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Lineups : Liverpool vs Wigan

Jon Flannagan gets the nod to start ahead of Sebastian Coates as the Reds take on Wigan at Anfield.

Liverpool Starting XI :  Reina, Flannagan, Carra, Skrtel, Enrique, Henderson, Spearing, Gerrard, Downing, Kuyt, Suarez
Subs : Doni, Coates, Carroll, Eccleston, Sterling, Shelvey, Aurelio

Wigan Starting XI  : Al-Habsi; Boyce, Alcaraz, Caldwell, Figueroa; Moses, McArthur, McCarthy, Beausejour; Maloney; Di Santo
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0 Responses to “Lineups : Liverpool vs Wigan”

  1. grem says:

    Why Henderson? Why KD? Why ?

  2. magnumopus says:

    Carra gets the nod ahead of Coates!

  3. Juan says:

    Carragher starts ahead of Coates – what a farce

  4. Sameer Deshpande says:

    Kenny gets it wrong again :(
    Why Henderson ? and Coates should have started in place of Carra. Hope i’m wrong but a draw looks on the cards again :(

  5. rash says:

    finally we have some attacking threat on our bench with eccleston and sterling finally making the bench.

  6. bill says:

    not great but be positive… sterling finally may be used:)

  7. Ankur says:

    So… Kenny has decided that premier league fight matters no more and it’s time to give the youngsters a chance!

    Good decision Kenny! In you we trust!

  8. Ankur says:

    Or does this mean the sterling rumors have some truth?

  9. skiro says:

    Henderson huh kenny but sterling u did gud tho

  10. Didiermoracchini says:

    Future is dark

  11. Didiermoracchini says:

    I hope we have to win the fa cup but it’s hard to see that!

  12. brai says:

    kenny is just too sentimental yes he celebrates with fans when we score but he needs to sort the mess he created how can carragher get the nod ahead of coates our defence lacked awareness and steel carragher is just too old to play again coates should be starting ahead of him..Sterling is another better winger we have he can dribble,he’s got pace and width,kenny should draft our youngsters into the team Eccleston is a natural finisher….kenny wake up before its late to have your final straw