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Reality Check

When you support a Club life Liverpool you become addicted. It’s a love that gets into your bloodstream and will never fade away. However we are all Liverpool supporters and also aspiring Managers, and we all have the right to rejoice when we achieve and criticize when we don’t.

There is nothing wrong in voicing ones opinion, and this does not mean that if we do, and we are critical of the team, the manager or the ownership, we are not united. Liverpool is a special Club. Unlike Man Utd, Chelsea or Arsenal, we don’t have boo-boys in our ranks, and that’s because this is a different Club. A working class Club!

Many believed this would be Liverpool’s year, but for those with an objective mind, the early signs were not as promising as one would have wanted. From the Alonso summer saga to the dwindling summer transfer market, to the financial worry campaign, and finally to the horrendous pre-season, it was clear from the onset that people’s expectations were more due to the unconditional love towards this Club than real objective possibilities.

Mid-way through the season we find ourselves 8th in the Premier League, out of the Champions League, and out of the Carling Cup. Our targets have now become a top-four finish and the Europa League which in the current form are both improbable objectives. During this current season I fail to remember a ‘perfect game’ other than the one at Anfield against Man Utd. The form has been roller-coaster and we’ve lost 7 games in the Premier League already (to think that most of us complained about as many draws last season!).

The questions being asked by Liverpool fans are many. Are the players committed enough? Are we too defensive in our game plan? Is Rafa too stubborn? Are his team selections the right ones? Why is Aquilani not being deployed? Why is our defense so week this season? And this list of questions is endless.

Then more questions. Should we be playing without two top quality strikers? Should we go for a more traditional and proven 4-4-2 formation set up? Should we have moved Stevie to direct the midfield after Xabi left (given Mascherano’s and Lucas’ questionable passing abilities)? Should we have been more cautious is defending results such as in both games against Lyon?

We are in a difficult but not in an impossible situation. We can get out of this. There is a top four finish, an FA Cup and Europa League Cup to play for. Whichever way you look at it though, something drastic needs to happen, and sending Rafa home is not on the agenda!