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R.I.P.? The Liverpool Way

For over thirty-five years, Liverpool Football Club had adhered to a special code of hon­our that made us the envy of all the other football teams. John Smith who was Chairman of the club during our Golden Years from 1973 – 1990 nourished the Liverpool Way by ensuring that the club kept it’s affairs private. In the good old days, you would never hear the chairman or owner bash the manager in public or a member of the board use abusive language to a fan. When it came to the supporters they had adopted the Kop Pledge, the Liverpool Supporters’ Four Commandments.

I) Always support the team, no matter how bad they are playing.
II) If the team is doing badly, cheer even louder as they need your support more.
III) If a player is struggling, sing his name louder and more often as he needs it.
IV) If the opposition are the better side and perform well, appreciate it and give them the credit they are due

It saddens me that I now have to admit that the Liverpool Way and The Kop pledge are currently dying a slow death. The events that are leading to the demise point to the advent of modern football and also the purchase of the club by Tom Hicks and George Gillett in 2007. The Liverpool Way went down the garbage disposal unit when Hicks and Gillett had their very public infighting and turned Liverpool Football Club into a soap opera. Then there were all those comments and statements attacking Rafa in public instead of keeping matters behind closed doors. The lowest point was eventually reached when Tom Hicks Jr. sent an abusive email to a Liverpool Supporter.

Our fans also have had a part to play in the demise as over the last few months we have been seeing more and more fans trashing our manager and our players. Some Liverpool legends have joined in the trash talk and disgraced the traditions of the very club that made them heroes.  I still could not believe of what I was about to witness, the most shocking revelation to me has been the fact that there are Liverpool fans who want Liverpool to lose a game. To my astonishment, based on online polls and comments I have seen a majority of Liverpool fans want their own team to lose against Chelsea to deny United their nineteenth title.

Yes, should United win the title they will for the first time in their history have won more league titles than us however as a Liverpool Supporter I never want my team to lose a game no matter what. It is troublesome that we are becoming bitters, there is only room for one bitter team in Liverpool and that is Everton F.C.

So I beg all those who strayed away or do not understand fully what being a Liverpool Supporter is all about to read the Kop Pledge and try to observe it.

Being a Liverpool Supporter is not just being a fan of a football team, it is more than that, it is religious experience. We take each victory together, we take each defeat together, some might call it blind faith, some might call it cult-like, those poor fools who throw these accusations are lost souls, do not become one of them.

Until my last breath.


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Pop. Bang … Alas!

It could be another magical football night an Anfield. It some way it was. Yesterday’s Europe League match against Atletico Madrid, which we have won 2:1, but lost on away goals (2:2), was in some way … I don’t know how to describe it. But there was this special tension and special atmosphere in the stadium; as if we all knew that this is the crucial match which can open ,or shut,  the door to Europe.

There was this special … something in the air, as the fans were chanting and supporting our Reds. I felt proud. I felt proud to be a Red, I felt proud of the chanting fans. I felt proud of our lads. And I still do. Even if the disappointment is deep and hurts. There’s no need to hide our heads in the sand or anywhere else either.

We’ve had such a bad season and still we managed it into the semifinals of the Europe League! That IS something. And do not say it isn’t!

Furthermore, the lads played very well yesterday. They pushed forward and played concentrated. There were a few mistakes and moments of imprudence, tough.  But in total … it was a good performance by the lads.

Ryan Babel impressed me with his run to catch the ball … He suddenly just appeared out of the blue … That was great! Dirk played a good game, with many occasions to score. Stevie as well. And Glen Johnson was also there, where and when he was needed. And finally: Aquilani and Yossi. Both did fantastic job. When Yossi scored, the emotions on the pitch and on the stands genuinely went crazy! Could you see it? The emotions went crazy in my room as well … But I spare you with the details.

Alas, the ball went in two times only, which is a shame, because we have so many score opportunities! We should have won! But we didn’t, and the lads aren’t the ones to blame for it. They did well. It was that bad luck again. It just wasn’t meant to be.

Anyway, there was this referee issue again. Do we need to talk about this one more time? To be honest: I’m sick of this issue! I just can stand the fact, that the refs always try to decide against us. I mean … Come on!  This was so obvious (not only in this match, by the way) … Do they have an anti-LFC pact or something?

So, even if we lost, there’s nothing we have to feel ashamed about. Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United didn’t even make into the semis. I know, I know. They played in the Champions League, but the difference isn’t that big, is it? 

Therefore I couldn’t believe my eyes, when I opened The Tiems today and red this:

“What does that say about a team who have often achieved the impossible in Europe under Benítez?

It says that they have lost their way, run out of steam, perhaps lost faith in each other and their manager. It also says that they are not good enough. At their best under Benítez towards the end of last season, they were far more than the sum of their parts. Twelve months later, with players demoralised after a season that has brought nothing but anguish, they are far less.”

Have I missunderstood something or did he really write this? Does he really mean what he wrote there?

2009 we were a bad team, only because we finished second? And now we’re even more than a bad team only because we didn’t pull a rabbit out of the hat? Well, that is sick!

Further the author says that:

“The ripple of applause from the home supporters at the final whistle could not conceal the growing feeling around Anfield that this season has been a nightmare.”

A growing feeling? What’s that suppouse to mean? We allready start to feel this way a few months ago, to be correct! Dear Mister, please, do you homework first.

And besides, they all can say and write what they want, it will not stop me of beeing proud.

Despite the defeat, despite the bad luck, despite the fact that we’ve really had a poor season, we can still walk with our hads up high. We are Liverpool FC Fans. We support a special Club. And that is a fact.

Now, let’s just end this *********** ********* season in style.

“Liverpool above all else. A Liverbird on our chests!”


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The Daily Antoine 30/4/2010 LFC News Digest

Gutted over last night, we were so close but proud of the lads.
They did play very well, we have had a terrible season yet we still are able to make it to the semi-final of a major European competition.

Rafa admits that he in the dark about the future more…
(If Rafa leaves then it could only mean that it is going to take a while to get
new owners)

Rafa in the meantime demands an Anfield overhaul more…
(Agreed but who is going to pay?)

The gaffer does make it to the top 10 of the World’s richest football managers more…
(Yeah but the others are closing in on him)

Pepe expects us to bounce back more…

The U18s beat Leeds 4-0 more…

Turan is again being linked with Liverpool more…
(Are they taking the January articles and recycling them?)

McLeish plans to stay at Brum more…
(So the rumour was not true)

Blackburn’s Phil Jones is being linked with Liverpool more…
(Big Sam will not sell him to us)

The Daily Mail also links us with Diarra more…
(Why are we being linked with so many defenders?)

Tweet of the Day
RT @shirisi: Tonight I am VERY proud to be a Red. Our boys fought valiantly for 126 minutes. Well done Yossi and Aqui for scoring.

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2010 Liverpool FC Supporters Friendship Visit to Moenchengladbach

FRIDAY 23rd April to MONDAY 26th April 2010
A party of Liverpool FC supporters last weekend made their 4th consecutive Friendship visit to Moenchengladbach in Germany to once again consolidate and enhance even further a very special friendship that goes back over 30 years to the 70’s decade.  Liverpool and Borussia Moenchengladbach met in the UEFA Cup final in 1973, Liverpool winning 3-2 on aggregate and they also met in the1977 European cup final in the eternal city of Rome where Liverpool FC won their first ever of their five European cups, the Reds running out 3-1 winners.  The two European giants met again the following season 1977/78 in the semi-final of the European Cup, Liverpool winning 4-2 on aggregate.

Liverpool FC supporters unveiling their 2010 “Friendship flag” to their German counterparts at the completely sold out 54000 capacity Borussia Park shortly before the Borussia home match versus record Bundesliga champions FC Bayern Munich.

Since these famous clashes their has been a very special friendship between the two sets of supporters which has resulted in Borussia MG supporters travelling to Liverpool every year since 1992 during the Bundesliga winter break to support the Reds at Anfield, and Liverpool FC supporters led by annual friendship visit organiser Graham Agg, have travelled to Gladbach annually since 2007.

In 1991, a delegation of Borussia Moenchengladbach supporters travelled to Liverpool to present a cheque for 21000 for the Hillsborough families, an amazing gesture that has NEVER been forgotten on Merseyside.

This year’s LFC supporters Friendship visit to Moenchengladbach took place from Friday 23rd April to Monday 26th April 2010.  The trip involved a stadium tour of the impressive 54000 capacity Borussia Park, Borussia’s new home since 2004, which even has a corporate hospitality suite called the “Liverpool” suite!

LFC supporters were amongst the sold out Borussia Park to support Borussia in their penultimate home match of the 2009/10 campaign versus record German Bundesliga Champions & conquerors of Manchester United in this season’s Champions league, & four times Champions of Europe – FC Bayern Munich.  They saw Borussia, who are currently situated comfortably mid table in the Bundesliga top flight take the lead in a match that eventually finished in a fair draw..  The Liverpool FC supporters were as usual invited to an all day match day party in the Borussia official “Fanhaus” with amazing scenes of friendship after Borussia’s 1-1 draw against the mighty FC Bayern.

Just 15 minutes before Gladbach’s home match versus FC Bayern Munich,  the Liverpool supporters were invited on to the Borussia park pitch for the fourth consecutive year to once again present to their Borussia hosts a “Friendship flag”, a tradition the LFC fans started in 2007. Liverpool supporters this year also unveiled a second flag with the words emblazoned in German “Eine ganz besondere freundschaft” which translates to “A very special friendship”.  LFC supporters organiser Agg was interviewed about on the pitch about  his views on the forthcoming pre-season friendly match at Borussia Park between Borussia & Liverpool FC on Saturday, 31st July 2010.  This has been organised to commemorate Borussia Moenchengladbach’s 110th Birthday since they were formed in 1900.

The Borussia supporters on the famous “Nord Kurve” standing terraces, Borussia’s equivalent of the Kop, then greeted their Liverpool FC counterparts by singing an amazing rendition of “You’ll never walk alone”.  This for many LFC supporters was the highlight of the visit and was a moment to treasure and many LFC fans were clearly moved by this amazing reception.

The following day LFC supporters watched LFC’s 4-0 away victory at Turf Moor versus Burnley at a bar in the Moenchengladbach Old Market Square.

The 2010 LFC Supporters annual Moenchengladbach Friendship visit was once again fully endorsed by Liverpool FC.  Brian Hall, Liverpool FC Public Relations manager.

For the 4th consecutive year, Brian Hall presented Friendship trip organiser Graham Agg with a Liverpool FC official match day shirt autographed by esteemed Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard, a fantastic gift which was also presented to the Borussia Moenchengladbach Supporters Club by London based LFC supporter Jamie Rees-Winter, he had a LFC shirt from the 1977 European cup final autographed by all survivors of that amazing European cup final victory versus Borussia Moenchengladbach in Rome.

This year 71 Liverpool FC supporters made the trek to Moenchengladbach, the best ever attended, the vast majority from the Merseyside region but there were also LFC fans from London, Crewe, Ireland, Switzerland, New Zealand and a group of German Reds from different parts of Germany.

Graham Agg, organiser of the annual Friendship visit stated that he wishes “to thank Thomas “Tower” Weinmann (Borussia MG Fan Liaision Officer), Matthes Neumann & Jonny Thomas Polcher (BMG Fan Projekt), the Borussia Moenchengladbach fans and the citizens of Moenchengladbach for their unbelievable hospitality and friendship shown to the Liverpool fans during their stay and also Liverpool Football Club for officially endorsing the friendship visit”.  He also said that he would “like to thank all the travelling Liverpool FC supporters for being superb ambassadors for Liverpool Football Club and the City of Liverpool”.  He stated also that “this weekend has proven yet again without a shadow of a doubt that the Borussia Moenchengladbach & Liverpool FC friendship is absolutely unique in world football”.

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VIDEO : Liverpool 2 – Atletico Madrid 1 (Goals)

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Not too bad tonight, we won in 90 and in the game, players went missing when it came to the nitty gritty, but that is not my grievance.

I want to put this to all of you. Why does a goal in extra time count as an away goal, surely that is giving the away side in the second leg an extra 30mins to get that away factor.Wouldn’t it be easier to agree that extra time is 0-0 start again for 30mins?!