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Redmen TV : Liverpool 3rd Kit 2014/15 Revealed! | Exclusive Hands on Review

We may have all seen the leaked pics, but The Redmen TV have a World Exclusive 1st Hands On look at Liverpool’s 3rd/European Away kit for 2014/15.

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Will Brazil and Argentina meet in 2014 World Cup final?


The two heavily-fancied sides to reach the 2014 World Cup final are one game away from making it happen this week.

On Tuesday hosts Brazil will face Germany in the first semi-final at the Estádio Mineirão in Belo Horizonte. The following day, the Netherlands and Argentina meet at the Arena de São Paulo.

Brazil have come through their knock-out games via a penalty shootout victory over Chile and a 2-1 win against Colombia. The the process they have lost Thiago Silva for their semi-final and Neymar for the rest of the tournament.

Argentina have won all five of their matches by a single goal and are the only nation to have won all five of their matches. They required extra-time to see off Switzerland in the second round before hanging on to a victory over Belgium in their quarter-final. Both by the score of 1-0.

Germany and the Netherlands offer the South American sides their biggest test yet in Brazil.

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Hendo’s Hopping

by @SirBenjiB 

I don’t normally write this sort of thing, but there are two reasons I’ve decided to give it a go. The first is I’m fed up of reading about the latest Suarez incident, and everyone imaginable having an opinion. The second, and if I’m honest greater reason, is I’m a bit mental. Not as in I’ll bite someone (sorry Luis!), and not in the way I’ll spend the whole of a party telling people I’m crazy and then spend the night acting normal except I laugh louder than everyone else. I’m more of a ‘organise your DVD collection for you’ mental, or ‘I can’t drive away until I’ve checked I’ve locked the front door 20 times’ way. My obsessions are very varied and in no way related. It ranges from certain TV shows or films, includes things like clothes and The Simpsons iPhone game, and goes all the way to the SAS (the Special Forces, not Sturridge and Suarez) with a lot of other things in between. One of things I am most obsessive with is Liverpool Football Club, which has led me to writing this. I don’t want to say I have an OCD out of respect for people who genuinely do, but it must be something similar.

I have a very secret folder at home in the spare room containing almost everything Liverpool I have collected over the years. When I say it is very secret, what I really mean is I’m assuming that the Liverpool badge on the folder will put my wife off taking a look inside. She’s had more than enough of my constant talk and obsession with the club, and I don’t think she would willingly inflict more upon herself by looking at something I’m not forcing her to. For something Liverpool related not to make it into this folder, it’s got to be junk. I love anything and everything, and want to keep it all. Maybe I’m a hoarder with a little bit of OCD thrown in the mix. The contents of this folder include any Liverpool related photos I have, team sheets (detailing who played, scored, and substitutions amongst other stats) that I’ve made myself for every game I’ve attended, and football stickers for the club. I could write on and on about what’s in this folder, and about each particular obsession with Liverpool FC, but it wouldn’t be a lot of fun, for you or me. I also have almost every DVD and book I can get my hands on as well.

I think what drives me to be like this is I’m scared of forgetting anything. With football, events can change so quickly that memories that should be cherished can be forgotten. I hate using this example, but I’m sure some people will remember Stevie’s slip vs Chelsea, and forget the fantastic season we had with certainly the best football we have played in my time. Good or bad, I want to remember it all. I want to remember players that didn’t necessarily win anything, but who I loved to watch. Jamie Redknapp didn’t win anything near the amount his talent deserved, but I feel it’s important that talent is remembered. It was still evident in the Celebration of the 96 game. I’m not trying to say his talent is forgotten by anyone, but it’s important to me that it lives on in my head. I do this by collecting DVDs, books, pictures and memorabilia and putting it in my folder, for me to look through and relive.

Another thing I want to remember is favourite kits. I’ve always loved a good kit. I still remember when I was 10 and my parents bought me the home, away, keeper home and away for that season. Any minute I wasn’t in my school uniform I was wearing one of these kits, and would rotate between them. I still remember asking my mum repeatedly for hours on end if the latest stain I had got on my shirt would come out. I hated having any imperfections on them, and any little mark would worry me until it was washed and removed. I still love kits, although I thought I had grown out of this obsessiveness with them. That was until the 12/13 kit. In my eyes this was the perfect kit, and rekindled my love for a good football shirt. Everything from the old school LFC badge, to the fact it was 100% red. I would like to point out I only bought the shirt, I don’t want to face any accusations of being a full kit wanker. 2012/13 wasn’t a great season. We ended it pretty well but it was a season of transition with few highlights. I want to remember it though. It was a season this young exciting team started to come together. It was the season Suarez started to show how prolific he is capable of being. This is the season when Sturridge and Coutinho arrived and upped the excitement levels even more. This was all done in my favourite kit from my time supporting the club. It may not be significant memories, but its things I want to remember, and so there are hundreds of photos of this season in my folder.

I guess my point is that with a league that’s ever changing, and when winning seems to be more important than ever we shouldn’t lose sight of little victories and memories. Last season was amazing for so many reasons, yet one of my favourite memories is when Sturridge back heeled the ball for Suarez’s goal against Cardiff, and Henderson was jumping around like an excited fan with the best seat in the place. I want to remember all of this, and everything about the club that I love. I know some people can do this just fine without having to have a folder containing it. I don’t trust my memory to remember it all, and I’m scared to forget it so I have my folder of Liverpool. My folder of memories. And in case anyone is wondering, of course Hendersons jumping around made it in there. Hopefully next season there will be a lot more memories like Hendo’s hopping, and a league championship to go with it.

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The Qualities Lallana Brings to LFC

It took some getting there, but Adam Lallana is finally a Liverpool player. It was never really a secret that he was one of the top targets on Brendan Rodgers’ hit list this summer; even with links to the likes of Xherdan Shaqiri and Alexis Sanchez, we seemed absolutely determined to land the former Southampton captain, making an initial move for him before last season had even ended.

£25 million is a high price tag, and when compared with other players in that bracket I can see why certain question marks are being raised. But while the cost of a player is mainly down to his ability, it also depends on how unique the player in question is. And Southampton knew that they held a wildcard. A type of player of who there are so few of in world football, that we would struggle to find what we were looking for elsewhere. There would be no shortage of players with better goals or assists ratings, but in Lallana we had identified a missing piece to our puzzle, and Southampton knew that full well.

In Adam Lallana, we have landed a player who can not only slot seamlessly into our system, but also do so in three or four different roles within that system. His pace, creativity, and end product will mean he should have no problem fitting into the quick, attacking football style we played last season. But he also has an unrivalled ability to keep hold of the ball, particularly in advanced positions, which is a trait we occasionally lacked last year when coming up against teams who like to sit back and defend. One particular example from late last season springs to mind.

Having a player like this on the field will allow us to always have a player available to pass to, who we know we can trust on the ball even if there are two or three defenders close to him. He seems to thrive on drawing defenders close to him, only to trick himself out of the tackle. And his flair and spark means he always seems to see an opportunity to create an attack, rather than just passing backwards in fear of giving the ball away. For all his improvements last season, Raheem Sterling is a player who needs a little bit more room to work with, preferring to use an explosive, burst of pace style dribbling. Having Lallana on the pitch and training with him can only improve the young England International’s development too.

Another of Lallana’s distinctive qualities is how two-footed he is. He is so unpredictable, as not only is he equally as strong on his left foot as his preferred right, but he also has the intelligence to utilise this effectively and bamboozle the defenders by mixing it up and cutting inside or pulling wide as the situation dictates. He can be as much of an out-and-out winger or inside forward as he, or Brendan Rodgers, chooses.

If he is used as a centre midfielder, he bears similarities to how we’ve been operating with Philippe Coutinho; a natural playmaker starting from a deep position, allowed to start attacks with long, defence-splitting passes, or dribble the ball forward themselves and look for an opening. The Brazilian excelled in this role in the latter half of the season, having struggled slightly in the number 10 role when defenders learned not to give him a second on the ball. Playing in centre midfield does mean more defensive responsibilities, but Coutinho surprised everyone with his work rate when asked to do this, and Lallana is similarly an ‘all about the team’ player.

I can’t deny the reservations I have if the £25 million spent on him means we have missed out on signing Xherdan Shaqiri or Alexis Sanchez. Those are two players who I feel could really take us to the next level, and if Adam Lallana turns out to be our big, marquee signing this summer, I won’t be able to help but feel that we’d missed a trick. But with Luis Suarez looking like he is on his way out, we’re sure to have one or two big signings lined up, and the money to bring them in with. Until then, we’re safe in the knowledge that our squad has improved with the acquisition of one unique, supremely talented Englishman.


By James Nelson (@_James_Nelson_)

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Can France, Belgium and Colombia cause upsets?

France’s Mamadou Sakho remains Liverpool’s only player in the 2014 World Cup. His nations faces Germany in the first quarter-final on Friday before the rest of the big teams are in action – Brazil, Argentina and the Netherlands. Here is a look at how we think Sakho and co will fare.

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Lallana Signing Is A Clever Move By Liverpool

Lallana Signing Is A Clever Move By Liverpool


Liverpool finally sealed a deal with Southampton for their captain Adam Lallana after lengthy negotiations between the two clubs. It looked like the Anfield club were not going to be held to ransom in regards to Southampton’s valuation of their playmaker but this week’s news that the England international will finally pulling on a Red shirt is exciting for the supporters.


Lallana follows his Southampton team-mate Rickie Lambert to Anfield, who signed earlier this summer and both players see the move to Anfield as their ‘dream’ move.


Lallana will give Brendan Rodgers plenty of attacking options and is a creative player that will fit right into the way the Liverpool manager likes his team to play.


The Reds’ new signing can play just behind the striker and also in wide positions and I can see him even play in a central role in midfield because he is so talented and versatile.


Lallana has a good work ethic and is very much a team player but he has that individual brilliance that can beat a defender too. He always shows for the ball and is always looking to make things happen in the attacking third and he is a player that Liverpool supporters will appreciate.


Lallana has made the move at the right time in his career with his experience at Southampton and England and the price-tag and the move to a club like Liverpool won’t phase him and the move is an exciting one for both club and player, and there could be more new arrivals soon at Anfield.