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Urgent: Help Kevin Get His Inquest.

Kevin Williams was pulled out of the crush at Hillsborough alive. His life could have been saved. His mum, Anne, has fought tirelessly for an inquest into Kevin’s death. Now, we all have the chance to help. You can help get justice for Kevin in a very simple, but incredibly powerful way. It will take you just three minutes.

Anne has established from evidence and credible witnesses that Kevin was lifted from the pen at 3.28pm and laid on the pitch, alive but weak. She took a statement from Special Constable Debra Martin, who was among those ferrying the dead and injured to the ground’s gym. Debra told Anne, ‘I stayed with Kevin. I felt for a pulse at the base of his neck and…there was a slight blip…I picked him up in my arms and he opened his eyes. I’ll never forget the look in that little boy’s eyes. And he just said, “Mum” and carried on looking for a few more seconds.’

Debra established that Kevin died around 4pm. The official view, however, is that all the victims were brain-dead by 3.15 from traumatic asphyxia which left their bodies blue and bloated. ‘But those markings weren’t on Kevin,’ Anne says. Her pathologists argue that broken bones in Kevin’s neck caused his airways to swell.

A simple rubber tube down his throat would have saved him.

But he died. The police held a fleet of ambulances outside the ground, so medical help did not reach the injured. What Anne has been fighting for ever since is ‘official recognition that Kevin died needlessly.’

Time is running out. Anne needs 80,000 names in five days. Please do not ignore this. It literally takes three minutes to fill the form in.

Please click this link. It is vitally important that you do.

(Some of the text above is from The Daily Mail’s interview with Anne Williams)