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Liverpool vs Newcastle (Sunday)

Following our great trumping of Birmingham we host Newcastle as we try to push for a Europa league spot.

With only four games remaining this one is vital for our European chances and we must collect all 3 points.

Andy Carroll is looking likely to be rested and will not face his former team mates. Glen Johnson and Martin Kelly are still injured while Fabio Aurelio might be available. Steven Gerrard and Daniel Agger are out for the remainder of the season. I think that Kenny will go with the same team that trashed Brum last weekend.

Predicted lineup:
Reina, Flanagan, Carra, Skrtel, Robinson, Lucas, Spearing, Meireles, Maxi, Kuyt, Suarez

Kickoff is at 12 Noon BST

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The Way Forward

Just thought I’d write an article on what I believe would be the way forward in terms of improving the team. Everybody and most importantly Kenny have their own ideas on what needs to be improved and I just want to give you my views for what its worth.

We are lucky in having one of the best goalkeepers around in Pepe Reina, but there has been speculation that he could leave us in the summer. So we will need to watch this space, if we were to lose him I would go for Alan McGregor from Rangers, he has been a great keeper for Rangers and would do well for us.

At right back we seem ok with Martin Kelly who looks like becoming one of the best so I am happy with that position.

Left back is a major problem area and we need to bring someone in. Izaguirre of Celtic would be my pick for that position he has looked really good up here in Scotland and is very good going forward.

We are not too bad off in the centre of defence with Carragher still having a few more years left in him. Skrtel has improved although not my favourite. Kyrgiakos can do a good job when needed. Agger is a class defender just a bit worried about his fitness, and we also have Danny Wilson coming through who I think will be a great defender for us. So overall we are pretty well off in the centre of defence.

Left midfield is another problem position which we need to sort out. Ashley Young is the obvious pick but there will be others tracking him, but we have to improve in that position.

Right midfield is where Kuyt will usually play but I would prefer someone with a bit of pace and crossing ability. Maybe a Shaun Wright Phillips type player, but I would really like to see Glen Johnson given a run in that position, I think he could make that position his.

Centre midfield needs strengthening with a Xabi Alonso type player coming in. We have quite a strong midfield but other than Gerrard we lack a really creative type player. Charlie Adam could be that man so it will be interesting to see if we go back in for him in the summer.

I am a lot happier with our attack now with Carroll and Suarez rather than relying on the lone striker which we have done in recent years with Torres, we could maybe do with another striker although I like Kuyt when he plays up front.

Before I finish I have to mention the youngsters coming through, there is a lot of talent there. The likes of Sterling looks like a cross between Barnes and Owen, great prospect. In defence Andre Wisdom looks really strong and John Flanagan is a tremendous right back, a hard tackler and good going forward. Jack Robinson at left back is a very good player as well. Coady who is captain of the youngsters looks a great prospect in the middle of midfield and Adam Morgan is banging goals in for fun. Suso is a top player with so much ability don’t think it will be long before he features in the first team. Toni Silva is the type of player we need with the ability to beat players and very pacey. Pacheco has a lot to offer and this loan deal to Norwich will certainly help his progress. There are many more to mention these are just the ones that I am really excited about.

We are not that far away from becoming a top side, we just need a few changes and I’m sure Kenny will make the right changes to the team.


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EOTKPodcast – Episode 5 (Free on Itunes)

Welcome back! This week Ben and Cillian talk about the Birmingham City thrashing, Pepe Reina’s future, Steven Gerrard’s squad status, the owners and much more. Remember to email in: with your thoughts of views of all things Liverpool Football Club.

See you next week with a surprise guest!

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The Daily Antoine: 30th Apr 2011 – Liverpool F.C. News update

Kenny tells Carroll that if he plays and gets abused it is a compliment more…
(They are just Wee people)

The King hails the Reds prior to the game more…
(Build them up, nice one Kenny YNWA)

Pepe Reina believes that we are 4 wins away from qualifying for Europe more…

Kevin Nolan is grateful to LFC more…
(That is why we bought Carroll so he can score for your boyhood club ;-)

N’Gog for Newcastle? more…
(Oh Boy!)

Looks like Marveaux might be really happening more…
(Many reports confirming it)

And Dean Bouzanis might be headed to Oympiakos more…
(Probably loan)

Houlier has been discharged from hospital more…

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We are Warriors…!

In the past couple of days, the international media has been carrying the news that Liverpool Football Club has struck a record breaking deal with US-based kit suppliers Warrior Sports. The deal, said to be worth in the region of Stg 25 million a year, would even surpass Man Utd’s Stg 23.5 million a year deal with Nike!

The unconfirmed story, which would effectively bring twice the cash Adidas have been paying, also poses a couple of issues that may leave some fans perplexed. There is also concern that with Warriors Sports having experience restricted to hockey and lacrosse teams, even though they apparently purchased a company called Brine Sporting Goods in 2007, which company is quite involved in the US soccer world. The relatively unknown brand this side of the pond, has a global turnover exceeding US$ 1 billion therefore a deal of this nature is more than sustainable. The fear of the fans is that Warrior Sports might not be able to match the much liked and admired Adidas kits but if this deal is well and truly in the making, then perhaps Warrior will rise to the occasion and produce a kit that is worthy of the tradition and world-wide exposure of Liverpool Football Club. The deal would come into effect in the 2012/13 season.

It is estimated that the Reds sell as much as 900,000 replica shirts annually, and are surpassed in this classification only by Real, Barca and Man Utd (with regards to the Adidas brand, the Reds are second only to Real). Given that these three are considered to be arguably the world’s top three clubs on the rich-list, this is an amazing achievement by the Club, especially when one takes into account that we have not been so successful in recent years.

With the new UEFA rules coming into play and FSG’s philosophy to stabilize the Club’s finances and then to let it run on its own steam, an extra Stg 12 million a year could prove to be an important income on the balance sheet, especially since it has been rumoured that TV-rights related funds could be reduced in the coming years.

Should the deal be confirmed by FSG and LFC, it will contribute to strengthen the belief that John Henry and Co are taking our beloved Club to a higher level. The foundations are being laid for a new era, and I somehow feel that there is more in store for us in the coming months. Perhaps our fellow Red fans in the US can give us some more insight into this story.

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You’ll Never Walk Alone

Addressing the Liverpool fans who turned up in their thousands to welcome the team home despite losing to Arsenal in the 1971 FA Cup final, Bill Shankly said – ‘Chairman Mao has never seen a greater show of red strength.’

This is the Liverpool Way. This is the way we lead life at OUR Club. Of course, there are a few changes which will come about as the times change, but the fundamentals will never change. In my humble opinion, as a Liverpool Supporter here are the 3 fundamentals:

Support your players, Support your management and Support your brothers!

Shankly never put down any Liverpool player or the team. In a conversation with the reporters after a 3-0 defeat Shankly said – ‘They’re nothing but rubbish. Three breakaways, that’s all they got.’

Although, I am sure he would have blasted them on the training pitch or the dressing room when they made mistakes, but in front of the world, they were the greatest squad to have been assembled.

Shankly once explained rotation to a reporter – ‘Laddie, I never drop players, I only make changes.’

That’s the spirit of the Liverpool Football Club. That’s the way we look at things. That’s our perspective to life.

Agreed, as supporters we have the right to criticize a player who is not performing on or off the pitch. After all, everyone needs a kick to the backside once in a while, but we have to be careful that the criticism is constructive. The last thing you would want is a Chelsea fan to stumble across the site, copy the comment (They have a habit of copying things from us you now!) and start posting/uttering/crapping it all over the world.

In a recent post about Comolli’s role, there was a lot of criticism thrown at the author. I completely agree to the fact that there should be a little more research around the article. But first, sit back and look at the article itself. The lad has poured his heart out. He has said what he thinks is correct. If you disagree, say it, but abuses and terms like “Waste of time! Crappy Article” is not the way to go about it.

If we are supporters, we have got to support! Not only our team, but the supporters as well. How on earth do you think we will resurrect an army of reds? How do you think Anfield will become a fortress again? How do you think we will have another Shankly in Dalglish? Why do you think this site is called EMPIRE of the kop and not Fact-Finding-Mission-of-the-Kop?

Comolli has been brought in by the management to overlook the transfer strategy. Trust him. Trust that he, as a representative of Liverpool, will do all he can to bring quality players on board. Players who have the talent, the hunger and the fitness levels to play for “The Most Successful Club in English Football”. If in a couple of years he doesn’t, It will not be for the lack of trying.

“You’ll never walk alone” – Let just not say it, sing it, write it, but also follow it. It would mean a lot to people who have recently started following soccer, but also a lot to people who wear the red shirt every week on the football field. If you don’t believe me, just revisit Istanbul.

I would like to end by saying, I have abused Liverpool players. I have argued with fellow reds. I have questioned the policies of the manager. I have questioned the players who are being linked with the glorious club. I have taken down the poster of Torres off my wall and shred it to pieces. However, I will never every agree to start an abuse campaign against a fellow supporter, or a player who still plays for Liverpool Football Club.


Ankur Jha