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The Daily Antoine 31/12/2009 LFC News Digest

Happy New Year’s Eve

Irfaan posted a couple of videos yesterday, Recap of the funniest moments in Football for 2009.
Part 1 here…
Part 2 here..

And as the decade ends here is a list of the worst Liverpool team of the decade
(I would disagree with  having Pellegrino in that list, although he did not cut it as a player however he has been a great coach)

Bad news regarding the injury that Glen Johnson suffered more…
(They did not say how long but I recon at least 8 weeks)

Carra believes that Liverpool’s season is back on track more…
(Hopefully the gloom is over)

And George Gillett was spotted in Dubai as rumours of new investors surfaced more…
(I heard that he was there for the “Skint Anonymous” Convention)

According to this, Andrei Voronin is in Miami Beach enjoying the sunshine while his team mates were playing against Villa more…
(How does he get time off? I wonder if he is still there, maybe I should pay him a visit, sneak up on him and cut his pony tail)

There is talk about work on the new stadium starting in April more…
(Let us see, I am not holding my breath)

And van Nistelrooy is back in the mix more…
(As a 6 month loan?)

And Aquilani did not visit the placenta doctor more…
(Media lies? surprise)

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Save the Kop stand

Recently I received this letter from Lee Brady, this is really a good cause. Although the prospect of a new stadium currently look bleak however I know that in a year this matter will be resolved and the construction on the stadium will get underway.

My name is Lee Brady, Now what it is i am messaging you about is that i have started a online Petition to save our beloved KOP Stand when Liverpool Football Club move to their new stadium in the future at Stanley Park! Now i only started this Petition not long after making a Group on Facebook about it, and we already have Nearly 2,000 fans that have joined the group. and also have only just launched the Petition website.

We only have over 300 Signatures now. But I’m very sure that will grow to thousands because the KOP is so well known, and 1 of the most famous Stands in the world. We would in the future forward our petition to the Liverpool City Council and Liverpool Football Club.

The Stand is just infront of the Pitch which will not be built on when they move to a new stadium, and that pitch is like a memorial grave place as alot of peoples ashes have been scatterd around there! Now we are letting our group grow in pace, and therefore a All Members message would be sent out with the link to the Petition and a reminder message for all fans to sign the Petition. (on Facebook only)

We would be very Greatful if you all could help to Support our Campaign with signing our Petition to save 1 of the most historic and famous football stands in the world. The almighty KOP. It would also notify alot of fans about this! I do think its such an important Campaign!

It would be good to use this stand as a Tourist attraction because it is that famous, it would be a good thing for the city also. The stand could be also be used to remember and in memory of the 96.

Petition website is:

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Oh what luck! Liverpool & Everton Urged To Share New Stadium On Mersyside!

Both us and the Evertonians are currently pursuing plans to build new stadiums independently. Although we have pushed back to 2012 and they plan to move outside to Kirkby, which seems unpopular among their fans.
Warren Bradley, head of city of Liverpool committee for England’s World Cup 2018 bid, claiming to have seen the accounts of both clubs, said that any plans for new grounds can succeed only if the 2 clubs share 1 stadium, therefore sharing a stadium similarly to Lazio + Roma and Milan + Inter, since neither Anfield or Goodison Park currently meet F.I.F.A. criteria as a stadium that can host World Cup games. Bradley also claims that the clubs should share the payment and the stadium will cost 300 million pounds. While the Mighty Reds have refused to comment on this, Everton spokesman Ian Ross angrily retorted, “Yes, the Everton directors have one view and that view is that we should push ahead with the destination project. For Warren Bradley to suggest that the directors have one view and that is [to have] a shared stadium is the usual utter nonsense.” He added:  “We have spent nearly three years working on destination Kirkby and are giving absolutely no consideration to any other scheme. Perhaps councilor Bradley should have fought somewhat harder to keep Everton inside the ­Liverpool city boundary if he is that intent on a joint stadium.”
It’s enough we share a city with them, but a stadia! This is utter nonsense and the fingers must surely point at the Yanks. Get out of the club before we share players!

Ramez El Hajj. Empire Of  The Kop. YNWA