Another Chilean to Liverpool??

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First of all i want to apologize for taking long time without write, i think i wrote in other post i’ve moved on from the capital of my country for work as a technical in the town hall of a small town on the south.

And, prescisly i was working when a workmate said that Alexis Sanchez, a young Chilean Football player was pretended by Liverpool. The news surprised me so hard that i wanted to share with all of you part of his talent. Personally, i don’t like to much the way he plays, but i think he could bring some skilled youth to the club, and i think he’s a better player than N’gog or even Babel.

So now i will tell you part of his history:

He started playing in the small club Cobreloa when he was just a kid of 16 years old. Then he was bought by Colo-Colo, and won the Chilean title. Then he went to River Plate -Argentina- and today he plays in the italian club Udinense. Also he’s part of the Chilean football selection and the entire country called him as “Niño Maravilla” (wonder boy).  He born in 1988 so he’s a young guy that might help Liverpool and i feel quiet hopefully of another Xhilean wears the glorious Liverpool Jersey.

The only thing i knew, was he was pretended by Manure, but I obviously rather that my land matte plays in Liverpool. I’ll share with you a video of he playing and i hope your comments.  (the best thing is that he’s not thaaaaat expensive xD)

take care mattes and Y.N.W.A.!!!!

Alexis Sanchez \”el niño maravilla\”

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  1. I have seen him a few, he seems ok (but like him, there are 50 in the world). Instead of him i recommend Nicolas Lodeiro (Nacional), another mate that Rafa is following

    PD, offtopic. Have u seen the new Third Liverpool kit?, if u are interested here u can find it

  2. I find it interesting how the video showed him doing all kinds of stepovers and other fancy moves, but never actually coming away with the ball or making a quality pass after. I’d rather have a player who just stands with the ball and makes accurate passes that lead to goals than a showboater.

  3. yes, i know there’s like thousand guys in the world that plays like he does, but i think If he actually gets Liverpool Rafa might help him to be a great player. Also i feel kinda hopely to see another chilean (i am Chilean) wearing theLiverpool shirt. Is good or his price.

  4. Man if Rafa Benitez had any idea he would have sign this Alexis Sanchez prodigy! last year when he was still cheap …now Udinese are asking for 20million I will be very very disapointed if frenzy gum in mouth Ferguson gets him! Benitez get of your pedestal and get this boy! better value than Silva any day!
    Dont forget Magcian Valdivia either!

  5. Personaly, i dont like to much Alexis Sanchez, but mago valdivia he’s such a great player but he’s losing himself playing in egypt or whatever it was xD. The thing is i want to watch another chilean guy wearing the Liverpool Shirt someday…

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