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If Agger Leaves Liverpool Are In Trouble

If Agger Leaves Liverpool Are In Trouble

The rumour mill is in overdrive right now and although most of the rumours are way of the mark, you can’t help but wonder about the rumours concerning Liverpool.

Andy Carroll looks a definite to graze on pastures new, which on my previous post I broadcast how disappointed I was about this, but with talk of Martin Skrtel and I believe more stronger rumours of Daniel Agger wanting to leave Liverpool, this scenario seriously worries me.

Arsene Wenger has lost his best players in recent years and amazingly has still managed to take his team to Champions League qualification each year, which is where we need to be.

But we are way behind Arsenal at the moment and Liverpool can’t afford to lose their best players, and both Agger and Skrtel fall into that category right now and last season they have formed a formidable partnership in the heart of Liverpool’s defence.

Liverpool need to build on the squad that they have and to lose Agger who looks like the ideal player for Brendan Rodgers’ style of play would be a major blow to Liverpool’s ambitions.

Liverpool’s defence looked very good last season and a strong defence is very important for any team and the last thing Liverpool need is their defence unsettled so close to the new season.

The loss of one of Liverpool’s best players could highlight the fact that Liverpool have slid away from the Premiership’s elite few, and the club could find other team members leaving too for success elsewhere.

With the reduction of class players in the squad if players leave could make it more difficult for Liverpool to attract top quality players to Anfield.

Liverpool has a good looking crop of youngsters coming through but the club can’t rely on them to carry the club forward with their lack of experience.

We don’t want an exodus of talent leaving the club when we are playing catch up to the top four.

The rest of the transfer window will be interesting, but with all the rumours flying around, hopefully there will be more comings than goings to Anfield as we look to a successful season under the leadership of Brendan Rodgers.

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Andy Carroll Is Gone

Andy Carroll Is Gone

Major news just breaking that Liverpool striker Andy Carroll has moved to West Ham on a one year loan deal for £ 2 million and West Ham paying full wages, with a view to a £17 million permanent deal if they avoid relegation.

It is shocking news for Liverpool supporters, but if Carroll is not in Rodgers’ plans then it is probably better that Liverpool get something for him and cut their wage bill.

The only thing is Liverpool look very short of strikers, with only Suarez and the newly signed Borini, there is Adam Morgan and Nathan Eccleston who have very little experience. Craig Bellamy might also be used as a striker but his legs are another year older.

I just hope that Liverpool and Brendan Rodgers have some sort of plan as to what they are doing because Liverpool have struggled to score goals in recent years and with Andy Carroll leaving it looks even worse.

I have to admit that I did not think Carroll looked the real deal, but at the end of last season he suddenly looked sharper and a real threat, so I would have like to have seen him start the season and if he wasn’t doing it, then try and offload him in January.

Carroll is still young and has plenty of time so he should have been given time to prove himself and I feel he has not been given a fair crack of the whip and personally I am disappointed with Rodgers on this as he said when he arrived that every player would be given a chance to play with Liverpool.

Carroll just arrived back from holiday last week to join the squad in America and played about half a game on Saturday against Spurs and that is his lot. Very disappointing, Rodgers needs to bring in a top class striker to appease me on this deal.

Talk of Agger and Skrtel wanting to leave us too, is this an exodus on the back of how the Americans’ treated Kenny or is just that they don’t like Brendan Rodgers and his new ideas ?

Whatever it is, it is really worrying if some of our top players are thinking about leaving us.

We have some good youngsters coming through, but there is no way that we can rely on the youngsters to carry this club.

Time to let this news digest and see what plans Rodgers has to strengthen us and they better be good.


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