09:54 GMT :: Paul Konchesky has joined Nottingham Forest on loan. Breaking news this.

BBC :: 09:54 GMT :: Daniel Ayala should complete his move to Derby County. His loan move has been on the cards for a couple of days now.

Still no latest news on happenings at Liverpool. Still early I guess and predict things will start moving after mid-day.

BBC :: 09:24 GMT :: Fernando Torres is at Melwood, but no idea if he’s there training or else finalising his move to Chelsea.

I will try to keep you all updated with the latest rumours circulating around Anfield from three sources, BBC, Guardian and SkySports. Trying to centralise the many reports coming your way. This is a huge effort from my part and I hope it works out.