We May Be Lacking On The Pitch But The Boardroom Is Our Biggest Weakness

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The weekends league opener away to Spurs’ at White Hart Lane showed that we don’t quite have enough strength in depth and that these last few weeks of the transfer window are going to be crucial. Well, they would be crucial if it wasn’t for the budgetary restrictions put on our manager by our desperate for cash American owners.

The Americans have been looking for ways to help pay back our ever increasing debt and more pressure has been put on the two owners of Kop Holdings LTD due to refinancing being agreed based on Hick and Gillett paying back some of the huge debt they placed on our clubs holding company.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that even after the sale of Alonso and promises of a decent transfer kity Rafael Benitez is still left scrapping the barrel looking for bargain basement players to help improve his squad in order to make a decent title challenge this year.

The majority of us want the owners out, they’re a cancer on the club, doing more harm than good and there effects will no doubt further extend our trophy dry spell if they’re allowed to continue. Thankfully there’s a voice for the fans, one organisation who’s main objective is to rid Liverpool Football Club of its American owners and bring fan power to Merseyside. That group is Spirit of Shankly- The Liverpool Supporters Union.

Before todays game the Union will be handing out leaflets around the ground about the problems Tom Hicks and George Gillett have caused at our much-loved football club. If you happen to be at the game today then don’t forget to pick one up. If you already know the full story pass one along to a friend who may not be as up on the facts as you.

If you’re not at the match consider visiting www.spiritofshankly.com and becoming a member of the Union. Together we have a voice.



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