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The Daily EOTK : 9th April 2012 – Liverpool F.C. and football news updates

Jovanovic has urged team mate Matias Suarez not to move to Liverpool more…
(Isn’t that nice?)

For those going to the Blackburn game there is some travel advice more…
(The last train is at 10:14PM ??? That will be impossible to make it)

Downing believes that we deserved to win against Villa more…
(Yes we did)

Kenny praises Doni more…

The club’s official site is looking for a graphic artist more…
(Good luck) 

And there is more talk of Juan Vargas more…
(Quality player I like him)

The lads at the Academy brought some Easter Joy to Alder Hey more…

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0 Responses to “The Daily EOTK : 9th April 2012 – Liverpool F.C. and football news updates”

  1. Didiermoracchini says:

    Don’t worry jova if matias is as good as you he can stay with you… We don’t remember when you’re playing for us

  2. Robert says:

    I actually feel for Jovanovich a little. He would have probably had a better chance of success if the person who wanted him was there (Rafa). I think he was just unlucky. That being said I hope we find a strong center forward with some ball skills like a Cisse, Ba, Hoilett. I don’t no anything about Suarez no.2, but we need top strikers not second tier.

  3. Tim says:


  4. Tonio Bone says:

    Jovanowho?Poulsenwho?Colewho?Aquilawho?Carrowho?Hendowho?Adamwho? Need I go on, or shall I start digging backward?

  5. General Zod says:

    Feel sorry fir jova?! Ha ha, yeah like he was a world beater! And at 29 had a bright future ahead under rafa. I’m splitting me sides here..