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Liverpool ink – Readers’ submitted photos of their LFC Tattoos

Earlier this week I asked readers to submit their photos of their LFC tats, well here they are.

Submitted by Bjarte Høvik

Submitted by Lisa Wright

Submitted by Martyn Cunningham

Submitted by Milton Medina

Submitted by Mel Smith

Submitted by Gareth McStravick

Submitted by Amanda Musch

Submitted by Mark Moraghan

Submitted by Simon Pilkington

Submitted by Jamison Harvey

Submitted by Kennedy Beddowes

Submitted by Sarah O'Regan "YNWA in Arabic"

Submitted by Michael Morris

Submitted by Braedyn

Submitted by Yeo Kar Teck

Submitted by Helen Harrison

Submitted by Ciaran Byrne

Submitted by Matt Dettelbach

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0 Responses to “Liverpool ink – Readers’ submitted photos of their LFC Tattoos”

  1. Charlton says:

    great photos keep it up! should open an official page for Liverpool fc tattoo’s. would be great!

  2. Nathan says:

    That one Submitted by Braedyn is just Wow :)

  3. heart_nando says:

    love the one with the gates and ynwa (braedyn), awesome

  4. Rasahi says:

    I have Liverpool Logos everywhere, include office, my car, at home include my room etc. But never thought to have them in my body yet.

  5. Brandon O'Shea says:

    Gonna get one soon! :D LFC in ur heart and skin!

  6. cchana says:

    wouldn’t mind getting a You’ll Never Walk Alone tattoo… the shankly gates one is immense!

  7. Braedyn says:

    Thanks guys! I was a bit worried about how well it’d turn out, but 4 1/2 hours later I was pleasantly surprised.

  8. irfaan says:

    Great tattoos!

  9. Ade says:

    I think the Yeo Kar Teck one is the best, alot of them look really tacky imo, but I am not a huge fan of tattoos unless they look really classy.

  10. indran1412 says:

    wow , some really nice tattoos there, Now you have inspired me to have one.

  11. maithri says:

    On an unrelated note, has anyone been in Danny Agger’s tattoo shop?

  12. Milton says:

    wear your liverpool tattoo with pride facebook page

  13. Proudy says:

    I also have the Shankly Gates in the same place. I have a liverbird on my leg. the name Paisley with a rose on my arm.

  14. scot says:

    awsome tats,i have 3 LFC tats of my own

  15. DannyLee says:

    wow, great tattoos, im thinking of gettin an lfc tatooo but im 16 and already have 2 haha but my next is sure to be an lfc tattoo. Great inspiration!