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Blackburn – Liverpool (Wednesday)

Follow our victory against Bolton we take a trip to Blackburn to face Roy’s old club.

Rovers are now owned by a chicken producer and when you have players like El Hajj Diouf in your starting eleven we can always expect some good clucking. The new owners have also recently fired Sam Allardyce who was now being linked with UB40.

Roy claimed that he will be resting Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres today and with Raul Meireles receiving a knock last Saturday we might see the return of Christian Poulsen to the starting lineup. I also think the gaffer will go ahead and start Fabio Aurelio and Daniel Agger hoping that they could save his arse again.

Predicted Starting XI :
Pepe Reina, Glen Johnson, Martin Skrtel, Daniel Agger, Fabio Aurelio, Christian Poulsen, Lucas Leiva, Joe Cole, Maxi Rodriguez, Dirk Kuyt, David Ngog

Kick off at 8PM GMT


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What Roy (May Have) Learned

In this season of turmoil, nearly everyone has an opinion as to what the club should be doing differently. It is abundantly clear that the status quo can only string a handful of quality performances together before reverting to something that is both offensive to the eye and the soul. In this whirlwind of anger and frustration, lessons can (and must) be learned in order to nurture progression, and stop the current regression…

1. Change is not to be feared.

At the beginning of the season, Roy continued with the system that Benitez had left behind. If the match was not going according to plan he would bring on another striker, setting up our now typical 4-4-2. This would usually add up to an uninspired performance for 75 minutes, and a slightly better final 15 as the two front men opened up more space in the final third. Slowly, Roy realized which he prefers, the 4-4-2. Now he absolutely must accomodate both Gerrard and Meireles (when healthy) in the same midfield without shunting the latter out to the right. The “performance” against Wolves should be Raul’s last out wide, as his time spent alongside Lucas in Gerrard’s absence proved his most useful location is through the middle. Unfortunately, we will not know Roy’s “solution” to this question until Meireles is healthy enough to play again. I will not trot out the oft-overused addage about the definition of insanity, but if Roy’s to stick around, he must not fall into the same holding pattern Benitez did.

2. Width and pace are non-existant.

This seems so obvious that it has been painful for some time. Rafa’s affinity with converting strikers to “wingers” has left us with no true wide men. Unfortunately. this problem has to be fixed with money, and must be done quite soon. It should have only taken Roy one training session – though he probably knew after managing against us – to realise this deficiency, and I cannot bear watching another transfer window pass without an attempted solution.

3. Silence is golden.

Frustration is understandable, but the endless string of press conference faux paus has to end. Roy, your apologies and pandering did not earn the team an ovation against Bolton, an improved performance/mentality and three points did. Feel free to trot out some of the tired, post-game cliches once in a while; you will incur the supporters’ wrath a lot less often.

4. Agger and Aurelio are first-choice.

Surely now Roy’s Konchesky crusade must come to an end. No need to drone on at length here, just express my curiousity as to whether or not he will start them both against Blackburn.

5. Time is running out for you, Mr. Hodgson.

He must realise now, amidst the increased frequency of media publication, that he is on a knife’s edge. Will he keep the faith in the methods that have produced nothing but inconsistency; or ring some changes, feeling he has nothing to lose?

Nothing remarkable here, just a bit of a rant and pontification as to whether or not Roy has learned anything from his months in charge. The beauty of football is we never have to wait too long to find out.

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What Has Player Power Done For LFC?

By Firas Witwit

Read this paragraph in the Guardian expressing Alex Ferguson’s opinions about player power and agents.

“His latest comments were made in an interview on RTE Radio 1 in which Ferguson reflects on the Rooney dispute by emphasising that “the most important person at Manchester United is the manager”, adding that “the minute a player becomes more important than the manager our club is finished, we’ll never be the same again”.”

This made me think of two powerful voices in the LFC dressing room, two that are considered the heart beat and soul of our club and the same two who allegedly turned on our previous manager and colluded with the Purslow the weasel to undermine and then get rid of Rafa. If it is true that they conspired to get rid of Rafa and also true that they had something to do with the appointment of Hodgson and true that they are the ones supporting him in the dressing room? Is it then also true that we as a club are finished? As Fungus face says above, could it be that we will only start to move forward once the two lads who are bigger than anyone else at the club move on?

I ask the above questions only because I fear that the days where I walked proud of my club and proud of the way my club was run and all who where associated with it have gone and I am not sure they will return.

There is no doubt the knowledgeable Kop remains although it is also true that we have now a sizeable minority of vocal fans who talk drivel and will turn on their own after reading some London press or listening to talksport or watching skysports.

Also, I have now little doubt that the majority of our ex players talk garbage and are either more interested in their pay packets so they make stupid and unhelpful remarks about our club (attacking Rafa or supporting Hodgson) or are simply too dim witted to understand the difference between gross and net or actually comparing records instead of repeating what those with agendas say.
Am I the only one feeling like this? Are there other reds who feel the same and what can we do about it?

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VIDEO : Eljero Elia

Looking likely that Eljero Elia will become the first player to sign for L.F.C. in 2011,
here is a video of him in action.

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The Daily Antoine: 4th Jan 2011 – Liverpool F.C. News update

Elia is ours according to ESPNStar more…
(Not bad)

Jurgen Klopp has denied that he was approached by LFC more…
(Oh here we go again)

Frank Rijkaard is being linked again to replace Roy more…
(Don’t know if he is the right man)

If Stevie plays on Wednesday he will become the 10th most capped player in LFC history more…

Brad Jones will be gone for a few weeks as he represents Australia in the Asian Cup more…
(Good luck)

There is a rumour linking Eccleston with a loan move to Burnley more…

Larsson is the latest player linked with us more…
(No not the one you think)

Sebastian Coe would like to see Stevie G in the Olympic team of 2012 more…

(Too early to think about it however the Olympics are in August & September when the season is just starting.)

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The Daily Antoine: 3rd Jan 2011 – Liverpool F.C. News update

Have you seen this photo?
(Another reason why he should be sacked ASAP)

Pepe Reina has ruled out leaving Liverpool more…
(How many times has he said that?)

Joe Cole “My season start now” more…
(I hope)

The Colemeister claims that the players support Roy more…
(The Kop doesn’t however)

Konchesky warns that we haven’t seen his best yet more…
(No we haven’t)

Roy looks on the positive side more…
(Roy, the only positive I want to see is you getting fired)

He also praises Agger more…
(Ironically Agger has done more for you then you have done for him Roy)

Mertesacker is being linked more…
(Now that excites me, he could be the next Sami Hyypia)

However he would be a replacement for Daniel Agger more…

Ryan Shawcross is also being linked more…
(Oh boy)

And Paul Konchesky can move away from Liverpool until Summer thanks to FIFA red tape more…
(Oh Boy! Sepp Blatter better watch out, Mrs. K. is going to go after him)

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