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Well I even though the window is now closed, I am still crossing fingers and hoping for some news, before the day is out.

I cannot believe we have only managed to sign 2 class players, players that we needed. We really needed 5 maybe 6 top class players, not only to come in as starters but also as cover for the likes of Torres and Gerrard.

Just goes to show the Americans have no idea and how important this league is to us. They certainly do not have the money to be running the club and it may even be them Yank idiots that puts players off.

Rafa needs people who are going to back him and trust him to bring in the talent. That said we do still need to bring through our youth players or we may miss out on the nest Fowler, Carra, Owen or Gerrard, by selling them because muppets like Vorinin and Lucas have a Red shirt!

On good note our defensive squad is looking good, with Johnson and Kyrgiakos. This would now put Skrtel as my 3rd choice center half. He is ok but needs to stay switched on!

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  1. 5 or 6 new, top class players!? Are you kidding me? Not even Chelski, City or Scum bought that many. We have a hell of a team with incredible talent. Buying half a new team would not help us at all. That would only disrupt the internal harmony. Look what almost happened last season with Agger/Skrtel. If they weren´t so injury-prone, one of them would have been long gone by now.

    If Rafa had been able to bring in Silva, in addition to those he has, I would have been very happy. And so would 99% of the LFC fans. And last but not least Rafa. And we would have had one hand on the PL-trophy.

  2. I take offense to what you have said. I am an American, and I do understand how important the game is to you, and all fans. I am sure you, or at least hope, were reffering to just the ownership, but never-the-less. C’mon man. No need for Racism. Still I do agree with the fact that the ownership needs to pull their collective heads out of there asses and bring in top quality players. Open the pockets and take a chance.

  3. Yes 5 or 6, top class players, not 5-6 first division players!

    You need to be top class to play in the premiership, otherwise you get found out and then the fans want you out. We want the title, so need to find them!

  4. Justin, I do not think James was referring to All Americans as being idiots. If that was the case I would have been offended myself :-)

    He is talking about Hicks and Gillett.


  5. Explain how Yank idiots is racist mate, would love to know. You call us Limey’s we call you yanks. Just because I put idiots after it does not mean I am aiming it at all Americans!

  6. You are telling me that the term Yanks isn’t a racist term? I have never reffered to anyone or anything as Limey, unless I am talking about a Margarita. Be that as it may, I didn’t really care, my attempts at humor are simply futile.

  7. yeah, i don’t know about 5 or 6 top players.. we have top players who are just as imaginative and creative as any player we could spend 20 million dollars on.

    if its all about money to you thats fine, you can jump on the real madrid, or chelsea, or man city band wagon. its not about players, its about the team.. and we have a wonderful team chemistry going.

  8. The squad is at least as strong as last season. Give Aquilani a chance. He is highly rated.

    Just as importantly, the main Rivals are weaker. United are significantly weaker.

    Chelski have consolodated so they will be better than last season. But they haven’t exactly gone crazy in the transfer market. They’ve only signed the Russian Jerkoff, and then a nomark striker from citeh.

    Citeh are obviously stronger, but they have a mediocre manager so they are not a credible rival yet. But they, along with Spurts, Villa and Everton will take points off the top four, so the league will be a bit tighter.

    So 80><85 points with win the league this season.

    Alonso £30,000,000
    Arbeloa £3,500,000
    Leto £3,000,000
    Hobbs £1000,000
    Anderson £250,000
    Hammill £250,000
    Hyypia £0
    Pennant £0

    Total Received: £38,000,000

    Aquilani £18,000,000
    Johnson £17,000,000
    Mavinga £1,000,000
    Kyrgiakos £2,000,000

    Total Spent: £38,000,000

    Break even on transfers.

    And then Rafa, Torres, Stevie, Benni, Kuyt and Agger have signed new contracts. That's £10M in signing on fees and increased wages.

    Not bad considering the current situation.

  9. People forget really quickly I see. At the end of the last season, most people were in total agreement that Liverpool needed a little bit of fine tuning, with 1 or 2 top players coming in and a couple of squad players. Well, after losing Xabi, Rafa has brought in Glen & Aquilani who imo are top players, plus the greek guy and a host of others. My guess is Rafa wanted one more creative midfielder, widely touted to be Silva. Considering our ownership & financial situation, he’s been forced to promote Lucas maybe a bit earlier. So I really fail to understand how you would want 5 or 6 top class players at Liverpool. As Alex says, that would be very damaging. Coming to think of it, according to what we know from Rafa himself and other sources, Aquilani is more attacking & creative than Xabi and he likes to go forward alot – so we might have got ourselves the new Silva and no one has gotta a clue about it!!

  10. Jamesbarlow: You underline “top players” as if we haven´t got a good enough starting XI. Wich 6 of those players would you boot??

  11. I think we need a few more world class players. God forbid but what happens if Torres gets injured? Or Stevie G? Where royally stuffed if that’s the case! So yes we do need to keep an eye on team chemistry and messing around with the vibe on field but in the same token, we need strong players to back us up, for the just in case situations. Because let’s be honest, who the he’ll could step into Torres’ boots right now? Nobody!

  12. Just to clarify, Did I spend a shed load of money? No I didn’t, we can aquire very good players on loan, through good scouting (HARRY AT SPURS AND ARSE AT THE GOONERS are prime examples). I also said we should be looking at our younger players coming through, surely there is at least 1 kid there who has the ability. Maybe it’s time for Spearing and Darby to be given that real chance, they have had there role in the past, now lets see if they can really do it week in week out!

    As for saying we should have 5-6 top players in this season, I do not mean 5-6 on top of bring in Johnson, Aquilani and Kyrgiakos, we need a couple more. Yes we do need them I’M AFRAID THAT IS THE NATURE OF BEAST THESE DAYS. look at our bench and the bench of the top teams this season, that is where we will be found lacking if the need comes and it will!

  13. Ferryman, I WOULD NOT BOOT THEM ALL, just a couple, I repeat we need a couple of top players on the bench, see original posting!

    My line up now if the team was fully fit would be as follows-

    Johnson, Carra, Agger, Arbeloa.
    kuyt, Gerrad, Aquilani, Reira.
    Torres, Yossi.

    Yes left Javier out, I would ust love this group start a game!

  14. Jamesbarlow, you would LOVE to see that group start a game, but you think there´s not ENOUGH quality there? You trust Rafa and would put Aquilani into the starting XI without having seen what he can do (exept highlights on YouTube), but you believe you know better than Rafa, and put Spearing and Darby on the bench. I also would like more youngsters out there, but when the quality isn´t there…

    Allow me to quote you: “look at our bench and the bench of the top teams this season, that is where we will be found lacking if the need comes and it will” Again, you swap Aurelio and Skrtel with Spearing and Darby? Or did you put Masch there so the bench would look more impressing? What about a sriker on the bench? Or would you push Kuyt, who´s been running a half-marathon in 70 mins, up when Torres gets tired?

    Leaving some key players out and playing 4-4-2 with 3 AM´s (Gerrard as DM?) shows me, that you don´t understand the tacticks and the balance of the team and I´m also having my doubts about your general understanding of football.

    Sorry, mate. You were almost making a little sense for a while there…

  15. My line up would be :
    Torres yossi
    Riera Masch. Gerrard. Kuyt.
    Johnson Skrtle, carra kyrgiakos

    Havnt seen aquilani yet, but he would probably start instead of riera, and push masch outside. Based on last match, ide want our greek boy to start, but have insua waiting for his spot incase. Lucas has his days, so the bench is where he will wait, don’t know why so many are not fans of martin skrtle, he’s strong fast tall and scary as hell! Cavalari on the bench with babel or voronin until he leaves and wehold to spearing.

  16. It’s a pity thought that the player who is gonna lose out based on Aquilani’s arrival is Yossi. I love Yossi but We all know Rafa’s tactics and strategy – Gerrard will play as the 2nd striker and Aquilani will be the creative mid wit Masch the DM. Riera and Kuyt will be on the wings. The Defense shud b Aurelio, Agger, Carra and Johnson!!! The bench wudnt b that bad but we lack attacking matchwinners!!! – Yossi, Skrtel, Lucas, Babel (:S), Kyrgiakos, Darby, Ngog (:S), Gulacsi, Voronin (:S), DOssena, Degen (:S), Spearing – Yossi is the only one who can turn a match!!! So our depth is clearly lacking!!! We shudve kept Nemeth and slid him in in front of Voronin and Ngog!!!

  17. Ferryman, I will yet again go through your comment!

    I have seen Aquilani play live, both while in Italy and live on TV, BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY HE IS JUST AS GOOD AS ALONSO, also a very god ball winner!

    Secondly yes I would put Spearing and Draby on the bench, it’s the next step for them to be there every week, instead of once a month.

    The bench, well I did not have another striker, because I have 2 on the pitch, when and if one of them needs to come off, Gerrard or Kuyt would be pushed up. Look I DONT REALLY WANT TO WRITE AN ESSAY ABOUT ALL MY CHANGES AND FORMATIONS, SO I’M NOT.

    Yes I WOULD PLAY 4-4-2, and it it’s you saying dm that am that, not me. but for your information, look at the back line, QUICK. AQUILANI IN FRONT OF THEM.


    Oh and please read my posts properly, I did say This is the team I would love to see start! Does not mean Rafa should pick it, does not mean I would stick with it, just fancy seeing it at the moment.

    As for my understanding of football, look at my profile.

  18. Jamesbarlow: Nope. Still not convinced.

    It seems like you don´t really want anyone to comment your opinions. Or at least not someone who doesn´t agree with you, so I won´t. Ciao.

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