FACT : George Gillett, You are to blame.

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So George Gillett is at it again, airing the dirty laundry in public with his latest rant, blaming Rafa for Liverpool’s dip in form. Here is my response to Gillett.

So what the hell are you trying to achieve with this? You know Rafa’s phone number and you could have told him this yourself, no one else needs to know it. If my boss ever slapped me like this in public I would simply walk out. I admire Rafa for sticking around while you clowns give him all this “Schtick”.

Yes, we were bad against Fiorentina but although we played much better against Chelsea we lost. Quite frankly, if we had gotten a lucky goal instead of Chelsea we could have won or tied the game. That is football George, it is obvious you do not have a clue on what the sport is all about. If you had your way you would make the players wear helmets and grab the ball with their hands.

You gave Rafa £20 million to improve the team over the Summer which based on the current evaluation of players the amount would have not been enough to buy a single World Class player. Little did we know at that time that the extended contracts signed by Gerrard and Torres had to come of the £20 million. Without a doubt losing Xabi Alonso was a big blow and we can’t deny it, we sold Xabi for £30 and then Rafa turned around and bought Aquilani for £20, what happened with the £10 million?  Oh! Rafa actually made you money!!!!!

Rafa wanted to sell Xabi last season and this was after a couple of bad seasons and in return buy Gareth Barry who at the time looked better than Xabi. The deal did not go through because you and your ally Rick Parry did not want to meet Villa’s evaluation. Xabi turned around and had one of the best seasons with Liverpool however unfortunately it was too late his mind was made up to leave Liverpool.

So what are you going to do now? Fire Rafa? or force him to quit? And who are you going to bring in to replace him? Jurgen Klinsmann, who could not even cut it in the Bundesliga?

In the last couple of years you tried to make yourself look like the “Good Guy” and blame all the ills on Tom Hicks. We all know who brought Tom Hicks in the picture , it was you George. You are probably going to deny that like you have denied the fact that you said that you were going to dig a “Big Swimming Pool”  in Stanley Park.  I know your type George, you are one of those self-made millionaires who BSed your way into riches.

And we are suppose to believe you after all these lies?

Sell now, free our club so we can return to the Liverpool Way.

Walk Alone George.



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  1. i wish i could say that on this p***ks face, business trouble is different… but W T F is he talking about a game that his countryman dont even know the name of?????
    excuse me for my french antoine, such a bad week when we are already so frustrated, you wake up and read this. its hard to contain yourself!

    we will bounce back and gerrard wil hold the title on MAY the 9th


  2. Antoine, I think it’s time you take off your far too red tinted glasses and realise Rafa is partly to blame for the recent bad performances. Although I agree the players are mainly to blame you cannot just go spouting rubbish about how the owners are holding us back, yes I agree they have done us no favours regarding these public outbursts but they also allowed Benitez to spend £20 million on a right back and injured player, I like all Liverpool fans hope Aquilani proves to be an excellent buy as Johnson already has and I understand some money was from the sale of Alonso, but what about the Torres money? That was out of the yank’s own pockets. Anyway, keep up with the usually good blogs.

    1. El Nino, I trust Rafa more than I do Gillett. If Rafa was any other manager he would have walked away 2 years ago but he hangs in there for the love of the club and supporters.


  3. Nothing like throwing the blame on somebody else, eh Gillett. What a douche, and this makes me upset to read something so pathetic, first thing in the morning.

  4. I don’t want to see this but we have to hit the yanks where it hurts, there pockets. We need to boycott games. I know this porbably won’t. Happen (for every fan that gives up a ticket there are at least 10 to take his/her place) and I know you’ll all say “we can’t, it will effect the team” f**k all that. We won’t have a team in a few years with there lying C**ts.

  5. Yes I agree with you antoine I trust rafa more than gillett, but we cannot continue to blame the owners everytime there is a dip in form

  6. i’m with you antoine. el nino, we are just trying to raise the fact that with such limited resources that gillett provides, he has no right to raise fingers on a faithful manager!

    can you believe after whatever has been said and done to him, such a successful european manager still vows to stay everytime because the fans love him here!

  7. The story is quoted in most places as having come from the Telegraph. In the Telegraph it is quoted as coming from Spirit Of Shankly.

    I quote: “Gillett made the comments in an ad hoc interview with a representative of the fans’ union Spirit of Shankly at Liverpool’s Kirkby academy prior to the Premier League match with Hull last week.”

    I can’t find a transcript on Spirit Of Shankly and can only assume that someone is up to no good.

    If the story is true, it really beggars belief that Gillett would completely undermine Rafa just before an important couple of weeks of football and undermines my wish to give (passive) backing to the owners in the belief that, in time, they can turn things around and make us the club we know we should be.

  8. El nino – no-one is blaming the owners whenever there is a dip in form. Most fans are realistic enough to know that dips in form happen and are not rushing around looking to sack someone. We’re not Newcastle!
    Neither do we expect one of the owners to publicly blame Rafa (if it happened).

  9. Yeah..the american,rafa and that bloody rick parry are to be blame for the misery we the fans are being endure..if only al maktoum was here..who knows may be players like barry,villa,ribery,etc..would have been playing with a red shirt actually????

  10. Yank’s out
    Rafa i trust more
    if he had more money last summer we would have had at least two grate singings and im sure things would be difrent.

    It has been said befor that we need them yanks to hear what we are all thinking and they are not boycott will not help it will make things worse,

    i only wish they read thing that are being said but they are far away and don’t give a dam

    I wish with all my hart for the day for some one to come in with an offer to take the club

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