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Rafa vs Rafa [video]

Darren Farley on soccer am as Rafa Benitez with Rafa Benitez

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  1. Didiermoracchini says:

    Rafa please save us

  2. olorunfemi says:

    rafa everyone xpect u to come back.

  3. Robert says:

    I still don’t understand the people that hated Rafa. His downfall as I remember was all due to the people above him. He wanted Gareth Barry, they said no and gave him Robbie Keane(who was actually more expensive). They never gave him money to buy players and yet he could still put together a side that could challenge for trophies. His worst season came after management refused to back him in the transfer market and even pushed players on him. Rafas a legend. If the guys at FSG want a manager that can break down football into a game of managing statistics Rafa is the man! Legendary!

  4. General Zod says:

    Awful manager, divisive, manipulative, excuse-making and always blamed everybody but himself. Never had the fight in him.