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The 115 page article in short!

joel bryan

Mr Evra asked mr suarez why he has kicked him referring to the foul 5 minutes earlier, they were talking in Spanish but mr Suarez replied “because you are black” mr evea says then to mr Suarez say “that to me again and I am going to punch you” mr Suarez then replied, “I don’t speak to blacks” mr Evra then continues to saying he then thought he was going to punch mr Suarez to which mr. Suarez replied, “ok, blackie, blackie, blackie” as mr.suarez said this he reached out towards mr.Evra’s arm gesturing towards his skin and it was at that point that dirk kuyt intervened.

The FA state they gained expert advic from Uruguay and other Latin american countries as to the use of the term negro, it is often used as a noun to address people wether family friends or passers by and is widely seen as inoffensive. It’s use can be seen as offensive, it depends on the context it is inoffensive when it is used with a sense of rap-pour or the attempt to create such rap-pour how ether if it were use with a sneer then it might carry negative connotations. Spanish experts told the FA if me.suarez said the things that he had allegedly said to mr.evra they should be deemed racially offensive in Uruguay and other regions of Latin America.

The report also goes onto say that mr. Evra was a credible witness, he gave his statement in a calm and clear way, it was FOR THE MOST PART consistent although he and Mr. Suarez were unable to remember every detail of the exchanges between them, by contrast the FA claim that Mr. Suarez’s evidence was unreliable in relation of matters of critical importance it was OF PART inconsistent with the contemporaneous evidence especially the video footage. Suarez said he pinched mr. Evra’s skin on his arm as an attempt to defuse the situation he also stated that his use of the word negro was considlatery an friendly, the FA say “we rejected that evidence, to describe his own behaviour that was unsustainable and simply extraordinary given that the players were engaged in an accumonios argument.

The decision to make the ban 8 matches was that if Suarez had have been sent off for abuse without referencing a players skin colour he would have received an automatic two match suspension, their FA guidance states that the starting point should be double that I,e four match suspension. However due to certain factors including the fact that mr.Suarez supposedly used the word negro towards Evra seven times which is conceived as an aggregating factor somehow Landing him on eight matches.
In conclusion the FA made clear that he did not act how he did because he is a racist as did me.evra.

That in short is the 115 page report in a nutshell, in my opinion some of the decisions and things said in this statement are questionable such as there is still no stone wall evidence hat Suarez even said this. I still back Suarez and will not have my mind changed simply because Evra Said so. I apologise If some of this makes no sense I wrote it really quick on my iPod and the spell corrector has a mind of its own.

Thank you and a happy new year.

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Lucas Leiva called Skrtel The Terminator here is why

In case you missed it (which 99% of you didn’t) or want to see it again (which 100% of you do) here is the now famous Skrtel off the line clearance which denied Ba and Newcastle from leveling the score last night. Lucas referred to Skrtel as the Terminator after that and no wonder his clearance sure terminated Newcastle.

Thanks to @leighadnett for submitting the video.

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The New Year’s Eve LFC: 31st December 2011 – Liverpool F.C. News update

Hope you like the new look :-)

Great win yesterday more…
(Bellamy, Stevie & Skrtel were fantastic)

Kenny echoes my sentiments more…

Stevie G has thanked the LFC fans for their support more…

The skipper looks ahead to 2012 more…

Kenny says that there is no risk with playing Stevie more…
(Excellent news) 

Enrique targets Champions League more…
(Let’s do it)

The Spaniard talks on how he couldn’t say no to joining LFC more…

Borussia Moenchangladbach fans make 20th annual pilgrimage to Liverpool FC more…

And talk of Andy Carroll going back to Newcastle more…
(Only if they refund all the money)

And David Amoo’s loan at Bury has been extended until the end of the season more…
(Good luck)

There are still some hospitality packages available for the FA cup tie more…
(I would say it is worth the money)

Swansea have captured Donnelly who apparently was linked with us more…

And finally Jose Mourinho gets himself in trouble for talking too much more…
(LOL, what’s new?) 

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Redmen TV : Liverpool 3-1 Newcastle United: Uncensored Match Reactions and Analysis

Friday night’s 7:45pm kick off saw Liverpool end 2011 with a 3-1 win over Newcastle United. Goals from Craig Bellamy and returning Captain Steven Gerrard were enough to cancel out a first half Agger own goal and give the reds the 3points. Post- match, The Redmen TV bring you the Uncensored Reactions and analysis of Liverpool Fans from around the world. CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE!

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Luis Suarez in South Africa [video]

While the Spanish squad made history in the first World Cup of football on the African continent in 2010, at the same time, a junior championship was played where three of its participants had the great opportunity of meeting their football idols. Luis Suarez was one of the players who met the kids. This is a short extract from a documentary that was made about the tournament entitled ‘From The Streets To The Fields’.

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Liverpool 3 – Newcastle 1 [video]

The Reds collected all three points against Newcastle thanks to two goals by Craig Bellamy and one by Steven Gerrard.

szólj hozzá: Liverpool v Newcastl 3:1 GOALS