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Why Hodgson has to go

The game against Utrecht was another exciting, edge-of-your-seat, performance! Of course I’m being sarcastic.

It was a dull game and I blame Roy Hodgson.

I know! I know! I know! It’s not the norm for Liverpool supporters to turn on one of our own, especially so early on. But these aren’t normal times. What are we supposed to do? Wait until we finish outside the top four, or even fail to qualify for Europe altogether? Until Hodgson has wasted a load of money in the January transfer window? Until more top players like Torres and Reina leave?

We need to make the change. And we need to do it now before matters get worse.

I take no joy from saying this. Indeed I would be happy if Hodgson were to succeed. But I don’t believe he will so I have to take the rose-tinted glasses off and follow my head rather than my heart. I don’t doubt that Roy Hodgson is a nice guy. And I imagine he has some good ideas on the coaching ground. However he is lacking one vital thing.


That might not be the first attribute that springs to mind when you’re assessing the strengths of top managers but they all have it in their own way. Could you imagine Shankly messing about with his handkerchief on the touchline like Roy was doing during the game against Newcastle? Or holding his head in his hands during the Utrecht match? It was a match where the result was irrelevant. We had already qualified and the shackles should have been taken off. The team should have been given the green light to play freely. And Pacheco should have been given the full ninety minutes to try and impress. He’s a genuine talent who will only improve if he’s played regularly like Fowler, Owen and Gerrard were in their early years.

So Hodgson has to go. Who replaces him?

Well of course there’s Kenny. He knows Liverpool inside out. He would inspire the players. And he has a genuine rapport with the fans so there would be calm, even if it took a while for things to improve.

There’s also Mourinho. Undoubtedly one of the best managers in the world, he has charisma in abundance. If he couldn’t bring inspiration and positivity nobody could. But he would only be available at the end of the season if Real Madrid failed to win La Liga or the Champion’s League.

I’m going to throw in a name that few people have thought of. What about Joachim Loew? He’s had Germany playing great attacking football; they were sensational against England and Argentina in the World Cup and he introduced some young German players to the squad so he fits in with the vision the new owners have at Liverpool. He also comes across as a confident manager who has clear ideas and isn’t afraid to get them across to players when he’s standing on the touchline. And unlike Hodgson I doubt Joachim Loew would give boring interviews where he states the obvious.

Hodgson has tried his best. It’s appreciated and he’ll never walk alone. But it is time he walked away from Anfield.