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The longest running transfer saga of the season finally saw its fate and Alonso finally sealed his dream move to Madrid. Though majority of anfield faithfuls were reluctant to admit that but the deal was always on the card ever since the season ended.Benitez was subjected to much of he criticism in this regard due to his mad chase of Gareth Barry Last transfer season and a probable row with Alonso.Though it can also be interpreted as a very good business on Liverpool’s part.Once Aquilani’s deal is sealed subject to a tough medical Rafa is left with enough resources to add more flare to his attacking options,while name of David Villa or David Silva is being spurred on,Alonso’s transfer is being touted as a big big loss for our title chase but this can prove as a blessing in disguise.With addition of Aquilani,Glenjohnson and a probable signing from Valencia,the squad looks far strong as ever to compete with the rest of the big four.It seems quite imminent that Benitez will stick to 4-2-3-1 formation that worked so well last season which means signing of a top class striker might be opted out.

I want to request all Liverpool fans all over the world to react positive right from the first day of the season.Let us wish Xabi Alonso luck and all questions regarding his transfer can be answered as “ Alonso was a brilliant servant for Liverpool.He had every right to Follow his career ambitions and is now a part of Great Liverpool History.”

You Will Never Walk Alone!!!

Syed Mujtaba

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  1. I agree with your views on Alonso … But how probable is a signing from Valencia? I would have to say not very. But hey, stranger things have happened.

  2. yeah rafa now try luring david silva or david villa to liverpool.
    Hope the yanks provide you with enough money.

    IMO, if Villa does come, Liverpool’s strike force will be the most powerful bar none.
    Just imagine the trio of Villa-Torres-Gerrard !!!

  3. i can’t see us being able to afford villa or silva what happened with the poulson thing was that just gossip does anyone know. need a winger or left back

  4. Good post mate!! I’m surprised by how some fans are backing out on Xabi after his move back to spain. I’ve come to hate lately, not because they took away xabi, but because I don’t like there philosophy of trying to buy success and in the process spoiling the market for everyone else. I hope they fail miserably, but I wish Xabi all the best – let him shine even though it may be of little significance. That because he gave us wonderful memories, memories we’ll never forget.

  5. @Edwin .actually u may say as backing out .but the fact we need here to realize is that he sort of discarded the love and support of the best and most passionate fans of the game.who wouldnt miss him? all wud have loved to see him being one of the frontliner in title chase and celebrating #19 alongwith Gerrard and Carra????? but we need to move on

  6. I think he knows that he left millions of fans deeply disappointed and hurt that he didn’t listen to them although he did try make amends in his press conference at Still, pple will not forget what he achieved while at Liverpool. That said, you’re right, we all have to move on. Who knows, the bigger picture in all of this may be very pleasant indeed.

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