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The Daily EOTK : 30th April 2012 – Liverpool F.C. and football news updates


Luis is delighted with his first hat trick more…
(Just can’t get enough)

Jay Spearing believes he deserves a place at Liverpool more…
(Yes you do)

We are after Giroud more…
(Giroud and Gerrard, let’s sign him) 

And the People is talking about Maxi leaving more…
(It will not be a big surprise if he leaves)

Looks like Feyenoord can’t afford Kuyt  more…

And the tabloids are buzzing that Eccleston has a new girlfriend more…
(She was sent by the Masonics)

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Fan runs onto pitch at Norwich and hugs Suarez [video]

Thanks to @MostarLFC for submitting this video from yesterday’s game showing a fan hugging Luis Suarez after the 3rd goal. The fan was later taken away by the police, no word if he is being charged.

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Anfield 2012: Highlights, Top Players, and Biggest Let Downs

By James Piper

As this season comes to a close it’s time for those end-of-season recaps where we look at what went great (and not-so great) during all of this season’s matches. As I write this we are less than a week away from the 2012 FA Cup Final. I can only hope and believe that that match will finish with Stevie G lifting another great Cup at Wembley, but for most fans I don’t think they will feel like this was the greatest of seasons. With our middle-of-the-table League form, that might be a fair assessment, but there were some incredible moments from this season that are worth mentioning. Let’s take a look.

Goal highlights. Thanks to the Uruguayans! In my book, it’s Sebastian Coates’ first goal for the Reds and Luis Suarez’s long-range strike against Norwich that do it for me as far as goals of the year. Talent, and a little bit of cheekiness (Steve Gerrard even said after today’s post-Norwich match press conference that he was going to give “Suarez a bit of a bollocking” had the goal not gone in) make these fantastic goals for the Reds.

Top Players:
1. Big players do big things in big games. Brad Jones was thrust into the spotlight following the surprising red cards for Pepe Reina and Doni. Following the devastating loss of his son months earlier, he gets my vote as one of the great players for the Reds this season, if only for a match and a half. He was given a chance to shine, and he helped deliver the FA Cup Final. Well done.
2. Daniel Agger and Martin Skrtel win my ‘Defensive Wall’ award. A fantastic partnership and a great level of passion between both players. Fantastic to watch.
3. Luis Suarez had a red-hot start to the season and is on pace to have the same sort of finish. It’s unfortunate that things got a bit muddled in the middle. But props to him for being able to pick himself up after the suspension and carry on with scoring goals.
4. Craig Bellamy is another that brings passion and energy to any match that he’s in. I hope he can continue to bring that in future seasons in the Red shirt.

Biggest Let Downs:
1. Matches at home. The famous quote by Bill Shankly is that he wanted to build Anfield as a “Fortress of Invincibility” and unfortunately that just didn’t happen this season. If there’s anything I want to see next season, it’s a complete domination of matches at Anfield.
2. Premier League form: 3 points is 3 points. Whether we win pretty or ugly, we need more points. The hardest games to watch (I’m looking at you QPR) were when we couldn’t finish.
3. The Luis Suarez situation. Brought distraction and unwanted attention to the team. Unsettled the team and seemed to bring out every commentator’s opinion on how things should and shouldn’t have been handled. The fact is, it’s over and I think everyone is happy to put it behind them.

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The Daily EOTK : 29th April 2012 – Liverpool F.C. and football news updates

Great win yesterday, brilliant hat trick by Suarez more…
(What about that 40 yarder?)

Kenny praises the team more…

Stevie hails Suarez more…

And Charlie Adam believes that it is the goal of the season more…
(Can’t agree more)

Touts are cashing ahead of the FA Cup final more…
(Terrible, it prices the average fan out)

Reina is looking forward to the final more…
(Come on Pepe you can be our hero again)

Glen Johnson really wants Champions League football however is insists that we have improved more…
(We need to stop hitting the woodwork)

Kenny and Marina have launched a Cancer Treatment Centre in Southport more…

Cally is upset that a shirt he gave away is being auctioned more…
(Ian, I promise you I will not sell the shirt you signed for me)

Afellay is being linked again more…

No EPL club wants to pay Joe Cole’s salary more…
(Cole is getting Coal)

And former Red Alex Whittle has signed for Dunfermline more…
(Good luck) 

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0-3 away at Norwich, I would not have said no to that.

Quickly to my view. Today we saw a midfield let off the leesh. No holding rubbish, just a midfield told to support, pass and find space. At no point did Suarez look isolated and the defence was not stretched.

There are still some issues with who is on the pitch, but all I will say is “think of one midfielder who didn’t seem to be there”. Ran his butt off closing people down though, while another couldn’t pass five yards. Apart from that I’m happy.

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Redmen TV : Norwich 0-3 Liverpool: Suarez Hattrick and Goal of the Season Seals

Luis Suarez chipped John Ruddy from 40 yards to complete his first hat trick for Liverpool and give the Reds a 0-3 win over Norwich City. In the aftermath The Redmen TV bring you analysis and the uncensored reactions of Liverpool fans from around the world… CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE!