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Signing a new defender was a positive move in the  eyes of almost every Liverpool fan. Agger looks set to be out of the first-team picture for a sustained period and Slovakian centre-half Martin Skrtel is out, at least for the moment. This leaves us short at the back and a new centre-back is exactly what we needed at Anfield.

It’s a gap that’s been left by Sami Hyypia after his free transfer to German club Bayern Leverkusen, it’s a gap that’s had a number of names from around the world liked to filling it. The most reported name in the media is Sylvain Distin, the current Portsmouth  captain who may be looking for a way out of the club. The price for the Frenchmen and a number of other speculated targets has been simply too high for our football club, a problem with having owners who are unwilling to invest yet demand good performances year in year out.

According to today’s Daily Telegraph 30 year-old West Ham defender Matthew Upson was a big consideration for the Rafael Benitez however the price-tag reported today of £15 million was simply too much, not exactly promising when we’re a team supposedly challenging for the title. However, Empire of the Kop has learned that the fee had been negotiated down to around £10 million which could be paid over a period of 12 months. However our American owners simply aren’t willing to invest that much either, so no deal has or will be made.

So our eventual signing, who should be confirmed soon, is Sotirios Kyrgiakos who is reported to be signing for a fee of around £2 million from Greek club AEK Athens. This further adds to the speculation that Rafael Benitez has been given less than £5 million to spend over the rest of the transfer window when we need to ensure we add stregth in-depth to a squad currently lacking in one or two positions.

It leaves me asking, can anyone really be in support of our American owners now? They’re holding back on us financial, which could have serious negative effects on our title challenge. They’ve lied about the proposed stadium and have constantly back-tracked and let us down at every turn. It’s time for pressure, it’s time to force them out. For the sake of our football club we need to unite against Tom Hicks and George Gillett before it’s too late.

M. Owen

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  1. why we would want to shell out 15 or even 10 million pounds for mediocre centre backs is beyond me. To only have to spend around £2 million for a well established and expierenced centre back is in my opinion a great deal and a great decision by Rafa.

    I want the title just as much as the next Red, but all this negative pressure on the owners really isn’t helping the cause. We’re a club that focuses on the positives, and the uplifting of one another, so i don’t see how that attitude should be differently shown to our owners. I don’t nescessarily agree with all the decisions they’ve made, but I’m sure negative speculations on transfer budgets isn’t helping our team support anyway. When I read more headlines in newspapers about how the Spirit of Shankly (which i support) is whining about the leadership of our club, instead of how we just had a wonderful performance against stoke city.. it really bugs me.

    Also.. I think its insulting to players like Voronin, and Babel, and Riera, and Dossena to say we lack depth. I read a lot of blogs and articles saying Voronin doesn’t have quite the quality of some other players.. when i look back 2 years and he really shined quite well as a liverpool player. Babel has probably had the shottiest performance of all of our subs yet he gets the most support. then im reminded of how i used to support lucas and say he was a big up and coming, and all i say were fans saying “lucas is rubbish” or “rafa needs to sell him” but then xabi leaves and he has some great games and people are praising his name. it just bothers me, give players time, they will produce if you let them..

    sorry to rant on, love ya guys.. hopes for the title..

  2. I am so tired of hearing the phrase American owners. Dies it matter that they are American? I am American and I am a huge Liverpool supporter. Can we start saying our Owners. Liverpool’s Owners. This is rediculous. Being American here has nothing to do with it what so ever!!!!!!!

  3. Where is our stadium, which was promised?
    Where is our promise of no debt added to the club?

    I believe in keeping promises that are made.

  4. How many of you American’s call Manchester City’s owners ‘the Arabs’? Most I imagine.

    It’s a quick and simple phrase to use. It’s not the only way I describe them, I always chance my description of all sorts of things in articles as I always do.

    Alex, SoS organised a protest for BEFORE the game, they weren’t ‘whining’ after.

    Our owners are a cancer on our club, as a Liverpool fan who loves my team I’m not going to try and be ‘positive’ about our ownership situation.

  5. i just don’t want to turn into a chelsea, or man city, or real madrid, im happy with our players and how rafa finds them and brings them up. i mean we had our best season ever last season and where very close to winning the league under our “american owners” we brought in torres under our american owners.. and i feel we can win the title this season under our american owners.

    as long as we’re winning football with a great team and playing our hardest i don’t care if hitler owns our club.

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