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The LFC Family Crest

liverpool_fcWe Reds refer to the L.F.C. badge as our family crest and there is a reason for that, we are all one part of an extended family.

We come from all walks of life, all nationalities and religions with one common passion. You’ll Never Walk Alone, we do not just say it we mean it. Yes sometimes we have our arguments but when a Liverpool supporter is in prison we all rally for him, when a female Liverpool supporter is suffering a terminal illness we are there for her and of course there are the families of the victims of Hillsborough and all those who survived the tragedy and yes we are always there for them.

Last week I was sending out the new Anfield Road video to friends and family when a friend of mine made a comment that hurt me “It has been 20 years, get over it and stop singing these songs”. After refusing to apologise I told him to F**K Off and cut him off, I am done with him. Someday when he is mourning the loss of a loved one maybe he will understand. I never knew any of the victims of Hillsborough but over the years I got to know them, I learnt about the heroics by many Liverpool fans trying to save the ones trapped. These are all members of my adopted extended family, Get Over It!. How can you get over the loss of a loved one, a member of your family.

I bleed red for a reason.


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Need we say more?


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Nervous about the World Cup Qualifiers

South Africa 2010 - FIFA World Cup

I must admit I am nervous about the International break, it could not have come at a worse time for us right as when we were firing on all cylinders.

As many other Liverpool Supporters know Torres has already had an injury spell this season after a hamstring injury during a game while playing for Spain. With 5 Liverpool players in the Spanish squad we will be watching Spain closely as they take on Turkey both home and away. Turkey are known for their physical game so let us hope for the best.

England have a friendly against Slovakia on Saturday so hopefully both Stevie G and Martin Skrtel get off ok. England then play Ukraine at Wembley on Wednesday which is good as far as travelling goes, however there are many Manc & Chelsea players in the England squad which does give both Chelsea and Man U an advantage.  Slovakia have a game against the Czech Republic on Wednesday.

The Netherlands have two home games, they face Scotland on Saturday and then the FYR of Macedonia on Wednesday.

Yossi Benayoun has not fully recovered from his latest injury and he is already in the Israel squad who play Greece on Saturday & then away on Wednesday.

And then there is Mascherano who will be captaining Argentina up in the mountains of Bolivia on Wednesday afternoon local time (which would already be deep in the night in England). Looking at flight schedules not sure how Mascherano can make it back to Melwood earlier than Friday which would mean he probably might miss the Fulham game.

Let us keep our fingers crossed that once this week is over we will continue where we left off.

I usually get very iritated when the games are friendlies but these are World Cup Qualifiers, so good luck to all those Liverpool players playing hopefully we can see as many of them playing in the World Cup Finals.


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Weekend FACTS – Why I am happy

Well here are some interesting facts from a fantastic weekend.

FACT — Manchester United lost to Fulham 2-0
FACT — Everton lost to Portsmouth 2-1
FACT — Chelsea lost to Spurs 1-0
FACT — Liverpool crushed Aston Villa 5-0
FACT — Former Red Peter Crouch scored 2 against Everton
FACT — Former Red Danny Murphy scored 1 against Man Utd
FACT — Wayne Rooney & Paul Scholes got red carded
FACT — Steven Gerrard scored a hatrick
FACT — Albert Riera scored a wonder goal
FACT — Dirk Kuyt also scored a beauty
FACT — Pepe Riena got his 100 clean sheet faster than any Liverpool keeper ever
FACT — Liverpool have scored more goals in the Premiership this season than any other team
FACT — Liverpool currently have a better goal average than Chelsea & Man. Utd.
FACT — Liverpool are now only 1 point behind Man. Utd.
FACT — Vidic, Scholes & Rooney will miss the next game (unless the FA decides otherwise)
FACT — Alex Ferguson is not happy
FACT — There are less Manchester United supporters today than there were 2 weeks ago
FACT — Everyone is afraid of Liverpool F.C.
FACT — You’ll Never Walk Alone

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A little bit of History

Here is a clip from 1964 showing the Kop, this is our history.

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Bring on Chelsea

It is now becoming a Spring-Time tradition, Liverpool – Chelsea in the Champions League. We beat Chelsea twice to reach the finals in 2005 & 2007, however we did not make it last year (although we came close).

I do not enjoy it when Liverpool face English oppossion in the Champions League, not that I am afraid of them but because we play these teams often, it is nice to face teams that we would not normally face in the Premiership or domestic cups.

The Mancs got the easy route which is a bummer as I would have fancied them facing Bayern or Barcelona so they can work hard for a change. Our route would take us against the winners of the Barcelona – Bayern game and we could only face ManWho in the final.