United’s Record at Anfield

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As a fan, as any fan, we hold our records in pride, but I hope that tomorrow we can improve our record in tackling United at Anfield. We had two great games against them last year, but that was last year, this is now. Lets have a look at some of the stats,

Premier League Liverpool v Man Untied @ Anfield Stats

17 Games

Liverpool Wins: 5
Man United Wins: 9
Draws: 3

A win tomorrow will close the gap of 4 points between ourselves and United, yet also improve this record.

Amount of Goals

Liverpool: 23
Man United: 25

Disturbing goal tally compared to the win records, mainly of which that consist of Man United winning on 1 – 0 games, quite typically a late goal. They will of course be striving for that early goal like last year, but we have the quality to reply to that, and hopefully grab the opener for ourselves, and built upon that, not sit back and defend, build on that lead.

Tomorrow is the 18th Premier League meeting against United at Anfield, 18 seems to be a recurring topic amongst us and them quite recently, all the more hype for the game.

If there was ever any opportunity for Liverpool to bounce back on form, tommorrow will be the most sweetest opportunity. We may lose, we may draw, or hopefully win, but what I will be wishing to see, is a hungry and passionate performance. I know that myself, and the rest of us will not be disappointed tomorrow. If it takes a big game to raise our game, then bring it on.


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