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At the end of our storm…

…there’s a golding 4th place :)

Hello Reds,

I was reading a Paul Tomkins article yesterday about a permanent job for King Kenny as manager ( And today, i was remembering one crucial quote:

“Four wins on the bounce, achieved with four clean sheets. The same players that Roy Hodgson and his cronies believed “no-one could do better with” have already won two of three away games under Dalglish, to one win in Hodgson’s 10. Indeed, Dalglish achieved this latest win without Torres, or his replacements, Suarez and Carroll.”

Since Kenny’s return, it’s a real joy to see how our team’s way of playing football has totally changed. Him and Clarke, gave to players confidence in their roles. Meireles is back from the dead. The defense is begining more solid. And we now use to lead the matches until winning them. All that we rarely saw under Roy’s reign (that we can name “interim”).

We lost a “betrayer-key-genius” player, gone to a club without history. We lost a neither-winger nor-striker gone to Germany.
But with King Kenny, we have now all the reasons to dream of a bright end of the season. And more.

Even if we had a catastrophic start of season, we’re now plenty of hopes of getting the fourth place, synonym of Champions League:

4.Chelsea 44 pts (-1)
5.Tottenham 44 pts (-1)
6.Liverpool 38 pts

Allright, 6 points late, maybe 9. But we have still  4 “Great games” to play  to create THE surprise: Mancheater United (h), Man City (h), Arsenil (a), Tottenham (h). And 12 pts to take against our rivals in the hunt for the CL place.

Let’s take a look at Chelsea’s schedule (only Great games): Mancheater U (h), Man City (h), Tottenham (h), Mancheater (a).

And City now: Mancheater U (a), Chelsea (a), LIVERPOOL (a), Tottenham (h).

So, all is really possible, and we have to consider the 4th place as our “End of a storm”. As our greatest Cup or Tiltle for the season. Relegating, then, Europa league Cup as a bonus…

The 4th place, as a stunning back for the Club. An incredible relief for players in doubt…

Come on Reds make it real !!!

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  1. noname says:

    mate your english is really something to behold!

  2. Denis Gaudillere says:

    i try to do my best, i’m french liverpool supporter :p

  3. Winning those 4 big games will be key, but the games against the not so big teams, i.e. Wigan are just as important. After all, every win is worth 3 points no matter who your playing.

    But your right in saying that Under King Kenny we’ve got every reason to believe!

  4. Tonio Bone says:

    Hi Denis! First of all a comment about your english which is of much higher standard than most british guys born and bred in the UK that right on here….they don’t even know what punctuation means.
    To more serious considerations. We played badly under Roy, we did not play any much better last season under Rafa.
    I feel we are in exactly the same position as last year to make the final four. What we need to do is win, something we did not do in the final part of last season. The only difference now is that everyone has a feeling of rebirth and everyone’s buzzing with confidence.
    Have respect ‘noname’ or write an article yourself!

  5. Tonio Bone says:

    Okay! I got a bit miffed with noname’s comment and wrote ‘right’ instead of ‘write’. LOL

  6. Denis Gaudillere says:

    Oh really nice Tonio,

    Nice to gave me confidence. I have a feeling of rebirth to. And i’ll always try to write the best i can about Liverpool.

    You’re my Kenny lol

    More seriously, of course all matches are important, but ones against Chelsea, Tottenham, City and co, are 6 points matches.

    Situation is simple: winning all matches :)