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About the Fulham game

I received this from Denis Gaudillere, he is a French Liverpool Supporter.

Dear supporters,

If  i’m writing this tonight, that’s simply because i’m angry and sad both after the match against Fulham. Simply because I love LFC, its values, its history (and i never will deny my love for the club, my pride of the red shirt and emotions felt each match…)

One week ago, we beat our great rival 2-0 in a magnificent match…

But tonight we fell again, and we fell so down…

I want to try to analyse objectively what happened. And everyone who wants to do this too has to answer to those three questions:

1.Is our defeat deserved? YES.

2.Are Rafa and players guilty? YES.

3.Was our starting eleven strong enough even against a team like Fulham? NO.

Supporters who can’t answer the same have a problem of objectivity when they are watching football matches.

Of course our defeat is deserved and unfortunately there’s nothing to say about that. Our defense wasn’t so bad but we made mistakes, one of them was unacceptable (and Fulham scored 1-0). Our midfielders didn’t try enough to create and make danger. And when we made it, it was slow, trivial, and not original. Only Torres  “made something” »: an absolutely superb goal. That kind of goal that only great strikers can do.

I saw a poor match tactically. Except Nando’s goal and the first shoot of Benayoun, all that I saw about our reds was so stereotyped and without spark. One week ago we were on fire, tonight I didn’t  really saw a flame from our squad…

Don’t count on me to ask Rafa’s head. He’s, in my mind and in my heart, one the best coach in the world (maybe the best ;)). I keep my faith in him and the worst that could happen to the club is to loose  him. But is he guilty of something? Yes, guilty of thinking that the 11 players he chose were strong enough to beat Fulham. I hope it’s not sufficiency from  him but that’s the way i felt his choice (and the team’s way of playing too). We’ll have to win in Lyon next week and everybody knows (and wants) that. Rafa too and he surely wanted to preserve some key players to next Wednesday. I’m thinking about Agger, Skrtel, Aurelio, Riera. Starting with players like Degen, Kryigakos, and Voronin was a professional fault. They did not make a bad match, they weren’t good enough to play a premier league match.

But is Rafa only guilty? Of course not. Obviously LFC owners are the main source of our club’s problems, but on the pitch tonight against Fulham the real guilty were our players. Our 11 reds and their way of playing. Their way of not showing enough fighting spirit, not enough envying to “create” an attractive and bold game. How many times did we want to scream “go ahead, go ahead” ? And the ball was slowly going from midfield to our defense before slowly been back on a wing to an inefficient try to attack. Don’t be blind, our way of playing was poor tonight, and even if we can sometimes find some positives things, we have to say, when it’s needed: ” No, our team wasn’t good. Yes, players played so bad. And No they don’t seem to be concerned by this match. They lost because they didn’t “want enough to win”.

They are professionals, and even in a less important match (and tonight it was not the case) they have to show that they want to win. More than any other team, because they’re Liverpool players, envy to win and keep fighting till the end have to flow in veins of each one.

Regarding all those things, could we win tonight against a team like Fulham? No, simply because Fulham is not a team of losers and by far. They made 2-2 at City after loosing 2-0. They won Hull City the week before. After drawing 2-2 at West Ham… They are professionals too, their results proved that (don’t forget they beat United last year). During the match, they were not genius but they deserved the victory because they wanted it largely more than us.

Sometimes football is complicated, sometimes so simple. Tonight our defeat is sadly simple. A starting 11 not strong enough because of Rafa’s choices. 11 players who didn’t show that they wanted to be better than their opponent. That they wanted to fight again again and again because of the shirt they ware. Ok they are professionals, and humans after all.

We will never blame our players when they show what we want us to show:

fighting spirit, loyalty, spark, pride and heart.

Come on Rafa ! In you I (we) trust, but don’t forget that every match is important and is not won before starting…

Come on Reds ! You wear a glory red shirt and have to be proud of that and the history of your club. We are still thinking, as you did against man Utd, that we can be the greatest team of England and Europe. In every match you have to respect the opponent, and never play with sufficiency…

…And You’ll never walk alone !

From Denis, french supporter of LFC

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1st Nov 2009 Liverpool News, Rumours and Rants

No it was not a bad dream, unfortunately it really happened. We are in crisis again, people are calling for Rafa’s head. The Mancs are gloating, the Toffees are gloating (even though they did not win) and the news media is loving it. All we can do is focus on our next game, I am not going to even look at the Premiership table right now. Y.N.W.A.

Following yesterday’s game, Rafa defends Torres’ withdrawal more…
(What about Skrtel, Aurelio & Agger? What happened?)

Rafa :  Liverpool don’t have to win trophies to be a success   more…
(Rafa, I still support you but  statements like this taken out of context will not help your cause)

Riise linked with a Liverpool return more…
(I loved Riise however I think it is time to look forward not backward.)

And Ryan Babel might make way for a new Pepe Reina contract more…
(This is what I am afraid of, there is no money. We now have to sell players to keep our current first team players)

Jose Mourinho is now being linked with Real Madrid.
(I thought they wanted Rafa last week? Do they base their decisions on each game result?)

United & Chelsea are after Villa, United are also rumoured to be chasing Silva.
(My stomach turns when I think of this)

Matthew Upson is being linked with Liverpool.
(How are we going to fund it?)

Liverpool FC top club on Facebook more…
(Well, we are not kicking their butts on the field but we surely are online)

And finally, the police were looking for “Hooligans” who in fact were actors starring in an upcoming movie more…
(Must be a good movie that the police were actually fooled, LOL)

Liverpool don’t have to win trophies to be a success

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The Craven Cottage Horror Show : Fulham 3 – Liverpool 1

Well I just do not have the energy and will to write or say much after the loss today so here are my thoughts.

We all knew that Gerrard & Johnson were injured while Aquilani was sick with a “Virus”, however everyone seemed puzzled why Aurelio, Agger, Skrtel &  Riera did not even make the bench including myself.

Things started well and Yossi hit the post however the Reds switched off and Zamora punished us. Torres gave us hope again and tied up the game at 1-1.

In the 63rd minute Rafa pulled Torres and that is when everything went downhill, Fulham scored and then Rafa pulled Yossi out.

To add insult to injury Degen got a straight red and then a few minutes later Carra got a red too, the remaining 9 tried to do the best  however Fulham scored again making it 3-1.

Now the question is Why did Rafa make such decisions?
I only have the following possible answers.

1) Is there really a flu outbreak at Melwood and that is why Aurelio, Agger, Skrtel &  Riera did not make the squad?
2) Rafa is under pressure to qualify for the CL and has to make it his priority. Liverpool could miss out on a lot of money if we do not qualify for the knockout phase.  H&G want Money.
3) Torres & Yossi were tired and Rafa did not want to risk both of them getting injured.

Before we all scream for his head we need to know the facts, there are many things that happen behind the scenes that  we do not know about. Remember he also has a  financial responsibility which takes precedence over any trophy.

At the end of the day it all  comes down to MONEY!



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Team line up vs Fulham

El Nino is set to start against Fulham together with Voronin up front.

Here is the full line up:

Starting XI : Reina, Insua, Degen, Carragher, Kyrgiakos, Kuyt, Benayoun, Mascherano, Lucas, Voronin, Torres.

Subs: Gulacsi, Babel, Spearing, Plessis, Dossena, Eccleston, Ayala.

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31st October 2009 Liverpool News, Rumour & Rants

Happy Halloween, hopefully Craven Cottage will be a happy haunting ground for us,
Kick Off is at 3PM (UK time)
Song of the day Monster Mas’c’h

Did you see the Carved Pumpkin? Just in case you missed it here is the link

Yossi reveals that Pepe is the chief motivator more…
(Come on Pepe, keep those clean sheets coming)

And Rafa calls him “His Golden Boy” more…
(Keep those goals out Pepe, YNWA)

John McMahon hails best performance more…
(The reserves have now won 6 games in a row, YNWA)

Masch has faith that we can still win the league more…
(And we have faith in Masch)

Marina Dalglish receives MBE  more…
(Congratulations, she deserves it)

Stevie G is facing a fitness race to be fit by Wednesday more…
(Good luck Stevie, YNWA)

Fergie is in hot water for referring to international friendlies as money-making ventures for FA delegates, who fancy a “nice sunny trip”
(OMG, I agree with Fergie. This is a scary Halloween)

But Capello strikes back more…
(Capello vs Fergie, this should be good)

And finally Ronaldo wants Rooney to join him at Real Madrid.
(ROFL, I can imagine Fergie’s face we he heard this)

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VIDEO:Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres//Our Life Become Enjoyable By Them