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The discussion on Lucas Leiva has never been positive. It seems that people wronly expected him to fill Xabi Alonso’s shoes when this kid was only Xabi’s and Mascherano’s replacement until last season. Judgments made in this perspective are totally unfair, and so is putting most of the blame of Liverpool poor form on a single player.

With today’s squad, all players being fit; the ideal line-up would be Reina, Johnson, Carra, Agger, Insua, Kuyt, Mascherano, Aquilani, Benayoun, Gerrard and Torres. We have also been linked with various top level experienced strikers to partner Torres or, replace him when he is unavailable. Both van Nistelroy and Heskey will not leave their Clubs to warm the bench at Anfield, so it could be that we might finally opt for a more offensive formation. This could see a different Liverpool from the waist up, with Mascherano as a holding midfielder and Aquilani as the playmaker, Gerrard out on the right, Benayoun on the left, and Torres and ‘whoever’ in attack, for a more traditional and perhaps productive 4-4-2 formation.

4-4-2 is not old-style like many seem to think. Man Utd have been winning consecutive titles with such a game plan, so why not us?

Going back to Lucas! The kid is barely 21 years old, and whatever he lacks in quality and maturity he tries to make up in commitment and passion. At least he is one of the few that has been really trying. He may not be top notch, he may not be a Fabregas if you like, but you only get a Fabregas every 1000 midfielders (meaning players that are a talent and a few notches above everyone else by the time they are 17 years old). Lucas is not the player to be shown the door, he will be needed in the future, but at present, the team certainly needs more quality in midfield, and Aquilani has that quality, a sample of which was on display against Wolves.

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  1. My problem with Lucas is that he gives up easily. Often the player he leaves sneeks back into the play and scores. I have seen this multiple times. On the other hand I saw Benayoun head away the potential tying goal yesterday from right in front of the goal and have seen Torres make tackes way deep into our side. Torres feeling compelled to defend is not the best use of his talents. Time for Lucas (and Insua) to show more heart.

  2. Brent, as I said, the lad is 21 years old, and so is Insua who replaced Aurelio who is 31 years old. They need time, even though it seems that is one element the team does not have much of nowadays. The lads are both doing well, hence their respective call ups to very competitive Argentinian and Brazilian national sides. The team is running at 55/60% of its potential, and someone has to get the flack for it. I personally say it’s 50/50 between the players and Rafa! Of course, that is only my opinion.

  3. I agree with everything said here. I’d like to ask though – whatever happened to Martin Skrtel? He has (in my opinion) played a key part in the side, especially during the times Agger has failed to be fit because of injury. I am in a tough position right now, because I do indeed love seeing Agger back there and I truly enjoy having Insua on the left, but I do think Skrtel brought a different sort of confidence last year when he was given his chance to shine when Agger was injured. Does anyone else agree? Don’t get me wrong – Agger is the man and I believe he has everything it takes and more. I am, however, quite disappointed with Glen Johnson. He comes out strong, but I do not think he has the stamina to last the full 90, nor do I think it helps when he spends more time up front than he does in his given position. It’s fine to make a strike as a back three to five times in a match, but Johnson simply puts our side in danger. He is constantly having to cover his tracks and get back for defense and the opposition has already made a quick three passes. These are just my thoughts. Let me know what you think.

  4. we definitly need a striker ro help torres and i would love to see mata from valencia he looks a good player.
    talkin of young players pacheco looks a grate player for future.

  5. The problem is not Lucas…most of the goals Liverpool have conceded came from the right, when very often Insua goes missing, especially after going forward to help his colleagues.

    Still, I believe Insua is a very promising player, but he needs to mark his man more often, more so against Aston Villa who have a number of very fast forwards.

  6. Don’t blame Lucas. Liverpool have conceded a number of goals from the right, when very often Insua goes missing, especially when he goes on the attack to help the forwards.

    I still believe Insua is a very promising player but he needs to mark his man more closely, more so against Aston Villa who have very fast players.

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