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FUNNY: No Manure fans will be riding on this van in Malta


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Michael Owen, our prodigal son

michael-owenI still remember the day, it was Friday August 13th, 2004, Hurricane Charley was bearing down on the West Coast of Florida while in the middle of Hurricane updates I got the news that was personally more devastating than any Hurricane.

Michael Owen was just signed by Real Madrid for £8 million,  he wanted Champions League glory and did not believe that Liverpool under new manager Rafa Benitez could win the cup.

Like many Liverpool supporters I was gutted when I heard the news, I had been a big fan of Owen from the first game he had ever played in the Red shirt. His F.A. Cup final performance of 2001 will never be forgotten neither will his goal scoring tally of 158.

Rafa invested the 8 million wisely, he brought in Xabi Alonso & Luis Garcia and thanks to Michael Owen’s departure Liverpool would make history as both Xabi & Luis were instrumental in bringing the Champions Cup home for the 5th time in May of 2005. I am sure that Michael was kicking himself when he saw former Academy mates Steven Gerrard & Jamie Carragher lifting the cup on that night in Istanbul.

Michael’s Spanish adventure did not last very long and in the Summer of 2005 he returned to the Premiership and joined Newcastle for £16 million. He had almost returned to Liverpool until Newcastle joined the chase and the price went up. Liverpool of course did not want to pay double the money they had sold him just 12 months earlier.

So Michael went to Newcastle but he has been plagued by injuries and only made 71 appearances in 4 years at St. James’ Park. In the 2008/09 season Newcastle were relegated and Owen is currently without a contract so he destined to move.

Now the rumours surrounding Owen have him signing with local rival Everton, Aston Villa, Hull or even possibly back to Liverpool on a pay-per-play basis.

I would welcome Owen back to Liverpool however many Liverpool fans still have not forgiven him for walking away to find a “bigger club”.  I tend to remember the great goals he scored for our club and especially that F.A. Cup victory over Arsenal.

Y.N.W.A. and good luck Michael.

July 3rd,2009 :
Since I wrote the article above Owen has joined Manure so unfortunately he has lost my support too. Crossing over to the dark side is inexcusable.

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FUNNY – Breakfast of Champions


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Save the Kop stand

Recently I received this letter from Lee Brady, this is really a good cause. Although the prospect of a new stadium currently look bleak however I know that in a year this matter will be resolved and the construction on the stadium will get underway.

My name is Lee Brady, Now what it is i am messaging you about is that i have started a online Petition to save our beloved KOP Stand when Liverpool Football Club move to their new stadium in the future at Stanley Park! Now i only started this Petition not long after making a Group on Facebook about it, and we already have Nearly 2,000 fans that have joined the group. and also have only just launched the Petition website.

We only have over 300 Signatures now. But I’m very sure that will grow to thousands because the KOP is so well known, and 1 of the most famous Stands in the world. We would in the future forward our petition to the Liverpool City Council and Liverpool Football Club.

The Stand is just infront of the Pitch which will not be built on when they move to a new stadium, and that pitch is like a memorial grave place as alot of peoples ashes have been scatterd around there! Now we are letting our group grow in pace, and therefore a All Members message would be sent out with the link to the Petition and a reminder message for all fans to sign the Petition. (on Facebook only)

We would be very Greatful if you all could help to Support our Campaign with signing our Petition to save 1 of the most historic and famous football stands in the world. The almighty KOP. It would also notify alot of fans about this! I do think its such an important Campaign!

It would be good to use this stand as a Tourist attraction because it is that famous, it would be a good thing for the city also. The stand could be also be used to remember and in memory of the 96.

Petition website is:  http://www.petitiononline.com/LFC2009/petition.html
Group:  http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=100240735900

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Tevez or Villa? Who would you chose at Liverpool?

There has been rife speculation about the future of both players this summer, with Tevez already leaving Man Utd, Villa’s future seems well away from the Mestalla. Both have been linked with the Reds, both might come. Although now it seems impossible for both, but there is still some whispers in the air.

Would you like Tevez at Anfield?
Positives: Tevez is still 25, he now left Man utd, and having him in a Liverpool shirt playing against Manure at the old toilet would be welcomed by a host of LFC fans. He gives his all when he’s playing, and might be seeking revenge from the scum.

Negatives: A negative thing about this is the same exact fact that he was a Man Utd player, he might not have the intensity since he still has a place for them in his heart.

Would you like Villa at Anfield?
Positives: Villa and Torres are clearly friends, and we can use our no.9 to persuade him, but it still looks as a distant possibilty due to the financial powers of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Negatives: No exact negative other than he is 27 and might spend just a couple of seasons here before going back to his country.

PS: This is just a debate, NO offers have been made for any player. Tevez looks on his way to Man City and Villa is set to stay in Spain, but you never know.

My Choice: Carlos Tevez; only one reason: rubbing it up Utd fans, he is also younger than Villa.

Ramez El Hajj. Empire Of The Kop. YNWA

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The Kop Pledge

We have heard it before but I am posting it to remind us of what we are all about
and urge all Red supporters to adhere to the Kop Pledge.

1) Always support the team, no matter how bad they happen to be playing.

2) If the team is doing badly, then cheer even louder because they need your support even more.

3) If a player is struggling, then sing his name even louder and even harder to support him when he needs it the most.

4) If the opposition are the better side and performs well, then appreciate it and give them the credit they deserve.