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VIDEO : Remembering Istanbul 2005, 5 years on

Today is the 5th anniversary of one of the greatest (if not the greatest) day in the history of Liverpool F.C.

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The Daily Antoine 25/5/2010 LFC News Digest

Thanks for all the support messages yesterday, things are still not better unfortunately.
I know I am not walking alone however.

Today is the 5th anniversary of our glory in Istanbul.

Hicks’ Texas Rangers file for bankruptcy more…
(There you have it folks, he is not able to have respect for a baseball team from his hometown. What makes us think he would not do the same thing with Liverpool? He can’t be trusted.)

Fabio Aurelio says goodbye as his contract expires more…
(Good luck Fabio, thanks for the memories)

Diego Tardelli is a Liverpool target more…

(Not a bad player)

Gerrard is happy after England’s 3-1 victory over Mexico more…
(Glen Johnson scored, YNWA)

2 Maxi goals gave the Canadian’s Bacon as Masch’s men detroyed them 5-0 more…
(The World was drooling about Milito over the weekend but it Maxi who was the hero of Argentina)

Chelsea are now being linked with Masch & Yossi thanks to the Daily Fail more…
(Here we go again)

Torres’ agent confirms that El Nino will stay at Liverpool more…
(However this will not stop the tabloids from linking him with other teams)

Liverpool ‘target’ Dzeko is now being linked with United more…
(Next he will be linked with City)

According to the Scum of the World, W0lfsburg new manager Mc Umbrella wants Babel and Lucas for Dzeko more…
(I am see all the Lucas haters getting excited)

Martin Skrtel is looking forward to the World Cup more…
(YNWA Martin)

Kuyt too has been hit by the World Cup fever and the Dutchman wants to follow Guillit and Van Basten more…
(Dirk as much as I liked Van Basten as a player he was not good for you when he was the Dutch boss.)

Rossi is being linked with Liverpool again more…
(Maybe there is something going on here)

And finally, the club is set to unveil a Heysel plaque more…
(Always remembered)

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FUNNIES: Rooney’s Future

Incase you havn’t seen Nike’s most recent video about the world cup, Write The Future

See this video of Rooney\’s Future hahaha lets hope this is true.


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Dont believe the media. Gerrard and Torres going nowhere.

Im not going to make this a long opinion article or anything.  Just some facts and quotes.

Martin Broughton had said: “There’s absolutely no reason to sell either Torres or Gerrard”.

But the problem after this was that there is a difference between the club not wanting to sell Gerrard and Torres and both of them actually leaving. Lets face it, all of us have feared that they might want to leave the club. 

Since that statement and still, there are ‘EXCLUSIVE’ reports, articles, comments by ‘reliable’ sources stating that the two are leaving.

Theres an article on Monday morning stating Gerrard is joining Inter. No quotes. Tuesday Torres is joining Barcelona. Wednesday both of them are off to Man City. Thursday theres a break. Friday Torres is joining Chelsea. Saturday Gerrard is joining Real Madrid and on the Sunday addition of the paper/website, both of them are again joining Man City. One similiarity in all those articles, not a single quote. Just some opinion of some reporter who needs to sell his article. Media make flaterring headlines. Why? because they want to make a sale.

Imagine it this way. Theres a reporter, hes got inside information, in fact, he already has spoken to the respective manager about it. Hes got confirmed information that some player from Yeovil Town is joining Wycombe Wanderers. Its going to happen, and this reporter has got information about it two weeks before the actual transfer takes place. But he still doesnt write an article about it. Because no one is going to want to read it (No offence intended to either team). So the reporter instead just writes a huge article about Gerrard or Torres leaving the club. Everyone wants to read it.  I read it too. It naturally arouses interest. But once i finish the huge article i realise that there is not a single quote. Its just an opinion presented like gospel. But in truth its just an article reviewing our poor season with the same thing said in five-six different ways and then leading to an assumption that Gerrard and Torres are leaving. Its all just a method of selling the article. They make money that way. When ‘EXCLUSIVE’ is put across an article it really is just a desperate attempt of the reporter to make people read the article. Thats all.

To prove my point that these reports are just false. Heres an example. There is an article doing the rounds about Gerrard stating that he will determine his future after the World Cup. The whole thing is made to look like he wants to leave. He did get a little ticked off when asked over and over again the same question about Liverpool. Who wouldnt? How may times is a man suppose to say the same thing? But anyway. The article is virtually on every website. But all the websites (because of one website) have missed out one particular quote of Gerrard. The reason that quote hasnt been mentioned is because if that quote was posted then any rumour of Steven Gerrard leaving Liverpool would not be true. I didnt know about this quote either until one poster pointed it out on a forum. Heres the quote that was left out:

The reporter asked Gerrard: “Where does your future lie?”

Gerrard said: “What do you mean?”

Reporter: “In terms of, you know, will you be at Liverpool next season?”

Gerrard: “Well I’ve got three years left so Iwill be. Yes.”

It is also mentioned that that statement wasnt a diplomatic answer. Stevie G said that like he meant it. And he did. He meant that. But it has been left out because now everyone would miss the opportunity to make false rumours and sell articles.

This has already been mentioned over here, but ill post it again.

“I am calm about Fernando” Reina said “I spoke to him about his future and he has told me that he intends to continue with us”

“Fernando suffered so many blows last season, but he is a professional and has always wanted to do well for us. That is what he remains – committed to this club.”

 Dont believe everything you read.

Broughton has said that the club are not going to sell Gerrard and Torres. Gerrard has said that he is staying. Reina has told us that Torres is staying and thats where we stand right now until other quotes have been mentioned.

I said i would make this short. Sorry, cant help it. Once i start i dont stop !


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The Daily Antoine 24/5/2010 LFC News Digest

Much earlier than usual today, I might have to take a break for a few days due to a family emergency.

Pienaar is the latest player linked to Liverpool thanks to the Daily Fail more…
(Crazy rumour)

And Valencia forward Zigic more…
(Why would Valencia sell another striker? They just lost Villa)

Stevie G pestered Carra to return to the England squad more…
(I guess Carra finally had enough of listening to him, LOL)

The skipper will consider his future after the World Cup more…
(And that future is with LFC)

Javi Martinez is being linked with Liverpool again more…
(Kwality young player, can we afford him?)

And James Milner has ruled out a move to Man Utd, saying he prefers Liverpool more…

More talk of Liverpool going after Micah Richards more…
(Not sure about this story)

According to the Star, Gareth Barry is being linked with Liverpool again more…

The reserves tied to AC Milan on Saturday more…
(YNWA lads, good try)

Roger Hunt criticises Rafa more…
(Another legend gone wayward)

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The futures…? What exactly?

Warning: May cause controversy and opinions in which some may not agree with.

I admit to writing this piece after seeing Jose Mourinho winning the UEFA Champions League with Inter Milan, for the second time in his career. I know a lot of Liverpool fans take a dislike to JM, whether it be because the infamous finger to the mouth in Cardiff 2005, or the rivalry between himself and Rafael Benitez, or his general arrogance and cockiness during his time as Chelsea manager, and the money he went on to spend to win 2 league championships, and FA cup and two league cups. However, it’s difficult to dismiss what type of manager he is. I’ve seen on this site and other Liverpool FC forums, the cry from Liverpool fans for JM to take over as manage, and then the other set of fans who totally do not want him as manage because 1. JM needs money to succeed and 2. He’s not as offensive as people make out him to be.

First of all, it does seem that Mourinho needs money to win. He spent a lot of money at Chelsea to but players such as Didier Drogba, Florent Malouda, Michael Essien, Ashley Cole, the list goes on. He also bought players at Inter to go on and win the treble this season. However, the IRWT brigade want to quickly dismiss JM as manage of Liverpool because he needs money to win, yet they also claim that Benitez’s failings this season has been down to the fact he hasn’t had money to spend. Does that mean that for Rafa Benitez to win things, he needs money as well? Just like Mourinho.

Second of all, it’s clear to me, Mourinho sets out his teams to win, whereas Benitez sets out his teams to not lose. Some people may argue this point by referring to the Barcelona game at the Nou Camp and the game to some extent last night against Munich, where Inter appeared to ‘park the bus/plane’. Yes that is the case, but the bus was only parked AFTER Inter had beaten Barcelona 3-1 (offensive) and after Inter were 2-0 up against Bayern (offensive). Where as, Benitez has consistently played Lucas and Mascherano in the defensive midfield role, and not giving Lucas the free attacking role in which he probably excels in. Would Mourinho do this at Liverpool? Would Mourinho play Torres up front on his own? Would Mourinho play Kuyt on the right? Would Mourinho get the best out of Ryan Babel? Would Mourinho play Steven Gerrard in his preferred role of central midfield? Lets be honest, not even Steven Gerrard knows what his role in the Liverpool team is now other than to put on a front of being the captain.

The fact of the matter is, most footballers in the world would love to play for Jose Mourinho, and he is the kind of manager who puts his arm around you. Would most players in the world want to play for Rafael Benitez? Steven Gerrard has said before he longs for a ‘well done’ from his manage. So can we really blame Steven Gerrard for wanting to leave Liverpool for a Real Madrid team that is managed by Jose Mourinho, where he has a better chance of winning the league and champion’s league? Not really no, he’s done his shift at Liverpool now, and its been much appreciated (except this season he has performed way off what his quality actually is). It must be said though, Steven Gerrard probably would rather win one premier league with Liverpool than 5 premier leagues with Chelsea or 5 La Liga’s with Real Madrid. Liverpool could make a lot of money off him as well; a possible transfer target after Gerrard departure is clearly James Milner who has (admittedly in the press) ‘he wants to play for Liverpool’.

So what does Liverpool’s future hold? Personally I would like to see Jose Mourinho as Liverpool manage, but that’s not going to happen, its may happen in a few years time, but it wont be happening now. In my opinion, the club needs a clearout, owners, manager, average players and unwanted players. Benitez needs money to succeed, so Liverpool needs a manager who can work well under a tight budget i.e. a motivator, for me Benitez is not a motivator. The same names keep cropping up (if Rafa does go), Martin O’Neil, Roy Hodgson. One name for me (which may cause controversy) is Mark Hughes. He did a good job at Blackburn, getting them from relegations battles to qualifying for Europe and FA Cup semi finals, on a low budget. OK he has played for Manchester United, Chelsea and Everton, but I think if Mark Hughes would to a good job at Liverpool. And if Gerrard does ago (and despite what I have said I don’t want him to) you have to say good luck to him and hope he doesn’t do a ‘Michael Owen’. And Liverpool should look to get players like Joe Cole (and not David Bentley which has also be reported), and James Milner who could potentially fill the Steven Gerrard role. Other players such as Gary Cahill should be other targets for Liverpool, and not average players from abroad. There again, we don’t do know what future holds.