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EOTK Fantasy League Update 3

Gameweek 3 update – we have a new leader.

Racking increased1 ima yido daniel mustoe 55 225
Racking increased2 Liverphoenix FC lee bali 65 225
Racking increased3 LFC Söda Magnus Söderström 63 222
Ranking fell4 pressure Bao Cun Lai 48 219
Racking increased5 11 Gunners R(aza) J(avaid) 68 219
Ranking fell6 ShottazUnited Mehdi Haque 51 207
Racking increased7 Zodiac killerS kamil faiz 57 201
New entry8 The MikeyReds michael jones 45 201
Racking increased9 chelsea25 Ganzorig Purevsuren 62 199
Racking increased10 LFC leo kiddo 57 198
New entry11 Spain’s No – 09 Joel Albert 72 196
New entry11 Walking Alone Benjamin Stier 70 196
Racking increased13 BaShAbEsHo FC besho marmar 68 195
Racking increased14 Duff’s Destroyers Ben Gatting 61 194
New entry15 Athletico Fracisco Rik Francis 59 194
Ranking fell16 Geytos-3 Terry Wedei 44 193
Ranking fell17 Biscanators Ray O’Biscan 54 193
Racking increased18 jonnyfc Jonathon Walton 57 192
Racking increased19 MalcolmX Ahmed Hammoudy 69 192
Ranking fell20 phoenix TUSHAR NIHALANI 40 190

Top players (overall):


Hart (Man City)

Cech (Chelsea)

Stockdale (Fulham)

Van der Sar (Man Utd)

Friedel (Villa)


Cole (Chelsea)

Terry (Chelsea)

L. Young (Villa)

Alex (Chelsea)

Richards (Man City)


Malouda (Chelsea)

Walcott (Arsenal)

Scholes (Man Utd)

Milner (Man City)

Arshavin (Arsenal)


Drogba (Chelsea)

Carroll (Newcastle)

Anelka (Chelsea)

Elmander (Bolton)

Berbatov (Man Utd)

Dream Team of Gameweek 3:

———————————Al-Habsi (Wigan)

——————–Terry———Gohouri (Wigan)———–Alcaraz (Wigan)


———————Rooney——Dembele (Fulham)——Rodallega


Code to join this league: 80916-56270

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Carra : The example for all

There has been a lot of change at the club these past weeks; with players leaving and new faces coming in. Many have been upset with Mascherano’s refusal to play for the club, a club which took him from the depths of West Ham’s reserves to a World Class player. Loyalty is difficult to find in today’s modern game. You will be hard pressed to find it with foreign players so far away from home like Macherano. Even home grown players like our own captain, his head was once turned; thank god he stayed. One persons head has never been turned away from , forever like the Liverbird on the player’s chest!

Jamie Carragher celebrates his testimonial next Saturday, which will be a great day to acknowledge such dedication and passion for one club. Through the wind and the rain, good and bad times at the club, Carra has been there like the rock he is on the pitch. In a week when Masherano refused to play for our club, the players coming in only need to look at Carra as the perfect example of a loyal professional.

He made his professional debut in the 1996–97 season and under Rafa, we saw him become one of Europe’s Top Centre Half’s; keeping the continents best strikers in his back pocket on epic European nights home and away. Off the pitch, Carragher received the freedom of his home borough of Sefton for his local charity work and “the exceptional example he sets to the youth of today.” He also works actively in community with his 23 foundation; “The aim is to raise £100,000 per year, all of which will be used to help give Liverpool kids a better life.”

This man is an example for all young aspiring Footballers. Football has changed; managers come and go, players do get forced out of clubs at times. Players seek greener pastures when the going gets tough. But Jamie never asks for a pay rise (I believe he is on £50 – £60k? Correct me if I am wrong) and he understands the value and legacy for playing for such a great club. I wish every one of our players displayed the passion, desire, drive and dedication our number 23 does. Have a great day on Saturday Jamie….
You are the reason “We all dream of a team of Carraghers…”

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Match Report of our narrow 1-0 win over The Baggies

My fellow REDS..

I’m just grateful for the 3 points.. :-)

It was a case of chasing after the wind.. chasing shadows really.. as a determined West Brom side were not in the mood to go for a draw.

In the end the wind that mattered delivered.. our very own El Nino with another winning goal that sealed a hard-fought and 3 precious points to go with it.

We looked to this game as the catalyst to galvanize our league campaign after just claiming 1 point from our earlier 2 encounters. A well-rested Gerrard and Torres were expected to spearhead the attack and Roy did not disappoint us with our dynamic duo in the starting eleven. And so was a fresh Jovanovic but with a possibly tired Kuyt who endured the torrid pitch midweek in Turkey.

In fact, our central pairing of Lucas & Poulsen had worked their socks off in the heavy conditions in Trabzon and the effects revealed itself when they were second best to the West Brom midfield who worked so very hard to close us down.

Not only were the Baggies adept at cutting off our attacks, they were equally adventurous going forward and had a couple of sniffs at our goal. Reina had to stay alert to make some smart saves & catches.

Torres had the early shot which was calmly caught by Scott Carson. But we were soon to endure a torrid time as West Brom attacked wave after wave. We even survived penalty appeals when Skrtel was thought to have bundled over the West Brom player in the penalty box. But the referee, Mr Lee Probert, seemed intent on enforcing “English-style” interpretation of the law… allowing lots of these challenges even in the box. It was soon to even out when we were denied later in the game a second goal when a raised arm blocked Nando’s goal-bound shot.

It was only at the half-hour mark when we really threatened Carson’s goal when Kuyt latched onto a quick freekick only to see a defender block his shot. This was also when Torres seemed to be pulled down in the box but the ref shook his head in disagreement.

There was even time for a last-minute scare at Reina’s goal but the stalemate remained to our exasperation and relief !!

Flashes of brilliance was offered by Jovanovic, even some timely tackles by Lucas. But with Poulsen still getting to know his teammates, you could see why Roy preferred to add another defensive midfielder to our ranks with the swift transfer and unveiling of Raul Meireles.

And with Paul Konchesky expected to sign within the next 48 hours before the transfer deadline, you can see the need to have a flying leftback, rather than the improvised one in Agger.. though the Dane did play his part to neutralize the physical presence of the West Brom players during set-pieces.

Out into the second half, the pace was getting better in our favour. There was more spark especially with Maxi in the fray. Skrtel came close from a corner, volleying a shot just over the  bar. Yet, West Brom were still dangerous on the counter. It was from such a move that we had our goal at their mercy only to happily see Reina collect the shot cleanly.

Then with a swing of his arm, Reina had Kuyt running with the ball, advancing into the West Brom half. A quick one-two with Torres meant Kuyt was in the clear with Gerrard screaming for the ball in the box, drawing some defenders alongside. All this time, Torres positioned himself away from the crowded six-yard box. And with a delicate chip by Kuyt into Nando’s path, our Super Striker took one look and planted his shot away from the keeper into the net to the rapturous joy of the Kop End and REDS worldwide !!

Finally a goal !! But what was to follow looked like a disaster waiting to happen. Our 2 holding midfielders sat deep in our own half. This meant any break in our attacks were easily picked up by the West Brom players to launch their counter-attacks. We were to endure anxious moments and we were also to endure a penalty denied for a so-called “not deliberate” hand-ball as called by Mr Probert.

Then came a moment where maybe the ref wanted to atone for his strange decisions the whole afternoon. A swing at the leg of Torres provoked a reaction from the Reds, but Morrison probably didn’t expect a straight Red Card to come out of Mr Probert’s pocket.

So 1 man down into the last few minutes of the game and the Baggies still looked threatening. In came Babel for Torres who went off to a standing ovation. No more goals till the full time whistle but it was really a relief for all REDS.. no goal glut, but just thankful for the win against a very brave West Brom who has shown that the drubbings they received in the opening game will be a thing of the past

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Liverpool 1 WBA 0

Liverpool 1 WBA 0 Sunday August 29 2010

This was another one of those matches which we won by the skin of our teeth and were hanging on by a thread during the added on minutes after the 90 had finished. We probably could have, and should have done so much better in this game, but, as is becoming increasingly common lately, we had a dire first half and only started playing properly during the second half.

It was a good job that West Brom had not capitalised on any of their chances in the first half, as we would have been looking at only a point from this game, or even worse no points at all. All credit to West Brom though, who played some good stuff, and could very easily have been in the lead before the break.

It took one moment of class from Fernando Torres deep in the second half for us to take the lead in this rather tepid match, which didn’t look it was going to go anywhere, as neither side seemed likely to capitalise on their chances (not that we had many chances up to that point) but luckily we managed to scrape through and get our first three points of the season on the board, which is the minimum that was required for the match.

It was a shame that we couldn’t have got more goals, but we never looked likely to get many more goals after Torres got his first of the season in the second half.

Still a one nill win is just as good as a six nill win at the end of the day (as long as the league doesn’t come down to goal difference that is! It still hurts the way Arsenal won the league with that last gasp Michael Thomas goal all those years ago) and we now have 4 points out of a possible 9.

It is not the best of starts, but with a few new additions to the team in the next couple of days, and hopefully one or two more before the transfer window closes on Tuesday, we are going to be looking at a team that can at least challenge for something this season.

It may not be the league at this point, but the Europa League is a possibility, as are both the League and the FA Cup.

Come on lads, let’s do it for the fans, and for Uncle Roy!

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LFC v WBrom Stream of Consciousness

  • Lord, the first half was dire for us. We were hassled at every turn, mostly bossed, and left chasing shadows for a large part of it. I nearly spent the first 45 minutes fashioning a noose (fortunately I still had the one I started last season).
  • A similar performance gets us thwacked 3-0 at Manchester City; such is the gulf between the haves and the have-nots in the Premier League. The longer the clubs goes without proper investment the further down we’ll slide. Right now, we’re in a kind of financial purgatory. We must be saved soon, lest our expectations be cast into the flames of eternal damnation (dramatic verbiage, I know).
  • Absolutely shocked that Morrison was sent off. Not because of the severity of the offense, but I could have sworn that Lee Probert left his cards and whistle at home.
  • What a class finish from Torres, and quite an energetic shift from him. So poor was our ball retention, that he spent much of the match charging backwards and putting tackles in. Not sure if that came from Roy, or frustration.
  • Poulsen is all destruction and no creation. A midfield consisting of he and Lucas offers little in the way of creativity, and today at least, inept ball retention. We were overrun on Monday, and never truly took charge today. Joe Cole’s return should see Gerrard drop back alongside the DM du jour; hopefully giving us more performances like the one against Arsenal, and fewer like the ones from this week.
  • Welcome Raul Meireles, you’ll be a cracking addition to our tattoo collection.
  • Did anyone else watch the last 7 minutes like you were strapped in to Alex DeLarge’s “rehabilitation” chair? If not, welcome back from your year-long coma, you didn’t miss much.
  • All whining aside, that’s 3 points in the bag. There will be plenty of time for hand-wringing when we actually drop points, so I’ll go right ahead and enjoy this.

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VIDEO : Liverpool 1 – WBA 0 (Torres’ Goal)

Liverpool 1-0 West Brom

Ricardo | MySpace Video