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VIDEO BLOG : Liverpool 2 – Blackburn 1

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Lineup vs Blackburn (The Maxi-El Nino Reunion)

Torres starts together with former Atletico team-mate Maxi while Carra moves to the middle, looks like Mascherano will be playing as right back.

Starting XI : Reina, Masch, Aurelio, Agger, Carra, Lucas, Gerrard, Yossi, Kuyt, Maxi, Torres

Subs : Cavalieri, Aquilani, Babel, Insua, Ngog, Kelly, Ayala

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The Daily Antoine 28/2/2010 LFC News Digest

Kick off today is at 3PM (UK Time), come on Reds.

Many Reds are nervous after seeing the performance by Man City against Chelsea, I am not. I really think it was the Bridge/Terry factor that gave Man City the edge yesterday and they (City) will be back to their old selves next week.

Rafa has no defensive concerns more…
(Today will be tricky however after that we should have Soto back)

The U-18 were held by West Brom more…
(Bummer, YNWA)

We beat United to sign youngster Raheem Stirling more…

According to the Daily Fail we are going to be kicked out of the Champions League together with Chelsea and Man City more…
(Guess what? One of us will not qualify anyways)

Rafa is going to have talks with the coach of Spain more…
(They need to handle Torres with care)

However el nino wants to be ‘Unleashed’ more…

Lucas is ready to ‘Go the Distance’ more…
(Wasn’t that a song from Michael Bolton? The Theme of Hercules? :-) )

S.O.S. has unveiled Anti-H&G billboards in Liverpool more…
(I really think the billboards should be in Dallas & Vail right in front of their homes)

And finally Martin O’Neill dismisses talks of becoming Man Utd’s next manager more…
(Don’t do it Martin, stay at Villa it is a more respectable club)

Tweet of the Day
Disgusting how the Chelsea fans are booing Wayne Bridge, What crime did he commit?

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Liverpool vs Blackburn (Sunday)

After our midweek victory in Romania we host Blackburn on Sunday.

Martin Skrtel is out injured while Glen Johnson might start on the bench, Kyrgiakos is still suspended.

Torres might start although Rafa might be very cautious playing Aquilani knowing how Blackburn play rough and dirty .

Kickoff is at 3PM UK Time

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I almost want a scandal here at the club. I said Almost.

I understand the media’s attention to football, and their attention towards scandals. It gets them away from talking about the most important topics of the day. And why would we want to talk about the government or Iraq, that would just be too good. We need to talk about who’s cheating on who. But do we need to spend everyday talking about Ashley Cole or John Terry? Seriously?

Like you lot, I don’t care about what happens at Chelsea. They could turn into Leeds, and that would be fine with me. Just like today, against Mancrapity City John Terry didn’t shake hands with Wayne Bridge. Oh my God, stop the presses, the youth of the nation are going to be ruined.

Folks, we should be focusing on Liverpool. Yes we’re not leading the league, and yes the season hasn’t be great, but NOTHING STUPID HAS HAPPENED. Maybe that’s the reason why every commentator isn’t talking about us. So we probably have to come up with good scandals to make the world care.

Maybe David N’Gog hooks up with Cheryl Tweedy, and she changes her name to Cherryl N’Tweety.

Carra punches an Everton fan (yes I’ve read his biography, so I know he was a Toffie fan)

Pepe Reina sits out a week of training to get better keeper gloves.

Stevie G says he’s a better LB than Ashley Cole.

Rafa suddenly leaves Liverpool for another club, and Alan Hansen takes the club for the rest of the year while still doing Match of the Day.

Liverpool signs some 16 year old from Brazil who Manchester United was looking at.

Of course I’m being sarcastic, but I want the club to be talked about more than any other club. Maybe I’m looking at that with red-colored glasses. The other clubs don’t matter to me, they’re just clubs for us to get three points off of. And they could liquidate Bolton and Pompey, and I’d have no issues with that.

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The Daily Antoine 27/2/2010 LFC News Digest

Bad news on the injury front as Martin Skrtel suffers a broken metatursal more…
(Bummer, however Johnson has returned to full training)

Rafa bemoans Skrtel’s injury more…
(This has been the story this season the moment a player is playing very well he gets injured or suspended and then we have to start again)

Red Legend Alan Kennedy believes that Ryan Babel needs a good run as a centre-forward more…
(One game at a time)

Stevie G calls for more ‘bottle’ more…

The Skipper feels like he is returning to his best form more…
(Keep it going Stevie)

Aldo talks about how Liverpool showed character against Unirea more…
(I really hope that finally we can get a series of good results)

Torres & Reina are in the Spanish squad for their upcoming friendly more…
(Don’t you dare play Torres)

Former Liverpool spit-boy El Hajj Diouf claims that it is easy to get a result at Anfield more…
(Pity Soto is suspended because he could have turned you into spanakopita)

And Big Sam takes a swipe at Rafa more…
(Oh boy, now Fergie is going to have to suspend his Carling Cup press conference to defend you)

Congrats to Gareth Roberts on the Launch of his magazine more…
(Y.N.W.A. Gareth)

Liverpool Legend Craig Johnson has blasted John Terry over Wayne Bridge’s England exit  more…
(Agree with Craig, it was disgraceful. It explains why Terry did not join Man City over the summer)

Adebayor was handed a four game ban more…
(This helps our chase for fourth)

Here is an interesting read about what Christian Purslow is doing more…
(Unfortunately we will not see a penny for players)

And Redknapp claims that Liverpool & City are under more pressure because “of what we spent?” more…
(With City I agree however Harry must not sign the Paycheques of his players and does not realise that his wage bill is much higher than ours)

Pompey became the first Premier League club to enter administration more…
(Are you watching Harry?)

And finally bad news as Chester City (the club that sold us Ian Rush) is history more…
(That is sad)

Tweet of the Day