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They’re not Rafa’s Players, there Roy’s

By Jamie Scott

Much has been made out of the squad Roy Hodgson has inherited from Rafa Benitez, and the emphasis seems to be on “Rafas” players, deflecting the real problem at Liverpool, the players Roy Hodgson has brought in.

I personally don’t think Rafa got the credit he deserved for his dealings in the transfer market, granted signings of Degen, Kromkamp, Dossenna and Voronin etc were hardly astute signings by the master tactician, but people seem to forget some of the players that are regarded as the best in the world were discovered by Rafa, Torres and Reina for example. Other he has brought in surely prove that his track record is not as bad as made out with the signings of, Alonso, Luis Garcia, Crouch, Alvaro Arbeloa, Daniel Agger, Martin Skertl, Glen Johnson, Momo Sissoko, Yossi Benayoun, Craig Bellamy and he even got the last legs out of God and most importantly made a profit on most of them!!. People forget that Rafa himself inherited a squad that was full of under achievers and some players who most certainly were not  good enough to be Liverpool players but unlike the current crop, the likes of Traore, Biscan and Josemi were Champions League Winners!!.

Rafa could fashion a winning mentality out of players and was tactically astute where Roy is completely incompetent in all aspects. When Rafa left the club he left us with signings he brought in players like, Reina, Mascherano, Torres, Kuyt, Agger, Skertel, Johnson, Maxi and 2 of Houillers men Gerrard and Carragher im sure there’s not a manager that would not have wanted to inherit these players, 10 international players. Even some of the squad players left behind by Rafa should be good enough, the much maligned Lucas has shown glimpses of what he is capable of, Ryan Babel has potential but needs someone to get it out of him and David Ngog no matter what you think of him can score goals, and the big Greek is so passionate when he plays that you could never fault his drive and determination. Add to that some potentially quality youngsters in Kelly, Pacheco, Ince and Shelvey and you have the players to fashion a potentially good squad of players given the right players are brought in to play with them. Granted there was some dead wood that needed to be cleared out and too his credit Roy has done that but has he done the right thing. Emiliano Insua has been allowed to leave on loan as has Alberto Aquilani. Roy has harped on about not having enough depth in his squad and those 2 players would not struggle to get into the team we have now. Reira, our only naturally gifted wide man was also allowed to leave and should have been given the chance by Roy; at the very least he was a decent squad player.

Now lets look at Roy’s signings and I want to state a FACT here that, from all the signings Roy has made so far not one of them has hit the back of the net in the league and to top that our normal free scoring players have dried up in front of goal as was evident in Sundays clash with Spurs in fact in 15 league games we have only scored 19 goals, an absolutely poor return.

Joe Cole was brought in, and was regarded the coup of the summer, but injuries, suspensions and playing in a variety of positions has reminded me of Harry Kewell’s time at Liverpool. Its early days for Joe and I hope he starts to turn in the performances as by his own admissions he has not played well. He has quality and will be a good player for us but he needs to play where he is most dangerous, but Roy will probably persist with playing him wherever, perhaps Roy feels he might make a good goalkeeper. Christian Poulsen was brought in as a replacement for Mascherano no matter how much Roy tried to dress it up as they would both play in the same team. At least with Poulsen we knew he was once a good player and I just think that instead of Poulsen, Van der Vaart would have been money better spent as we would have had what we are lacking a player to play off Torres, but according to Roy “he was not the profile of player we were looking for”. That brings me to Paul Konchesky. He has got to be without a doubt the worst full back in the history of our club. At fault for the Spurs winner yesterday, he is constantly a liability at the back. The only thing he has done this season is do what Rafa and Wenger et al could not, make Jermaine Pennant look like a player. He claims he has raised his game since he has been here so I dread to think what his performances at Fulham were like. We sold 2 promising youngsters to get him in, what a waste especially when Danny Agger when fit could play there, Martin Kelly and Fabio Aurellio (when fit) could play there, Insua could have stayed or even Jack Robinson could play there and would enjoy more success than Konch who has never been a player. Raul Meireless has come in and is pretty much an enigma, but has had to contend with playing out wide??? Why??? Only Roy knows. He seems to have come into his own since Stevie got injured but only time will tell is he the new Alonso?? I very much doubt it. Would we have been better keeping Aquilani who had some experience in the league and given his form for Juve this season would have been better kept which would have saved us £12million, but out of all Roys signings Meireless looks like he may succeed with us and most importantly he has passion for the club. Danny Wilson has been brought in and has been given limited chances. Brad Jones was also brought in and again what a waste of money considering the goalkeepers we have. This will not be everyone’s favourite decision but Intandje, who for the record should have been sacked after the Hillsborough memorial, is still being paid a wage; Peter Gulacsi is around, Martin Hansen and Dean Bouzanis. That’s £2.5 million for a player that could have gone to where we needed to strengthen, up front. Fabio Aurellio was re signed but injuries have limited him. Rafas last 2 signings Jovanovic, who might be a headless chicken but he tries, has been phased out and Jonjo Shelvey looks like he will be a player. Roy has wasted far too much money on some of these players where we had players good enough to play in these positions and neglected where we needed to strengthen more, up front surely had to be the priority. The fact we were clambering round on deadline day looking for a new striker suggests Roy had his priorities all wrong.

The January window is approaching and last week alone we were linked wit no fewer that 18 players. Roy has admitted he is keen to strengthen, but has admitted he would like Carlton Cole?? I for one would rather have Carlton from the fresh prince. And some of the other names touted do not inspire me much. Some of Roy’s signings have seen us take a step back, which is evident with Poulsen, Konchesky and Jones. Yes Rafa made mistakes in the market but he did it over 5 years, Roy should have learnt from his mistakes and stuck by what he said he was going to and give youth a try. By the way has anyone seen Dani Pacheco lately, he is apparently not good enough in Roy’s eyes. I appreciate Roy’s signing need time to bed in and adapt but there are at least 2 of them that are just about good enough to play in the Championship. So when we criticise Rafa and the squad he left, look how Roy has added to it and ask ourselves the questions is it better than it was with Rafa? In short No its worse and judging by what Roy classes as a good player is not what any sane person would.

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  1. tjmreds says:

    They’re not rafa’s players, they’re Roys!! ;)

  2. Graham says:

    Mr hammer meet Mr Nail’s head. Change the grammar in the article though.
    They’re not there.

  3. Steve says:

    I’m sorry i don’t think i can read a piece when the author can’t even differentiate between ‘there’ and ‘they’re’ in the title.

    Time to go back to spelling school

  4. Little A says:

    That konchesky is living the dream…. what a waste of space that player is….

  5. Sam Wanjere says:

    Passionately written and eloquently so. I agree largely with this piece. I wonder what our true tactics really are, in the light of a loss yesterday from a game we should have won. Does anyone seriously see us improving at all under the bumbling manager we have now? If the current manager, all 35 years of soccer behind him, cannot tweak his squad to play real footy, neither can he inspire his troops and chooses escapism, why do we need him at all?

    Our defense was too easily penetrated by Modric, en route to his side’s equalizer. What Spurs did to us is what used to be a Liverpool staple! Konchesky was TOTALLY at fault for goal two. I mean totally and without an iota of doubt. It still hurts me to think about yesterday’s game at White Hart Lane. We truly have become a laughing stock.

    Of Roy’s signings, while Cole has shown glimpses of quality, Meireles may or may not be Xabi’s replacement – I mean, who can? He is however a player who can give us something we’ve not seen offensively for a while. He can certainly defend but he still offers much more mobility going forward than Mascherano ever could.

    The problem at Anfield might be at the manager’s position. Roy will NEVER inspire. He will never push players to perform. He WILL alienate, as he’s already done to GJ, Pacheco, Insua, Jova, Aqua and even our Spanish contingent. He will blame, not encourage. He must go. I have a feeling the squad will surprise all when that happens.

    Simply put, we’re weakest at the coaching position.

  6. Max says:

    What are you still goin on about Rafa for Jamie? change the record will you?? Roy has been here 5 minutes, and didnt you watch the game againts Totenham yesterday? I think he got the team playing very well, they attacked, bossed the midfield, controled the game for most parts and if only Maxi and torres had stuck their chances away the Spurs would have been dead an buried!

    So you come out with a blog that has been written many times over the last few weeks, to do what? misscheif make and create more negative dialogue amongst reds fans. I think it is a little sad that you have scraped the barrel and havent praised the team for yesterdays efforts playing in in form attack minded side. We didnt have wingers, and we ripped Spurs apart quite a few times..

    I feel you should let the boad make the decision to question Roy hodgson and stop this immature, close to the bone witch hunt. Who has said Roy wants to sign Carlton Cole? the media thats who…Roy said he looked but did not make a bid so that means he doesnt want to sign him. And would’nt you have gambled on Joe cole on a free considering our circumstances? Remember Steven Gerrard commited his future to the club after that..

    If the teams plays like that for the rest of the season we will do ok.

    I think you should stop going on about Rafa, he lost the plot last year and made more bad signings over all than good. Stop going on about Poulson and Konchesky, and start backing the bloody team and the manager…thats if you call yourself a true Fan!

  7. Chris White says:

    So much anti Roy bullshit its unbelievable I could only get half way through before I wanted to throw my phone, why don’t you try supporting your team instead of preaching hate? Your grammar and spelling are abysmal, and if you think Rafa “discovered” Torres you need to educate yourself and if you also think Houillier had anything to do with Carra or Gerrard then wow. Konchesky is nowhere near the worst Fb to play for us, Nunez was worse for one and who signed him?

  8. ossai says:

    I disagree with the writer in some instance…
    first the writer seem to forgets that the americans were still in charge when roy took the helms of affairs hence the introduction of free transfers and cheap dudes just to give the club options..
    Agree he isn’t the best of coaches but neither was rafa …..
    So let’s just hope he maintains till january when he might buy a striker with money this time his choice then we could condemn him if the bad result continues

  9. Joe says:

    You did well THERE, by getting They’re right then screwing up on the second They’re and typing There instead, you moron.

    These articles are getting so boring now, if you’ve been on one fansite, you’ve been on them all. Time for Roy to go? Time for us all to get behind the team, we’re becoming more are more like the scouser’s we’re stereotyped as, or ‘Evertonians’ as i like to call them.

  10. George says:

    So we’re not true fans for not blindly following Roy even though he’s clearly making the club worse?

    Grow up.

  11. Daz says:

    I agree with Chris white

    I think that too many small minded petty bloggers are commenting about Liverpool and should stop now. Also too many Liverpool fans are showing a lack of class, education and realism..

    We have onyl just got rid of H&G be thank full and let the board get on with things..rumour had it if Rafa didnt go, Gerrad and Torres where definitly off..

    Give Roy credit for taking on the Job when H&G was still here because he knew how much they had brought the club down!

  12. Samuel Toyon says:

    Rafa is history so lets face today’s issues. Roy started with two strikers, something Benitez never did for 5 years. Roy is not a would class coach, true, but he is getting better. What else do you want other than for your team to play well. Winning is down to how fortunate you are in front of goal and in the eyes of the referee! Take my words, liverpool will shock the world this season!

  13. jay says:

    @ chris white, which manager gave Gerrard and Carragher their first team debuts?……..Gerrard Houiller and Nunez played on the right of Midfield

  14. Adam says:

    most stupid article ive ever read.. the fact that you are saying glen johnson and martin skrtel were good signings are absolute crap. we paid 18 million quid for glen johnson and the bloke can’t defend. martin skrtel is a decent defender but gives away too many unnecessary fouls and free kicks. maxi is just horrible. Rafa made some good signings (as mentioned above in your article) but lets look at the bad ones.

    2004/2005: Xabi Alonso (very good but rafa would prefer gareth barry) Josemi, Antonio Nunez, Fernando Morientes And Scott Carson. that alone is 5 bad signings to roys 2 in his first year.

    2005/2006: Antonio Barragan, Boudewijn Zenden (success?) Pepe Reina (Success), Momo Sissoko (success) , Peter Crouch (success), Miki Roque, Jack Hobbs, Mark Gonzales, Paul Anderson, Jan Kromkamp, Daniel Agger (injury prone but when fit very good), David Martin, Robbie Fowler. Once again the bad signings out weigh the good ones 8-5.

    2006/2007: Bellamy(s), gabriel, Fabio (s), Pennant, Dirk(s), Nabil El Zhar, astrit, Danielle, Jordy, Arbeloa(s),Mascherano(s). Once Again The bad signings outweigh the good ones 8-4.

    2007/2008: Lucas(starting to turn decent) nemeth(promising youngster ended up being a waste of space. Fail.) Mikel San jose (same situation as nemeth therefore fail, Leto (not rafas fault no work permit) voronin(F), Yossi(s), Babel (F), Itandje (f), Skrtel(f), Mascherano Completed loan. so that is another failed transfer window for rafa.

    2008/2009: Phil Degen(F), Dossena(f), Diego Cavalieri(2nd choice keeper Hard to tell.) David Ngog(s), Robbie keane(F),Albert Riera(f). One good signing that transfer window from mr benitez.

    2009/2010: Glen Johnson (Great attacking player but can’t defend for shit), Aquilani (why rafa bought him for 20 million when he was still injured only rafa knows. FAIL.) Kyrgiakos(signed him after rafa offered sami hyypia a coaching role silly rafa.) (S), Daniel Ayala (time will tell).

    Not One tranfer window has rafa succeeded him so you have no right to jump all over roys back for 2 bad signings.

  15. Jonel says:

    i have to say, Roy would not have been my choice of manager, but he IS our manager!! Liverpool have always been praised for getting behind their team, and even backing Rafa when, i’m sorry, he lost the plot last year. I still believe Rafa’s team was a good one, despite some of the tat he brought in, but he was tied by the owners. Roy has been here 5 months, and though he has brought in some players, they were mostly brought to fill holes on a shoestring budget.

    Yesterday’s match showed glimmers of quality, resilience, and just planned old graft. We SHOULD have won the match, and it’s disappointing that, in the end, we didn’t take our chances and let defensive errors cost us the game, but we are improving.

    Any manager would need time to turn around the performances of the last couple of years, but, say we sack Roy, then who do we get? Kenny? Great, but what if he doesn’t do any better? Do we then call for his head. I don’t like seeing our team in tatters, but give Roy a chance, and get behind OUR (your?) team, instead of this hatred campaign that helps no one!

  16. Mo says:

    The most disgusting thing is fans that disagree with this article it might be that you lot are suffering from a bout of stupidity. Comparing Roy and Rafa is not ideal because we all know that Rafa is a greater manager. He was frustrated out of the club. Look at what he did for Torres who was a virtual nobody when he signed him (and for anybody that wishes to correct i’ve watched Torres since he was 16), look at Ngog, look at Kuyt, Gerrard too grew under Rafa, Xabi Alonso from obscurity to one of the worlds best midfielder’s so much so that Real Madrid were clamouring for his signature. Rafa was excellent although he made a couple of mistakes. From the first few games under Roy I knew Liverpool had stooped, even Roys profile in world football doesnt match a team like liverpool. He’s a good lad but for the best from the team he MUST GO. He has not shown any tact in the transfer market and I cannot believe he did not sign a strker in january even if it was Rodellaga from wigan. He is the weakest link and am pleased I was chanced to read this excellent article.

  17. cybersix says:

    I REALLY HOPE ngog INJURED. come on ROY, give chance to MILAN JOVANOVIC or DANI PACHECO to play upfront with TORRES.

  18. Mo says:

    and as for Adam if you were given the limited quid what would you do you can write the longest column in the world about Rafas signings but an even longer one on Sir Alex Ferguson, for many reasons signings dont work but why would liverpool sign Konchesky? that alone is a disgrace, Then danny wilson (who the fuck is that), Brad Jones (For what fucking reason), Raul Meireless (Was he necessary), Christian Poulsen (A serie A reject closing in to the end), Fabio Aurellio (Once useless always useless), all that quid was a waste the only two positions that needed strengthening urgently was upfront and on the left back how on earth can a human beign that wants to win a league sign Konchesky even Guitierres of Newcastle is light years ahead of Konchesky. Get your facts right all his dealings have failed or been unnecessary. Lest i forget Joe Cole (Utter Shyte)

  19. Redice05 says:

    Hmm, interesting comments from all. One thing you’re guaranteed with any blog is a differing in views for one main reason, that being opinions arseholes everyone has one, Fact!
    Anyway, here’s mine……I thought overall we played well yesterday. My only issue of course was the inclusion of Konchesky (who I do not rate at all and who I think is worse than Insua – again my opinion) and the substitution of Aurellio for Ngog. I would have thought Roy should have brought on Joe Cole or even Jovanovic or push Konchesky up to midfield and put Aurellio in his place.
    Anyway, what’s done is done. We didn’t take our chances and they did. We didn’t get a penalty and they did and missed. I think hand on heart most of us expected us to lose prior to the game’s start, but it was still disappointing none the less because I thought we played as well as we did in the Arsenal and Chelsea games.
    What was clear is Spurs had a better squad than us overall.
    As for Van dar Vart, he didn’t want to come to us, he wanted CL football. I don’t blame him, much, but I think if Rafa was still in charge we may have got him. He has that persona. Roy has a tpersona, but only good enough to sign players like Konchesky, Poulsen and players from Switzerland.
    Needless to say, the bottom line is this, Rafa has moved on and it pains me to say this but so must WE. Yes, Roy is not good enough, but I have come to the realisation that no matter what we say or do we won’t be able to change this. Just like H&G, the matter is out of our hands.
    The hope is the new lot will see the light sooner rather than later and take appropriate steps to remedy the issue with the mid table mind set of our current manager.
    It is quite disheartening seeing the Liverpool manager sitting in the dugout biting his finger nails. I am sure that instils great trust in our own players.
    My last comment, relates to the myth that Torres would have left had Rafa stayed. This I believe is total conjecture and a ploy designed by the anti-Rafa team in the old board in order to gain support for the sacking (by mutual consent) of Rafa. I believe the opposition came from one person, Carragher who convinced Stevie to back him up (for sentimental reasons) because he knew that he would have been dropped. Again, mainly conjecture, but that hasn’t stopped the press.
    Thank you.

  20. Rob Clague says:

    For the first time this season you can not blame Hodgson. The game should have been tied up early in the second half if Nando and Maxi had buried their chances. If we had gone 3-0 up and then let Spurs back into the game, then blame Roy, as undoubtedly he would have changed it. But we will never know. We should start to worry now about our lack of cover in defence. Maybe this is the sort of situation Roy thrives on (God help us). If Roy gets the taxi call, who comes in? The players are supposedly behind Roy,so a new manager would have to have very good pedigree. Its time to live the words of our anthem. Get behind the players and not do our dirty washing in public.

  21. Daz says:

    Mo you are a small minded person, you are living in the past…you need to grow up and give the team a chance with ROY as the manager! Its up to the board to make the decisions..who have a hard job without one sided comments from you..

    Its about time Liverpool fans woke up, we dont just change managers left right and centre like Newcastle or some other un-succesfull team and large we have had it good for the last 40 give ROY a bit of time will you.

    Stop throwing your dummy out of the cot.

  22. awbMaven says:

    EOTK has been taken over by Manure fans.

  23. Mike Arms says:

    I am all for giving Hodgson a chance but when I look at the terrible decisions he has made in a few months it makes me shiver thinking how many more will he make before the season ends. He has no excuses, he knows the Premiership, he knows Liverpool, he has 35 years experience he should not be making basic mistakes.
    All of his signings have been totally unnecessary, we had a few good left backs, midfielders and goalkeepers the only area that needed immediate attention was the wings or strikers. Yet despite having time and money to strengthen these priority areas he failed. I can only assume he signed Konchesky so he could have an ally in the dressing room to back his dinosaur training methods up because he is an awful defender who will not improve now he’s nearing 30.
    So with bad signings, baffling comments, unhelpful press conferences, negative tactics and failure to make adequate substitutions how can I or anyone really have any faith in him until the end of the season?

  24. tim says:

    what a load of absolute tosh! Rafa brought some absolute duffers in so this stinks of double standards- this is the direction which, sadly, EOTK is going. All go and support an Inter side that has noticeably dipped since the managerial changes if you arent happy. Konchesky isnt good enough but Poulsen is a lot better than a lot of you praying mantis’s think- he needs support, not slaughtering. Meireles- quality. Cole- quality. For heavens sake, get a grip and try supporting him. awbmaven, daz, rob & co- good on you for talking through the correct orifice.

    • Tim what are you talking about double standards???? You make no sense, we have over 50 writers here all with different opinions.

  25. tim says:

    Torres was a very expensive ‘nobody’. He’d been a classy, established player in la liga for years.The majority of Rafa’s success were big money buys- proven players with pedigree. Hodgson hasnt had that luxury yet.
    Spurs are a hell of a side- they also court an outstanding goal scorer that was sold, surplus to requirements because we had n’gog and kuyt. We were getting sucked down the plughole last season lets remember. we were utter shite last season. a season when we should have kicked on after a year when we should have (not could have) won the PL. Big money was wasted and no proven goalscorer was bought to support an injury prone Torres. I agree with another blogger, it is getting tedious- let’s move on from the same old, same old.

  26. tim says:

    I analyse most things that get said- some in haste, some well thought through. I’ve always admired you for your efforts with this site but One thing I am is perceptive and this site seems to be dedicated in rafa’s loving memory. Hodgson has hardly had time to fart, he’s been man enough to walk into absolute turmoil, a club ransacked by 2 cowboy owners, a squad of very mixed quality and no real funds of note(or time) to be able to make a huge impact on the face of things. We’ve had some shocking results this year but we had a fair few of them last season too. I think it is a case of double standards when on one hand Benitez can be forgiven for several shockers but Hodgson cant for buying one (arguably 2). Our problem at the moment is a lack of fan unity, some people refusing to accept that change has ocurred, mixed support for a new LFC manager that is struggling to win people over(and we know he is trying), a mediocre squad, no opportunity to buy players until January (in a hyper-inflated market where £10m dont buy much these days), the aftershocks from those shitbags that have just left, the need for ground development, youth development needs- the list goes on. I’m not being funny with you here, I’m just being honest. Maybe I should quote our anthem here and we should all read it and absorb what it tries to say. We are not going to become winners overnight again- it’s a rebuild. Would you want to be like Man shitty? I know some of our fans live in a dreamworld where they thought we were going to be bought by rich sheiks but life isnt always like that. I’d rather rebuild and earn the success and personally, I think it’s great having an English manager in the PL- the football scene has gone feckin crazy- just been reading what kind of week some people have had in the paper and sometimes a reality check does us all good.

    • “I’ve always admired you for your efforts with this site but One thing I am is perceptive and this site seems to be dedicated in rafa’s loving memory.”

      No one person is bigger than LFC.

      ROFL Tim, go have a beer.

  27. KD7 says:

    I think Roy is ok, he may be limited but so is Harry Redknapp and look what wonders he has done for Spurs! I think it is good to have an English manager in charge.

  28. KD7 says:

    All the tactics in the world wouldn’t have changed the fact that Tottenham had too much pace for us to handle as the game reached the hour mark we were tiring.

    I would have brought on Babel and Jovanovic our two fatest players and give Tottenham a taste of their own medicine. It is no great secret that pacey players open up the game. Kuyt and Maxi did well but for the last 1/2 hour I would have definitiely bought on Babel and Jovanovic.

    Not too sure what Jovanovic has done wrong as I quite like him in the first few games. He is a big strong lad very determined, fast and strong. We is he not given a chance alongside Torres?

  29. tim says:

    No hard feelings. I was in a bit of a dash earlier- i’m up to my ears i/c studying and work and just blasted ‘my thoughts’ out before. I had a 2 minute window of opportunity before my eldest grabbed the pc again. I think the EOTK is a great site for fans to ‘offload’ but I do think that sometimes it is living off memories that are not all as golden as they are portrayed to be. Good times, bad times, mediocrity. We’ve had it all- and it’s ran in that order. All the best.

    • Tim again there is no EOTK opinion, I have 50 writers here all have their own opinions.

  30. Brad says:

    First of all Cybersix, you should be absolutely disgusted with yourself. Wishing an injury on one of our own players who has actually shown a great deal of promise (not to mention bagging critical goals when Torres was incapable) is pathetic.

    I’m just getting a little tired of this whole debate. How many articles do we need talking about exactly the same thing?

    I’m willing to give Hodgson until the end of the season. Anything under that is simply not enough time to come in and change things around, especially given the absolute mess that the club has found itself in thanks to a variety of factors.

    As for questioning the squad strength compared to how Rafa left it, can we at least factor in Torres’ injury and subsequent lack of form? How about an increasingly older(and already predisposed to groin and hamstring injuries Gerrard who has built a career on the back of his athleticism? Anyone notice that our key leader in defense is not really the player he was a few years ago? We’ve got no real wide players but apparently Rafa never thought that was critical either.

  31. tim says:

    well said, Brad. Aintoine, I’m not having a pop at you, there have been times over the past few months where I’ve got the impression that it has lost some of it’s neutral status. If i’ve got it wrong then I apologise, but I would rather contribute to this site by airing my view rather than giving the appearance of a ‘yes-man’, like some do.
    Anyway, as far as I’m concerned it’s a mixup. It’s counter-productive. all the best.

  32. Adam says:

    mo your stupidity amazes me. first thing. brad jones was bought him because we needed a 2nd choice keeper since cavalieri left. 2nd thing the fact that u say rafa had a limited transfer is utter crap read that then get back to me. joe cole on a free? who wouldnt jump at the chance to sign him. raul merieles for 10.7 who is finally hitting strides absolute bargain and great buy. danny wilson is an up and coming youngster who will be incredible who just recieved his first scotland cap at 18! fabio aurelio when fit is a very decent lb and when we dont have a 2nd choice lb why not sign him again? you are saying koncheskys signing was a disgrace what about the majority of RAFAS signings like ive mentioned above (aquilani glen johnson robbie keane just to name a few) your so quick to jump down roys throat for his signings but of course rafa never does anything wrong. so once again get your facts right before you comment back you ignorant little prick.

    • With all due respect Adam, I would find a different source I was you.

  33. Stevo says:

    @ Adam

    2004/2005 Xabi Alonso, he preferred Gareth Barry after Alonso was average in 06/07 & 07/08. No one would pay 15mil in the Summer of 2008. But pay 30mil in 2009 after a kick up the arse.

    Josemi and Nunez was squad players that cost next to nothing. Morientes has been a success everywhere he’s been. Just one of those things. Scott Carson was too good as a number 2 but not good enough for number 1. Sold profit.

    2005/2006, Baragan was a kid that got homesick, sold profit. Zenden was a bosman squad player as was Fowler (who’s wages was being subsidised still by Leeds), Roque, Hobbs, Martin were all kids sold for profit (except Martin). Paul Anderson was an academy player. Kromkamp was a swap for Josemi. Kromkamp was sold and money went to fund Arbeloa. Gonzalez didn’t work out, sold profit.

    2006/2007 Paletta didn’t work out, sold with sell on fee. Pennant did a job, all we could afford. Nabil El Zhar, astrit, Jordy, all kids. Danielle a loan signing. “Once again The bad signings outweigh the good ones 8-4″. Are you serious? Kids of a coimbined fee of a few mill and the successes are world class players!

    2007/2008 nemeth (Kid, sold, profit), San jose (kid sold, profit), Voronin (Bosman, why, ask the yanks). Babel and Itandje (fail, yes). Skertel fail? serious?

    2008/2009 Not a good window I agree.

    2009/2010 No fails.

  34. Adam says:

    steveo if u noticed i didnt put sums on the transfers regardless of who paid who’s wages and how much we got them for they were still poor signings and the majority of his signings were poor regardless if they were kids and we sold them with a profit.

    Like i said the reason i don’t necessarily rate martin skrtel because he gives away unncessary fouls and free kicks which can harm us in a game otherwise if you take away all of those sure has maybe done a good job nothing to say “omg he is such a good signing, amazing defender”

    the fact that you said his last transfer window had no fails is a joke! how can you say aquilani wasn’t a fail we paid 17-20 million for him and he made 12 or so appearences. why rafa would sign an injured player only he knows and finally if you’re saying a defender we paid 18 million (Glen Johnson) for who can’t defend then you are just delusional.

    There is no point getting rid of roy mid season players are finally adapting to his style of play and his tactics to bring in a new manager now could backfire badly that would mean the players will yet again have to get used a new managers way of playing, give him the till the end of the season and then consider other options.

  35. Stevo says:

    I would never compare the Ayala, Nemeth and Barragans of this world with Keanes, Masch, Alonso’s. You got to look at it in context. Kids are prospects, it’s difficult to sign a 16 year old in the hope he turns into Fabregas. So if it doesn’t work out and you get shut for a profit, then that isn’t an issue.

    I’d take Aquilani now, man of the match performances for Juventus. And he played 26 games and scored 2 for us last season. Let’s compare him to a certain Mr Hargreaves down the road.

    He signed him knowing the quality of the player, but took a gamble. His injury took longer than expected but his quality is obvious. We could get a good player back or 70 to 80% of the original outlay. The signing of Glen Johnson was correct IMO. Portsmouth owed us 7m or 8m from the crouch deal. They was about to go bust. So to buy one of the best attacking full backs going and writing off the debt (that could have been lost or turned 10p in the pound) seemed good business.

    I don’t want players to adapt to Roy’s style. I’m glad he’s not in control of the cheque book anymore. He instantly got rid of zonal marking (that won Reina 4 golden gloves in 5 years) for man to man marking. We sit deep and leave to much space between the frowards and midfield which in turn leaves Torres isolated. We’re toothless up front and dodgy at the back.

    I wont even go into the mid table club mentality/negativity he spouts at every press conference. Touting Northampton as ‘formidable opponents’ and talking about every other club as if they’re bigger than us.

    Bring Kenny in as caretaker, he’s a winner and knows how the club should be run. We can then look for a replacement in the summer. If necessary.

  36. tim says:

    If I could suggest any ‘new blood’ with a strong LFC link then I’d look no further than Aldo- in an assistant role. I’m not sure which of us are right or wrong with regard to this particular post- arguements either way i guress. Some cause for cautious optimism on the horizon though- January is looming, albeit a limited transfer window i/c top players already playing CL or EL footie and also the history of hyper-inflated prices. We need to give Hodgson a season, He’s had some shitty luck too.

  37. Adam says:

    i still wouldnt take aquilani now he can’t cut it in the premier league more suited for serie a which is much slower.. you’re a fool for saying you don’t want our players to adapt to roys playing style because a) that means you don’t want us to well just because you don’t agree with with the manager and b) they already have so like i previously said wait till end of season IF and that is a big IF we sack him. What if kenny comes in and fails miserably? its too big a risk to bring him in and expect him to change everything coz if he fails it will would be devastating for our club. Oh and last thing glen johnson HE CANNOT DEFEND his position is a RIGHT BACK no point buying him if he can’t do his job properly

  38. Stevo says:

    Adam, think outside the box a little bit. Might sound aggressive, but you are calling me a fool.