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The Redmen: West Brom Away Preview

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EOTK Podcast – Episode 1

Hi Liverpool fans, I’d like to present to you the first of a weekly EOTK podcast. Have a listen!
Click the first link to be forwarded to a audio player.

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2011 Liverpool FC supporters visit to Mönchengladbach

2011 Liverpool FC supporters visit to Mönchengladbach.

Official press release

A party of Liverpool FC supporters recently made their 5th consecutive Friendship visit since 2007 to Moenchengladbach in Germany to yet again consolidate and enhance even further a very special friendship that goes back over 30 years to the 70’s decade.

Liverpool FC & Borussia Moenchengladbach met in the UEFA Cup final in 1973, Liverpool winning 3-2 on aggregate and they also met in the1977 European cup final in the eternal city of Rome where Liverpool FC won their first ever of their five European cups, the Reds running out 3-1 winners. The two European giants met again the following season 1977/78 in the semi-final of the European Cup, Liverpool winning 4-2 on aggregate. Since these famous clashes their has been a very special friendship between the two sets of supporters which has resulted in Borussia MG supporters travelling to Liverpool every year since 1992 during the Bundesliga winter break to support the Reds at Anfield, and Liverpool FC supporters led by annual friendship visit organiser Graham Agg, have travelled to Gladbach annually since 2007.

In 1991, a delegation of Borussia Moenchengladbach supporters travelled to Liverpool to present a cheque for 21000 Deutsch Marks for the Hillsborough families, an amazing gesture that has NEVER been forgotten on Merseyside. This year’s LFC supporters Friendship visit to Moenchengladbach took place from Thursday 17th March to Monday 21st March 2011. The trip involved a stadium tour of the impressive 54000 capacity Borussia Park, Borussia’s new home since 2004, which even has a corporate hospitality suite called the “Liverpool” suite! Also on the agenda and highlight of the visit was guaranteed match tickets to watch Borussia in Bundesliga action versus FC Kaiserslautern. LFC supporters were amongst the 47,000 plus attendance at the Borussia Park stadium on Friday 18th March 2011 to support Borussia in their fight to avoid relegation against fellow Bundesliga strugglers FC Kaiserslautern. At half time veteran Borussia Moenchengladbach stadium announcer Torsten Knippertz welcomed the travelling Liverpool supporters to Borussia Park & the town of Moenchengladbach. The Liverpool supporters unfortunately saw Borussia, who are currently situated bottom of the Bundesliga table, lose the relegation tussle 0-1 after a horrendous goalkeeping error. The Liverpool FC supporters were once again invited to an after-match fan party in the Borussia official “Fanhaus” situated near the stadium with amazing scenes of friendship between the Borussia & Liverpool supporters. Liverpool supporters this year unveiled a friendship flag with the words emblazoned in German “Eine ganz besondere freundschaft” which translates in English to “A very special friendship”.

On Saturday evening, 19th March, the Liverpool FC supporters were invited to the prestigous local public house, the “Hehner-Hof” in Moenchengladbach for yet another BMG/LFC Fan Party. Here the official presentations took place. Graham Agg, addressed the assembled audience and spoke of how important the Borussia MG & Liverpool FC friendship is to the Liverpool supporters and thanked the Borussia supporters for their unbelievable friendship and hospitality during their stay.

The 2011 LFC Supporters annual Moenchengladbach Friendship visit was once again fully endorsed by Liverpool Football Club. For the 5th consecutive year, Brian Hall, ex-Liverpool player and now LFC Public Relations manager presented friendship trip organiser Agg with a gift before departure to Germany. The gift from the ex-Liverpool FC Player’s Association was a magnificent framed individually signed picture of all the players that had played under legendary LFC manager Bill Shankly from 1959 to 1974. This was presented during the official fan party presentations by Graham Agg to famous Borussia supporter Willi Hartmann, veteran of the 1973 UEFA Cup final at Anfield and also the 1977 European Cup final in Rome. Willi was also at Anfield to see his beloved Borussia team lose 0-3 in the second leg of the 1978 Europen cup semi-final. Since those heady famous nights at Anfield Willi Hartmann has amassed over 50 visits to Anfield to support the Reds and has only witnessed one solitary LFC defeat versus Wolves at Anfield in December 2010 during that time. Special guest Ronald Nuernberger, Chairman of the German Reds Official LFC Supporters Club also addressed the audience and spoke of the importance of the LFC/BMG friendship.

The following day, LFC supporters watched LFC’s 2-0 away victory at the Stadium of Light versus Sunderland at the “Endlich Treff” bar in the Moenchengladbach Old Town. This year over 60 Liverpool FC supporters made the trek to Moenchengladbach, the vast majority from the Merseyside region but there were also LFC fans from Southampton, Crewe, Sheffield, Coventry, Milton Keynes & Ireland, and a group of German Reds from different parts of Germany. Organiser Agg stated that he wishes “to thank Thomas “Tower” Weinmann (Borussia MG Fan Liaision Officer), Matthes Neumann & Jonny Thomas Polcher (BMG Fan Projekt) for their help in organising the friendship visit, also Willi Hartmann & his wife Silke, life long Borussia supporter’s Helmut & Molly Gromotka, German Reds Chairman Ronald Nuernberger, the Borussia Moenchengladbach fans, and the citizens of the town of Moenchengladbach for their unbelievable hospitality and friendship shown to the Liverpool fans during their stay”. He also said that he would like “to thank all the travelling Liverpool FC supporters for being superb ambassadors for Liverpool Football Club and the City of Liverpool and that this weekend has proven yet again that the Borussia Moenchengladbach & Liverpool FC friendship is absolutely unique in world football”.

Videos of fan party friendship celebrations:



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The Daily Antoine: 31st Mar 2011 – Liverpool F.C. News update

Ian Ayre said that the club will not rename Anfield however will seek naming rights should a new stadium be built more…
(Renaming Anfield would be pointless)

Lucas has signed a brand new contract more…
(ROFL, the Lucas haters will have to find another club to support)

The Pepe Reina quitting talk will not go away more…
(He will stay)

Skrtel wants the owners to give Kenny a new contract more…

Should the sale of Roma go through we might have a conflict of interest more…
(I am sure Henry & Werner will figure something out)

Andy Carroll was excited to score for England on Tuesday more…

Joe Cole believes that Carroll is better than Drogba more…
(One thing we can be sure of is that he doesn’t roll on the ground)

Rafa “Houllier wrong to claim credit for 2005 Champions League” more…

Suarez has set a Euro target more…
(Let’s do it)

Richard Keys is behaving like a typical Man Utd fan bringing back the ghosts of Heysel more…

Aquilani is open to a return to Liverpool more…
(Oh Boy!)

And finally the Liverpool Ladies have found a new sponsor more…

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Recognition: where it is deserved!

Damien Comolli, Kenny Dalglish and Liverpool Football Club have today secured a massive signing for the present and future, by rewarding Lucas Pezzini Leiva with a new long term contract, which on the same basis as the contracts for Suarez and Carroll, will see him plying the Anfield turf for the foreseeable future.

Credit where it is due! Signed in the summer of 2007 by Rafa Benitez for Stg 5 million, the young Brazilian of Italian descent (he does have an Italian passport) has since flourished and benefitted from having the likes of Xabi Alonso, Xavier Mascherano and a certain Steven Gerrard as lecturers to refine his trade. Rafa, Roy and Kenny all saw promise and passion in the untypically blonde Brazilian, with the latter playing a fundamental role in assuring that player remains a Red, because Lucas, unlike others, wanted to remain a Red. He has not only become a first choice player for Liverpool, he has also became an fundamental part of the new Brazil selecao project which is doing away with the established champions and building its future on the up and coming stars, proof of this is the friendly played against Scotland last weekend.

A mouthful to those that deserve it! I can still remember the articles and comments that crucified Lucas Leiva every time the Reds had a woeful game. He was always the culprit, he was always the scapegoat, and he was called allsorts, shot him down mercilessly. Even recently when I incentivized comments through my articles on EOTK on what the Liverpool squad should look like next season, there were many of you that insisted Lucas Leiva should be sold! Now I never said I was an expert, and I will never claim to be infallible, but for those Liverpool supporters who continue to slag the young Brazilian off I say: get your facts right, for you know nothing about football!

Let’s face it! When you consider that this youngster left Brazil for Liverpool at age 20 (imagine both the ambience and culture change), came to play for one of the best Clubs in the world (which we still are and will remain to be), elbowed his way through the ranks of senior players, grafted game after game, and took in a massive amount of criticism in part from the press but mostly from the fans, this would have broken down the confidence of most….but not of Lucas Leiva.
Now with the player rightly rewarded with a new contract and embraced in the new Liverpool project; with his becoming an established International for the most prestigious national team on the planet….Brazil, and with Comolli and Dalglish both delighted at securing his stay, I really would like to know who will have the nerve or perhaps outright idiocy to come out and say, yet again, that he is not Liverpool material.

Will he have his off-game? Of course he will. Will he make mistakes? Bloody right, who doesn’t! But for those that were and continue to be skeptical about the lad, these should now put their bad vibes to rest, because Lucas Leiva is an important part of the new Henry, Comolli and Dalglish project and he will be gracing the lush turf of Anfield for a few more seasons to come. Anyone in the mood to contradict Kenny Dalglish?

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The Daily Antoine: 30th Mar 2011 – Liverpool F.C. News update

Suarez “I’m not a Liverpool hero yet” more…
(Yes you are)

Dirk Kuyt scored a brace as the Netherlands beat Hungary 5-3 more…

And Andy Carroll will be selected to play for England U21 this summer more…
(WTF? They can dish out the £30 million if they want)

Capello wants him to cut back on beer more…
(If drinking beer keeps you out of the England squad then drink up lad, YNWA)

And the Carrollmeister scored against Ghana more…
(Wonder what the LFC haters are saying now)

Charlie Adam is flattered to be linked with us more…
(And Man Utd??)

James McCarthy is the latest player linked with us  more…
(And the list goes on and on and on)

Well, Football Fancast have named @empireofthekop as one of the top football Twitters more…
(Are you watching Shorty Scumbags?)

Sissoko wants to leave Toulouse more…

And former LFC youth keeper Mihaylov wants to return to Anfield more…
(Here we go, now they will say that Reina is leaving)

If you missed it here is the Rafa interview on Sky

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