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First of all I still support Rafa, I can not think of any other manager out there who would deal with the s**t H&G dish out. Rafa has been very quiet and has not criticised them but we are in the situation we are in because of them. We have not won a single trophy since they bought the club, it is very clear that we have suffered when Gerrard & Torres have not played and this is because we have no depth in our squad.

Carra, we will get through this more…
(Yeah but how much more can we bleed?)

Rafa predicts Euro recovery  more…
(I agree with you Rafa but only if you are still manager.)

Graeme Souness launches scathing attack on Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez  more…
(Wait a minute, am I reading this right. Is this the same Gaeme Souness who took a winning team and left us with Jack. Is this the same Graeme Souness who signed Ali Dia? Need I say more?)

Stevie G might miss Sunday’s game after coming off injured yesterday.
(Our luck really sucks, frustrating.)

Alberto Aquilani to make his Liverpool debut this evening for the reserves more…
(The expectations are high)

Albert Riera did not feature last night because of injury more…
(He might also miss the Man Utd game on Sunday)

Phil Thompson believes that Liverpool does not have enough strength in depth  more…
(We know this Phil but we have two cheap owners)

An independent panel charged with releasing the Hillsborough files will be set up within two weeks more…
(About time)

Simon Kjaer drops Liverpool hint  more…
(It would be nice if he signed up and partnered with Agger)

And then the rumour that Rafa will battle Mourinho over Bruno Ecuele Manga more…

(Ah! I miss the Rafa – Jose spats, that was fun.)

In the meantime Rene Krhin is unaware of a move by Liverpool more…
(Crazy season starting early this year.)

And finally to add to our misery, Facebook is not updating anymore. Twitter & Facebook are not playing nice together. Last night it all went crazy and Facebook kept getting updated with events that occurred 2 hours earlier and kept posting the comments. It was like the movie Groundhog Dog, living the nightmare over and over again.

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  1. dear antoine,

    i do totally agree with you. yesterday was a sad night. i was angry with my reds. they are totally in doubt. they do not show anymore what we are waiting them to do when they walk in the storm: the liverpool values ! i want them to show us on sunday that tehy are proud of what they are. but yesterday we were fighting spirit-less we have to say that. same thing to anfield suppoters.

    hold your f…ing head !
    we are liverpool, proud of it, we have to fight again again and again, together !

    my faith in rafa is total and i hope he will stay when saudi prince will come. i cannot imagine liverpool without him, and i’m sure players want him to stay, masch told taht yesterday.


  2. I’m sorry but you cant put all the blame onthe owners, look at the amount that Rafa has spent over the last 5 years and we are still 4 1st team players away from being a title side, too many half rated players in the squad, get your head out of the clouds and take the rafa blinkers off, his fall out with keane was a joke, the way he dealt with the Alonso situatgion when going after Barry (which failed) was a joke. He is a good maanger but he must take some of the blame here

  3. of courses he made mistakes. everybody are making some.
    the way of selling players, by exemple, but for my part he’s one of the best coach in the world and we’ve got to keep him.
    man utd have got money, chelsea too, but liverpool not. is he responsible? No!
    reina is an excelent goalkeeper.
    carra agger and skrtel ones of the best central defender in the world
    masch maybe the better defensive midfield, without talking about gerrard kuyt torres and benayoun.
    if we had the same money like in man u and chelsea imagine the team we could have.
    and that’s why yanks have to go out

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