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5 Reasons why Liverpool can challenge for the title next season

Liverpool are unlikely to make the top four this season but the team are progressing under Brendan Rodger and a title challenge next year is a real possibility

It’s easy to take pops at Liverpool. It’s now 23 years without a title and although Sir Alex Ferguson’s claim that he no longer checks for their league position was deliberately provocative there was some truth in his words. The Reds are not challengers at the moment.

However, there are signs under Brendan Rodgers that they can be. This season may be a write off but next term could well be a big one for Liverpool FC. Here are five reasons why they can be title challengers in 2013/14:

     Brendan Rodgers

Liverpool have finally appointed a manager that can take the club forward. Roy Hodgson and Kenny Dalglish were never going to be long term solutions but Brendan Rodgers genuinely is someone who could be at Anfield for the next decade. The Northern Irishman hasn’t had the easiest of starts to his Liverpool career but he has carried himself with assurance and dignity throughout his first six months at Anfield. He is a steadying influence on the players, fans and owners and that is exactly what is needed for the club to push on.

     Luis Suarez

Robin van Persie is likely to sweep the Player of the Year awards but there is a strong case for saying that Suarez is the best striker in the Premier League. His work rate is frequently praised, and rightly so, but that shouldn’t overshadow the sheer technical brilliance of the Uruguayan. He scores goals from nowhere, whether it’s beating three or four players in the penalty box or picking a ball out of the sky with his chest. He is a title winning player and if Liverpool can keep him this summer then they will be halfway there to having a title winning team.

     Fortress Anfield

Okay, it hasn’t been great at Anfield over the last 12 months but things have really picked up in recent times with one win in the first six home matches of the season reversed to be just one defeat in the last five. It’s not just the victories though but the manner of the wins that have been impressive with teams like Wigan, Sunderland and Fulham being put to the sword by the Reds. These are the sides that Liverpool dropped points against last season and these are the sides that need to be dealt with comfortably by title challengers. At the moment Liverpool are doing just that and the lower to mid table teams are beginning to fear playing in front of the Kop once more.

     There’s money to be spent and players want to come

Daniel Sturridge went a little over the top when describing Liverpool as a ‘humungous’ club but the young Englishman’s words were as reassuring to supporters as the fact that the board had sanctioned his £12 million transfer. The money has always been available for transfers but often Liverpool have found themselves usurped by other clubs. The Reds reputation is rising once more in both the UK and abroad and that should mean that Brendan Rodgers can now be truly competitive in the transfer market, which means less Paul Koncheskys and more Xabi Alonsos arriving at Anfield.

     Team Spirit

Much has been made of the players that left Anfield over the past 12 months but the exodus of the likes of Dirk Kuyt, Max Rodriguez, Craig Bellamy and Andy Carroll has not only lowered the wage bill but also helped to change the atmosphere are the club. The new players are all interconnected with Fabio Borini and Joe Allen having played together under Rodgers at Swansea, Daniel Sturridge having played with Allen in Team GB and the likes of Steven Gerrard, Glen Johnson and Stewart Downing for England. Add to that the fact that youngsters like Raheem Sterling, Martin Kelly and Jonjo Shelvey are coming through the ranks together and you have a very close squad that is pulling in the same direction. This is the kind of relationship all title contenders must have and it is one which isn’t as apparent at the likes of Arsenal and Chelsea at the moment.


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  1. John E says:

    lol lets see if the silver tongued Irishman can top Kennys 8th place, i doubt it unless he ditches the easily defended against 433

    • scousebastard says:

      Go and troll another teams fanpage, you common rat.

      • daniel says:

        ease up he’s speaking the truth. first half against man u with 433 we got picked apart. the midfield over crowded us and we lost possession way too easy. we need more variation and that comes with more depth.

  2. Warren says:

    What world do you live in?
    I’m content, for the time being, with how things are going but to suggest a title challenge is even plausible is ludicrous.
    1. Although I like Rodgers he is inexperienced and is currently still learning way more than he should be here. He has shown very little to suggest he has the ability to reach more than a mid-table position. Youth is not some mystical property, it does not inherently stead a ship.
    2. This point only serves to highlight the sheer lack of quality everywhere else in the squad. We have only one player on par with other ‘top 4/5/6′ clubs and arguably 3/4 who would be regular starters at said clubs.
    3. Is it still true that we haven’t beaten a team in the top half of the table? It’s laughable to suggest teams still fear Anfield. In the games were we’ve been most comprehensibly beaten the opposition has pressed from their front and disrupted our passing from the back and pressured our distribution in to mistakes. Teams attacking our defence is a tactic that works and hardly one that displays fear…
    4. Rising? In what respect? I’d assume we (currently) lack the results or managerial pedigree to tempt many foreign stars. We are unproven – a risk to established or in demand players. There is also nothing to suggest we have a great deal of money to spend. Sturridge is, in my opinion, a worthy punt but not an established star. He is also one who arrived 6 months too late because we refused to purchase another player. Is there anything to suggest other than modest investment (also considering the significant emphasis on lowering the wage bill)?
    5. Team spirit? This one has been plucked out of your arse. How the hell can anyone not at the club (or Chelsea/Arse) really comment on this? What suggests the previous stars lacked spirit? Why does the history of the new signings suggest they now have it? To illustrate the point I have no doubt Gerrard thinks Downing is a massive c*nt, every Liverpool fan I’ve ever spoken to does.

    No wonder we get accused of being deluded. You clearly are.

  3. mart says:

    cmon lets hope we challenge for a top 4 place

  4. Bring back King Kenny and then we can start thinking of challenging for the top 4.