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Rafa Cries For Argentina

gra_case_study_argentina_flagIn 2005 Mauricio Pellegrino became Liverpool’s first signing from the land of Maradona & Kempes. Mauricio had been instrumental in Valencia, under Rafa they had won the UEFA Cup and La Liga, however he just did not cut it for the Premiership. In the Summer of 2008 Pellegrino returned to Liverpool as a first team coach and without a doubt this has been a positive move. (What he did not accomplish as a player he seems to be doing as a coach, Mauricio has been a great addition to the Liverpool boot-room).

A few months Rafa signed a young central defender Gabriel Paletta, Rafa was very excited about this young prospect and claimed, “Paletta is very tough and he’s exactly the sort of player we need who will suit the Premiership. When you talk about the Argentine defenders I worked with in Valencia, Paletta is more like Roberto Ayala than Mauricio Pellegrino. If you’re talking about Liverpool, he’s more like Jamie Carragher than Sami Hyypia. This is good because we will have a balance in the style of defenders.” Paletta scored on his first team debut however after having only played 3 games he was sold to Boca Juniors.

Rafa’s third Argie attempt was a Golden one, Liverpool picked up Javier Macherano on loan after he was having a miserable time sitting on the West Ham bench. Javier has been ever so grateful to Rafa for saving his career. Without a doubt Javier’s career at Liverpool has more than taken off, he has become a Kop icon and now also captain’s Argentina. Still only 25, Javier has a bright future ahead of him at Liverpool.

Rafa’s 4th Argentinian signing was one of controversy. Sebastián Leto did not exactly impress especially after his awful game against Marseille when Liverpool lost 1-0 at Anfield. Further problems with work permits caused Rafa to have to loan Leto out to Olympiacos. From what I understand, he is on his way back to Anfield after a few bust ups in the dressing room in Greece.

Emiliano Insúa became Rafa’s 5th Argentinian signing. Insua featured for the Argentinian U20 when they won the Youth World Cup in 2007. He has had a great 2008/09 season and is becoming a Kop favourite. The future for Insúa looks very good.

Now it is the Summer of 2009 and Rafa seems to be hot on the tail of two other Argentinians, these have both worn the Manc shirt. Gabriel Heinze wanted to come to Liverpool in 2007 but after Manure refused to sell him to Liverpool he joined Real Madrid. From what I hear, Liverpool might be signing Heinze as early as next week for a price tag of £4 million. Then there is Carlos Tevez who from what we hear is leaving Manc*****r U****d and the rumours are very strong that Liverpool are one of the condenters of signing him. It will be though for many Liverpool supporters to accept these two players however all they need is a couple of good performances and the Kop will be singing new songs.

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Awaydays: A Review

Many of you reading may be familiar with Liverpool-born writer Kevin Sampson, however some of you may not. Kevin is a critically acclaimed writer with a number of great books under his belt. One of his most famous pieces is late 70’s based football movie Awaydays.

Although the book is written about a group of Tranmere Rovers football hooligans it’s based on the fashion and music obsessed Liverpool following of the late 1970’s. The movie adaptation of this great book was released on Friday and I was at the first showing to see what I thought of one of my favourite books being played out on the silver screen.

The story revolves around Carty, a former art student who really doesn’t fit too well into his working-class Wirral surroundings. Carty has one ambition in life, not fame, not fortune, to join ‘The Pack’ a group of football hooligans. To help him with this he becomes mates with Elvis, a member of The Pack who he meets in a Liverpool club. Slowly but surely he works his way into The Pack and the Awaydays come every other Saturday.

The movie isn’t your average football hooligan film, so don’t expect another Green Street or Football Factory, no, it’s much better than that. The movie follows the evolving friendship between Carty and Elvis and the struggle of the two working-class lads with women, football and drugs. It’s got some dark moments which some people may not be accustomed to in the run-of-the-mill football films but these issues really pack a punch in the film.

On top of the great storyline is a host of great music, the likes of Ultravox, The Rascals and Joy Division can be heard throughout the movie and are really well used. To go with the great music that dominated the 70’s is the fashion that dominated the same era, Adidas trainers are common among The Pack as you’d expect to see at a Liverpool European away during the 70’s and 80’s.

There are some faults, some of the acting could have been better, but for a movie on a budget of around £500,000 what can you expect? Some high-budget films will give that to an actor for as little as a days work.

On the whole this is a great film and really creates an image of what life was like for a 1970’s football fan in Liverpool. The sights, the sounds and the clothes are all perfect. A must see for any Liverpool fan.

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FUNNY: The Glory of Rome


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Pardon Our Dust

Over the next few weeks we will be giving the site a face-life however we will still be updating during the transfer season.

Official Launch date is now set for August 8th.


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FACT – No Red For Reds

Here is an interesting statistic that we should all be proud of. While every other team received at least one red card Liverpool went through the entire 2008/09 Premiership without a single red card. The only Red Card in all competition was the one Lucas Leiva received against Everton in the FA Cup.


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Our Worst 5 games of the 2008/2009 season

Here in my opinion are our worst 5 games of the 2008/2009 Season.

1) Middlesbrough 2 – Liverpool 0
(Premier League – 28th February, 2009)
We were awful on that day, all around awful and Boro ended up getting relegated.

2) Liverpool 1 – Chelsea 3
(Champions League – 8th April, 2009)
We took the lead early however we collapse quickly, Chelsea outplayed us and handed us our only home defeat of the season.

3) Tottenham Hotspur 4 – Liverpool 2
(Carling Cup – 12th November, 2008)
Although we did not play with most of the first team Spurs outplayed us and eliminated us from the Carling Cup.

4) Tottenham Hotspur 2 – Liverpool 1
(Premier League – 1st November, 2008)
Our first defeat of the season was very hard to swallow especially when it came from a very late goal.

5) Liverpool 0 – Stoke City 0
(Premier League – 10th January, 2009)
Our first Premiership game of 2009 was one that we should have won but ended up dropping 2 precious points that would cost us dearly.