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Infographic – The two sides of Fernando Torres

As we are set to face Torres and Chelsea on Sunday here is a great infographic.

The two sides of Fernando Torres [Infographic] was created by Ladbrokes Football

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  1. Kentucky Scouser says:

    Just goes to show that money’s not everything. Too bad he sold his soul. We could definitely use him right now.

  2. chelseaR says:

    Look at the Trophies Kentucky Scouser . . . . .

    Just goes to show that he was a brilliant player in a mediocre club and is now a mediocre player at a brilliant club

    • Henry Ezra Ong says:

      Plastic banner fans … do you have a fans website of your own? BTW, what, Chelsea is a mediocre club years before Russian bought you!

    • Soccerisma says:

      Torres do have titles to his name but WHY was he disappointed after winning them. Right after winning the biggest prize in Europe he showed his frustration.

      Its because Torres and every one knows, that he had little or perhaps nothing to do in winning those trophies. Drogba did it all. He din earn it

  3. Ken Hall says:

    Chelsea are a long way from being a brilliant club. As someone who watched liverpool in the seventies and eighties I know what a brilliant club looks like and there are none in this country at the moment