Thurs 8th Oct 2009 News, Rumours and Rants

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Torres suffers injury more…
(No, No, NO)

Dani Pacheco scores a late winners as the Liverpool Reserves beat Burnley more…

And Dirk Kuyt also picks up a knock more…
(I swear the international teams must do something to screw up our players.)

Owen is wealthier than Gerrard   more…
(Don’t worry Stevie.)

Stevie G. wants the Reds to dig deep to relaunch title challenge  more…
(Many games to play let us beat Sunderland and Man Utd)

Carra promises to be back in form  more…

(We all dream of a team of Carraghers)

George Gillett selling half his LFC Shares to Arab investor  more…
(Here we go again, Tom Hicks will never allow this. )

Jovetic says No to Fergie  more…

(You go kid, I am starting to like you)

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  1. i’m in my office, sports sites are blocked here,
    would someone tell me how bad the injuries are????

  2. We can ill afford to lose the best striker in the world, hands down. This made my heart jump into my throat when I read this.

  3. Well you can’t say Gillett is not trying to sell his shares. Atleast he is trying, and if that bloody Texan does not agree, something big is going to happen to him the next time he comes to Liverpool. Just sell already, and be on your way.

  4. well lets hope Spain doesnt play him!!!, as far as Kuyt is concerned. Knocks dont take stalions like him down

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