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VIDEO : Commentator goes wild over Riise’s goal for Roma

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Big Sami opens his Bundesliga goal account

The 24thof January is in Sami Hyypiä’s short Bundesliga period an important date. It was the 11thminut when the Liverpool legend opened the scoring in the Rhein-Neckar-Arena against TSH Hoffenheim. After that two other goals followed (51’ by Toni Kroos and 71’ by Tranquilo Barnetta) and Bayer Leverkusen still remain unbeaten in this season.

The chances to win the title are rising every day, but “it is still to soon to talk about something else than the next match” said the legendary Liverpool’s number 4, Sami Hyypiä.




Monday Jan 25Posted by: Antoine Zammit  8 Comments »

The Daily Antoine 25/1/2010 LFC News Digest

Happy Monday everybody,  Christmas is only 11 months away :-)

One quick word on the Shortys, not sure what is going on but they seem to not be counting all the votes. If you have already voted, do not vote again instead invite your friends to vote

Tom Hicks sold The Texas Rangers for $500 million more…
(Yeah but we are not going to see a penny of it)

And the People reported yesterday that Man City are preparing a £100 million bid for Torres more…
(Don’t believe this crap, it was Sunday remember they always publish a Torres or Stevie is leaving on Sundays)

And the same rag is linking Babel with Arsenal more…
(Babel is too old for Wenger, it will not happen)

Israeli press is reporting that Dynamo Moscow is making an 8 million Euro bid for Yossi more…
(Well the Daily Mail made the story their own but it was originally reported in the Israeli press. Sounds very low to me, it will not happen)

Chamakh & Jovanovich are back in the spotlight more…
(Chamakh will not happen in the next week but Jovanovich is a possibility so I am raising him)

Everton joins race for Huntelaar more…
(This is good news, when ever they enter a race for a player we are after we always end up signing that player :-) )

Sami Hyypia backs Rafa more…
(Sami you are legend, always have a place in our heart)

Rafa admits that Aquilani needs time more…
(Rafa is right, I can sense though he is starting to finally settle in)

And finally Kuyt talks about his family is now Scouse more…
(Dirk you are a Working Class Hero)

Tweet of the Day
Man City to launch a £2 billion bid for the Mona Lisa

My January Transfer Predictions (Higher % more likely):

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar : 50%
Milan Jovanovic : 40%
Arda Turan : 35%
Kenwyne Jones : 30%
Taye Taiwo : 30 %
Jeremy Menez : 30%
Nedum Onuoha : 20%
Sebastian Giovinco : 20%
Morauane Chamakh : 10%
Emile Heskey : 5%
Richard Stearman : 1%
Milos Krasic : 1%
Nikola Zigic : 1%
Eidur-Gudjohnsen : 1%
Matthew Upson : 0%

Ryan Babel : 70%
Damien Plessis : 40%


Monday Jan 25Posted by: Kelvin Ng  24 Comments »

Sorry but I Still Respect my Opinion

I am very sorry about my POOR ENGLISH of my previous opinion. SORRY. I will try to do it better next time. SORRY!!!!!!!!!

But, I will not feeling sorry about my opinion about I DON’T MISS ALONSO. I am the guy who always look forward in my life. Now, Xabi is gone, so if we keep missing him and blaming Rafa, will he come back for us? I respect you guys’ comments, but I can’t accept that somebody was attacking me using comments. We are REDS. I am very down about this. I don’t mind you guys disagree my opinion but I am not happy about some people were scolding me even attacked me about my opinion. You miss Xabi but I don’t, sorry. No matter what, You don’t like Rafa, you miss Alonso, but you are still a LIVERPOOL FAN. I back Rafa, I don’t miss Alonso, but I am still a LIVERPOOL FAN. We are same! WE ARE REDS! C’mon, it’s just my opinion, can you guys give me some RESPECT?

I am just feel SORRY about my POOR ENGLISH, so I apologize about this, but I will not regret about my opinion, I still not miss Xabi. I am LOOKING FORWARD to Aquilani.

Sunday Jan 24Posted by: Tonio Bone  16 Comments »

Torres in demand.

Rumours have circulated in the press this week that Man City would acknowledge an eventual Champions League qualification with a Stg 100 million bid for our Fernando Torres as a present to Roberto Mancini.

Now we all know that the Spanish forward is perhaps one of the best centre forwards in circulation today, if not THE best. We also know that the Spaniard has pledge his love for the Club, the city and the fans, and we are aware that he has recently signed a contract extension with the Reds to prove this.

The likelihood of Torres leaving the Reds at the end of the season is remote, improbable but not impossible. A Stg 100 million offer will not go unnoticed and the Club will take it in consideration, definitely. Torres himself would see his income almost double by joining the sky blues, and finally, if Man City do qualify for the Champions League it is likely to be at our cost.

The question I have for you friends is this: notwithstanding the financial situation, which in comparison to Man Utd is rather peachy and getting healthier, would you, as manager, sell Fernando Torres if someone came in with such a bid that would be a world record transfer?

Obviously I don’t want to influence your answer, but if Man City came knocking and I was manager my answer would be “I suggest you save yourself Stg 50 million and go for Wayne Rooney! If you come back with another Stg 50 million on top of the 100, we might take it into consideration!”

Sunday Jan 24Posted by: Sami Faizullah  9 Comments »

In Rafa we should trust

I received this email from Mohammed Sami Faizullah, it is excellent. YNWA Mohammed.

I've been thinking about it long and hard. This question has been stuck in my
head- Am i pro-rafa or anti-rafa? 

I think ive got the answer, im not pro or anti rafa, im Pro-Liverpool. I care
in the best interest of liverpool. And looking back on the season so far. We
have been poor, very poor. 

Does Rafa deserve to evade blame? No he doesnt. He has made mistakes, with
tactics, substitutions, team selection, transfers blah blah blah. He is the
manager, and ultimately the blame comes on him.
Thats the normal working of the world. 

But should we continue with the normal working of the world and sack Rafa? No,
we shouldnt, cause we are not normal, we are the most trophy-rich club in
England. Who cares if we are not on top of the league, or we dont have the
finances of Chelsea and Mancity etc. We still love this club. And we want this
club to be where it once was.And that will come with consistency, and
stability. We need to think long-term, not short-term. 

Do we really want to become like Chelsea, and change our manager as frequently
as them?! And Have absolutely no stability? Chelsea spend maximum number amount
on wages, demand 'instant sucess' (thats why Rafa has seen 5 different chelsea
managers himself.) and yet they havent won the league in the past 3 season, nor
have they won the UCL.  

Do we want to change with the modern times? Yes, we are, new stadium, naming
rights, more foreigners, yes we are changing with the times, but we can proudly
say that we dont forget our age-old traditions. We can very much be proud of
that fact. We can be proud of the fact that Rafa is still incharge of the club
despite what has gone on this season. We can be proud he hasnt been sacked. We
can be proud that the club actually cares about its staff. Look at Chelsea,
they sacked Scolari cause he was coming 2nd in the league, drew 0-0 at home (i
repeat, drew, not lost), very much in the UCL, very much in the FA Cup. Look at
mancity, they sacked Eriksson despite the fact that they did a double over
their rivals and broke their own record of points. Sacked Hughes despite
loosing only 2 matches all season. I repeat- TWO matches!!

Its not the perfect example, but i think we should take a lesson from the books
of manu. We all hate manu, yes we do. But as much as i hate Ferguson, i admire
the fact that he has been in charge for over 20 years. Purslow has said it
before and has reinterated it again- liverpool are looking for long-term. As
Gillett said before- its just a small blip. We want long-term stability which
will amount to success. 

This has been a poor season, and thats a fact. Rafa deserves some blame- fact.
Owners deserve blame- fact. PLayers deserve blame- fact. But its also a fact
that refs, bad luck, injuries etc deserve blame. 

Yes Rafa has made some wrong decisions. But could he help some of the
astonishing decisions refs have made against us? Could he have moved the beach
ball away? Can he help the injuries (having said that, his fitness team really
deserve a thrashing.). 

There was a thread on this as well- did we get lucky last season? Was last
season a fluke? I would hate to think so. 

It remains a fact that if we had our full-team available for all our matches,
we would not be where we are. And i dont just mean Gerrard and Torres. I mean
the Benayouns, Aggers, Johnsons, Aurelios, Aquilanis, and after the spurs game
i realised how much we missed and how much i have under-rated Reira. Lucas has
picked up his game, but with the injuries to his team-mates, credits havent
come his way. I wanted Degen gone long back. Seeing his performance recently, i
realise i might have regretted it.

If our current squad had been fully fit throughout the season, we could have
continued our momentum from last season. I sit down time and again, thinking
and watching videos from last season and wonder where it all went wrong. I feel
like crying seeing what one year has done. But whos to say that we cant be back
next season? We surely can!  

You can always blame rafa for not making enough transfers, but take a moment to
think about it. Those fans who boo during the matches. Think about it. Next
season, when we are back in the title race (which im sure we will), remember
the main FACT which each and everyone can be proud of, think of the whole
season, think of the spurs game. And tell all those manu, chelsea, arsenal
fans, that we supported our manager in the hardest of times. We were 8th, but
we supported him, we got KO of the UCl, but we supported him. Remember the
words of YNWA: "At the end of the storm, is a golden sky". Be proud of the fact
that we went the Liverpool Way and supported our manager. And when we finally
see Rafa lifting the BPL trophy, we can be proud to say that we ALWAYS
supported him. Thinking of that picture makes me smile. I am not saying that
criticising Rafa makes you less of Liverpool fans, hell no! We can always
discuss that. But until he is our manager, support

With a few additions next season, we can be genuine contenders. Our current
team is one of the strongest in the Premier League. On their day they can beat
anyone. And that will happen this season, when we destroy teams
left-right-centre, we will look back and cry at the fact that we didnt have the
whole team available for the whole season. But we all will smile at the
prospects of next season. I can assure you that!

"Form is temporary, Class is permenant". I realise the true meaning of that
statement. Its almost as if though i have got enlightenment. I feel so much
better to know that im supporting Rafa. I can look back from a few seasons from
now and proudly say "i supported the manager through thick and thin".
Or i could look back and say "i shamefully called for his sacking when he
actually was the right man".

I have so much more to say right now, the thoughts are just boiling over one
another in my head. But my hands are throbing with pain  

Sorry if this was too long, but please read about what i have said, and think
about it. And when the pain is gone, i will share more of my thoughts.

Im not pro or anti rafa, im pro-Liverpool.

Keep the faith.