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A new year; A new beginning?

As the entire world gets ready for a new beginning come midnight, football fans everywhere cast their eyes on who will make the headlines in the January transfer window, it’s probably a given that it will dominated by Man City, who are already believed to be in advanced talks with Edin Dzeko in the £30million move. While a short drive down the A580, Liverpool fans await for big name signings, just like in the past few Januarys, where we have signed the likes of Maxi, Fowler, Morientes and Mascherano.

But now times are very different, not only are we hoping for new players to the rejuvenate the squad, the vast majority of fans are hoping for a new manager as well. While I’m sure being reunited with Kenny Dalglish and to a lesser extent Rafael Benitez are very appealing, I’m sure the prospect to leading a Liverpool team that contains top players, and a more than reasonable transfer kitty to go with it would be most managers dream, and with the likes of book makers new favourite’s Frank Rijkaard and Dider Deschamps, we should be in very capable hands, assuming NESV, are quick to act in removing Roy Hodgson from his position, which in all honesty, should be very soon, (if the story of even a win against Bolton might not be enough to save his job is to be taken seriously) as I very much doubt John Henry and co. would give Hodgson the rumoured £30million transfer budget to spend, especially considering he wasted £10million on two players who are squadies at best in Poulsen and Konchesky, and loaning out youngster Insua, and Juventus’s player of the season so far Alberto Aquilani, then complaining about lack of squad depth.

Of course again going back to Man City, if the Dzeko story is true, then it should be ok the presume that one or two strikers will be on the move, and should one of them be Adebayor or Santa Cruz, most top flight teams would be very interested in obtaining their services, as well as with the likes of Wayne Bridge and Shaun Wright-Phillips, who would undoubtedly improve our team.

Outside of Manchester, Liverpool have been linked with Aston Villa player Ashley Young for about £13million , and AC Milan player Ronaldinho, who the press claims was a £7million price tag, both of which would be worth a shout. However remembering these are just rumours, even if they a repeatedly popping up every now and again, they must be taken with a massive pinch of salt.

But rest assured with all the players Liverpool will be linked with from the Dzekos and Ronaldinhos of the world to the Robert Huths and Carlton Coles, and the future of our own players like Daniel Agger, Milan Jovanovic and Ryan Babel, and the managerial situation, the next month will definitely provide a lot of talking points, yet again adding to the notion “Life as a Liverpool fan is never easy”.

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Hodgson must face the music

There has been nothing pleasing about Hodgson’s regime at Liverpool. In fact, nothing average. It’s all been disastrous. He has broken many records, records which put Liverpool in a very bad light. This season, it has been all embarrassment at the finest British football club in history.

A few of Hodgson’s inenviable records include:

1) First loss to Stoke in 26 years
2) First loss to Blackpool since 1967
3) Second ever loss to Wolves at home in 60 years
4) Worst winning percentage for a Liverpool manager since 1959 at 41.38%
5) First ever loss in Liverpool’s 118 year history to fourth division opponent (Northampton Town)

6 months in the job and he has proven he is not up to the task. Since I started following Liverpool I cannot recall a negative goal difference as we approach the halfway mark of the season. I cannot recall us being 12th in the table after 18 games, with only 22 points, and a points/game of 1.22.

If anyone bothered to study Fulham 09/10 and the current Liverpool 10/11, the similarities are glaring. In Hodgson’s Fulham last season, they had a ratio of W12D10L16. Currently, Liverpool have a ratio of W6D4L8. Multiply that by two, and it’s very close as to what you get at Fulham last season.

And from that I can predict we’re already headed for a draw against Bolton the next game.

Hodgson’s faith in his own ability is disturbing. After 35 years in management, what has he frankly got to show for? 2 losses in Europa League Finals, and a small ‘LMA Manager of the Year’ title. Yet he still believes he is the man primed with leading Liverpool’s revival, and refuses to throw in the towel.

Polls running on Liverpool fan sites showed that 98% of fans want Hodgson sacked now. The wisdom of crowds don’t fail, and this is an overwhelming majority we’re talking about. It’s not 70%, nor 80%, it’s 98%.

The man is baffling. After a mini myriad of wins, he suggested Liverpool were ‘right up there’, when they were in fact lying 11th based on a six game run of form. He said protests against the former owners didn’t help – we did it for the good of the club and you must be a hell lot thankful that NESV are now in charge.

More baffles. His side put in a display which made Wolves look like world beaters on Wednesday night. Yet after the game, he was at it, criticising the supporters for the lack of support, and then proceeding to criticise Kenny Dalglish, a club legend. The fans have all right to voice their own opinions after what was arguably the worst performance of the season.

These are just the few of the major errors he has committed. Add to that more contradictions, a betrayal to the club’s young supporters by promising to play Torres, the failure to implement pass and move, a wide variety of serious misjudgements, and you can perhaps see why just no one welcomes him at Anfield any longer.

Liverpool is the greatest football club in England, and the world. It should not be allowed to be ruined by a man with no tactical nous. He has demonstrated a complete lack of understanding on ‘The Liverpool Way’, and has showed time and again he is completely out of sync with the fans. He fails to embrace the ethos, the tradition of the club, which the fans hold so close and dear to their hearts.

For as long as Hodgson stays, he is not going to do Liverpool good. With each passing day, the club is getting torn into shreds. I cannot relate to this Liverpool side today, devoid of any creativity, invention and inspiration.

With Hodgson’s mentality, we are just slipping into the deeper depths of the Premier League table. We’re struggling to swim, to stay afloat. This cannot continue. Even the most staunch supporters cannot find a reason to back Hodgson any more. His 6 months at Anfield has done Liverpool all harm, no good.

With this, I urge the owners to remove Roy Hodgson from his position as Liverpool manager with immediate effect, and give the fans some festive cheer ahead of the New Year.

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Liverpool – Bolton (Saturday)

After our disaster against Wolves we host high-riding Bolton Wanderers on New Year’s Day.

The focus of the game on the Bolton end will be on Tamir Cohen whose dad (former Red) Avi Cohen passed away earlier this week. Tamir will without a doubt receive a very warm reception from the Kop should he play.

On our end the focus of course will be on Roy Hodgson and what kind of strategy he cooks up. The word in the street is that he will be fired if don’t win this game. Maybe this is what Roy wants so he could collect his severance package and head back to London before the festive season ends.

The gaffer has some new injuries to deal with as Joe Cole has been ruled out while Steven Gerrard is doubtful. I think that Roy will stick with pretty much the same squad that played against Wolves.

Predicted Starting XI:
Pepe Reina, Glen Johnson, Sotiris Kyrgiakos, Martin Skrtel, Paul Konchesky, Lucas Leiva, Raul Meireles, Dirk Kuyt, Steven Gerrard, David Ngog, Fernando Torres

Kick off is at 3PM GMT

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Roy Hodgson Needs to go

Real Results – Search it yourself -

I thought the owners would listen to the fans?

I thought Hodgson came to use different tactics to Rafa?

I thought Hodgson was going to sign quality players? (Excluding Raul Merierles)

Although I am not as annoyed as most fans, I believe it’s time for Roy to go. Roy Hodgson has apologised to the Liverpool fans but it’s got to be too little too late. I believe he’s tried his best, and just isn’t the right man. Although he doesn’t deserve all the comments with swearing, nasty words – he needs to go. Let’s just hope the owners listen to us rather than talk about how baseball is like football. It’s not been a good year at all for Liverpool and their fans, let’s hope we can turn it around in 2011. Although Roy Hodgson needs the sack, until he goes we’ve got to show a little appreciation. He used ‘good’ tactics against Chelsea which led to a win, but that’s probably the (only) highlight of his reign.

Happy New Year Liverpool F.C & its fans.

(I wish)

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VIDEO : Sylvain Marveaux

Sylvain Marveaux is being linked strongly with Liverpool and he could become the first signing of the January transfer window.

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The New Year’s Eve Antoine: 31st Dec 2010 – Liverpool F.C. News update

Glad 2010 is over, not a good year for LFC (except for getting rid of H&G) and for me personally. Best wishes for 2011, YNWA

95%+ of readers of E.O.T.K. wanted Roy fired yesterday more…
(Hello hello Mr. Henry)

The Guardian made reference to our Poll  more…

And according to the Daily Mail Roy will be fired if we don’t beat Bolton on New Year’s Day more…
(Let us see)

Arise Sir Martin Broughton more…
(The former Liverpool Chairman becomes Sir Martin)

Fresh talks on Daniel Agger leaving more…
(Sad, he is a one of the best central defenders in the world and thanks to Roy we might lose him)

However Roy denies it more…
(Yeah right like he denied the fact that Wolves trashed us)

The gaffer also claims that the players back him more…
(Go away Roy, I have had it with you)

Gillespie blames the players more…

(Of course they share the blame however Roy is the gaffer the buck stops with him)

Phil Neal “Shankly & Paisley would be turning in their graves” more…
(Yes that is true)

He also adds that Hodgson will regret turning on the Kop more…

Aldo also chimes in on how Roy has lost 90% of the fans more…
(I think it is more)

Titi Camara was appointed Sports minister for Guinea more…
(Good luck, YNWA)

Vote for Lucas for the Golden Samba award more…
(Good luck)

Gerard Deulofeu is the latest player linked with LFC more…
(Is he good?)

Elia is being linked again more…

Robbie Keane is joining West Ham more…
(Yep he was a big Hammer fan when he was a kid)

And according to a report Leonardo wants Torres at Inter more…
(Oh Boy)

A Liverpool supporter has lost her fight with cancer more…
(RIP Becky)

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