I want to bury my head in the sand like an ostrich

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We are out of the FA Cup what else can I say?

Who do I blame? Do I blame Hicks & Gillett? Do I blame Rafa? Do I blame the players?

I just do not know what to make of it but not only were we poor today but now we have three new injuries to deal with as Torres, Gerrard & Degen all had to leave injured.

Sometimes I wonder, why do I put myself through this?  Why am I not a glory-hunter?

But then I hear

At the end of the storm there is  a golden sky and a sweet sweet song of a lark.

I will wait until the end of the storm and I will remain a Liverpool supporter until my dying breath.
For sickness or for worse ’till death do us part.




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  1. Trouble is it won’t change the result or the poor performance from the team. If only it was that easy.


  2. It was really bad performance. I almost cried when the game ended.
    And the additional injuries surely won’t help to reach the top four. God!!!!!!!! It’s truly frustrating to see my beloved team to struggle so much this season. For better or for worse…
    L.F.C Fan forever
    My husband is a true Chelsea FC supporter.
    Just for fun can you imagine how both legs of champion ligue looked like in our house?
    Let me give You a hint. Have You ever seen MR & MRS Smith?

  3. I don’t knwo whta to say either … i couldn’t watch the game but I was really optimistic … I didn’t expect THIS result. And our duo is injured again … Boy, oh boy, what a season.

  4. we just can’t take a trick right now can we?! it’s really almost laughable now, how we fear every matchday, because we will either lose the match, or lose torres or gerrard, or on the truly sad days, lose both… it is certainly not a pretty time to be a liverpool supporter now is it??

    but the best thing about being a liverpool fan is that you know there are plenty of other people out there who love the club as much as you do, and who are feeling the same pain as you, and as our players, as our whole red family is feeling. so even though some people say our support and our belief and our strength in numbers ‘can’t help’ our boys, we still need them to know that they have our support, even in times like these, and we have to stand by them, because it is what we do at liverpool, we stick together, we never let anyone walk alone…


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