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Kenny’s presser pre-Wigan [video]

Liverpool Manager Kenny Dalglish talks to the media ahead of Liverpool’s Premier League clash against Wigan this weekend. Dalglish claims his side have not given up on Champions League qualification

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  1. Tonio Bone says:

    After 29 games last season, the Reds were on exactly the same points as they are in the present. Since mentioning money spent ecc, ecc seems to irk some people, I will only say that this is the situation after last summer’s major overhaul. Works-in-progress, possibly! Progress? Hardly!

    2010-2011: Played 29 games – Won 12 – Drew 6 – Lost 11 – Scored 39 – Conceded 36 – Points 42

    2011-2012: Played 29 games – Won 11 – Drew 11 – Lost 9 – Scored 35 – Conceded 29 – Points 42

    We are currently 7th and last year we finished 6th! With inconsistency being our main issue this season and with the embarrassing showing at QPR will the Reds do better or worse?

  2. Ob1 says:

    At this stage tonio I’d settle for a second trophy, champions league is beyond us realistically. Its been a tough season more downs then ups but they are still my team, high or low through thick and thin and it cant be any worse then when I started following them with souness in charge. Keep the faith!

  3. General Zod says:

    5th is as realistic as we can hope for now. As for Kenny, he is a great man and nobody is more passionate about Liverpool but the know-how simply isn’t there. He needs class coaching to back him up which simply is not there. Keen and Clarke have been two disastrous appointments, Kenny should consider Pako Ayesteran or even old pal Roy Evans to be his assistant. We won’t progress otherwise and a talented group of players are being wasted.