Defensive woes

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Loosing Xabi Alonso ,Signing his replacement  for 2o Million Pounds who wont be able to feature for 2 months,unsettled Mascherano,Lack of Depth in Squad and most evident being  Liverpool Football Club;One of the Cathedrals of English and European Football.Just when one would think this is enough for the obsessed English Press and Pundits to rule  us out again as one of the strongest contenders for the Premiere League title this season,Pre-season friendlies and injury to our all three main defenders has offered enough material to them to start bashing Liverpool’s supporters dreams till December.Though I believe that  anfield faithfuls are quite used to of this negative critisicm from the media.

While it was implicit that Liverpool are in hunt for a replacement of Sammi Hyppia,Benitez’s latest Press Conference has certainly cleared the doubts that  atleast a defensive signing is imminent.While Rafa as ever remains totally unpredictable on whether we would be signing either of Villa or Silva we have been linked with time and again,I would say,lets stay positive and  hope we are able to get the support of the Owners for such arrivals as transfer window closes in 21 days.If the owners are to be believed,Rafa was promised 20 Millions + whatever he generates through transfers.Dont know where that Offer stands now though but lets stay optimisitc.Obviously Plan B is there already and that is “Nando and Stevie stay fit,Johnson and Yossi continue with their last season’s performances.”

I believe this time the title is ours to lose..

You Will Never Walk Alone…


  1. who wont love to see villa and rightly we need a blaster but there seem quite a hell questions about him? like
    1. Finances
    2. Formation we are playing i.e 4-2-3-1
    3. Investing in Aquilani.that suggests gerrard sticking as supporting striker.then where would Villa be playing? certainly we wont be buying a striker of his caliber
    to be there solely for Torres’ Cover…hah…desperate and frustrating….fingers crossed

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