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Sat 5th Dec 2009 Liverpool News, Rumours and Rants

Kick off today is at 3PM (UK time) come on Reds

Unfortunately Torres will not feature today more…
(One more week of rest and he will be ready to tear Arsenal apart)

However Stevie G will join the 500 club today more…
(Congrats Stevie)

And he is happy with the World Cup draw more…

(Just don’t get injured)

Torres however might not play more…
(If he does need an operation then it should be done in June, sorry Spain)

Skrtel is targeting a return to the starting lineup more…
(Good attitude Martin, once Carra retires the torch will be passed to you and Daniel. The challenge for both of you would be to beat the Hyypia/Carragher clean sheet record)

The club might be in for a cash windfall with 17 players in the world cup more…
(Hopefully the money will be invested back in the club)

And more TV money coming from The Netherlands more…
(I hope that H&G do not haul it across the pond)

Rafa respects the Liverpool way more…
(Unfortunately the Rafa-out brigade does not)

Zola believes that Liverpool will challenge Man Utd. & Chelsea more…
(Let us focus on winning today and next Saturday)

Roman Pavlyuchenko is again being linked with a Liverpool move more…
(I think Spurs will jack up the price however)

Finally, a few months ago United fans were gloating over our financial problems, well check this out…
(They better rally together and create a Supporters Union)

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VIDEO FUNNY : Dental Hygiene at Stamford Bridge

Thanks to @AMG133 for submitting this.
Check out that guy brushing his teeth during the Chelsea – Man Utd. game.

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Only 2 players? You’re joking.

How many times do you hear “The only good players for Liverpool are Gerrard and Torres” or “The only Liverpool players that could fit into Man Utd’s squad are Gerrard and Torres”?. About every week? Well where is United’s “Top Class” midfield? They have one quality player, Ryan Giggs, who is getting too old to play. And their “top class” strikers? Wayne Rooney isn’t even near Torres’ league, and Berbatov, for me, is too lazy and won’t even fit in our reserves. Van Der Sar is getting too old, and Ben Foster doesn’t know what he’s doing. Vidic, yes, is a world class defender. I would take him. Ferdinand is not doing good lately, and we have Carragher, Agger, Skrtel, Kelly and more central defenders. Wes Brown and Evra are  great, but Johnson is better than Evra, and Insua is younger and better than Brown. Also, Aqilani is meant to be a replacement for Alonso, so expect him to shine when he is fully fit.

So here is my unbiased team of Man Utd and Liverpool players:


Manchester United



———————————————- Mashcerano———————————

——————— Aquilani—————-Anderson———————–Giggs

———————————————— Gerrard—————————–


Subs: Van Der Sar, Carragher, Kuyt, Valencia, Benayoun, Rooney

This is MY opinion, so please no bad comments.


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VIDEO : Riise’s goal vs Manchester United

Thanks to Irfaan for submitting this.
How can we ever forget this classic?
So the word is Riise wants to return, hummm.

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VIDEO : Liverpool res 4 – Manchester Utd. res 3

In case you missed this from mid-week, here are the goals from the reserves’ victory.

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Fri 30th Oct Liverpool News, Rumours and Rants

Gerrard is still injured more…
(It does not look good, hopefully he doesn’t need surgery)

In the meantime he is shortlisted for the FIFA World Player of the year award together with Torres  more…
(Good Luck)

The US Recession is officially over; Tom Hicks and George Gillett are flying in with a couple of shovels today to start digging the hole at Stanly Park.
(Yeah right, don’t hold your breath)

More pain for United as the reserves beat them on penalties more…

(Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!)

Carra’s dad gave the media some shtick more…
(We all dream of a team of Carraghers, team of Carraghers, team  of Carraghers.)

Insua looks to build on his goal more…
(And what a goal it was, Emiliano you are going to become a legend)

Glen Johnson has given himself an 8 goal target for this season more…
(He can do it)

Here we go again, Real Madrid want Rafa more…
(Rafa knows what Real is all about, Rafa will not leave us.)

La Liga clubs are after Lucas more…
(I predicted this would happen)

Masch forgets Barcelona more…
(We need some monster Masching in London tomorrow)