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 A week that started off with immense speculation that Juve might want Benitez to take charge, ended with Rafa not totally rulling out a move to Italy. He did say hes happy here, time and time again, but the other comments just make you stop and wonder.

 I am confident that he will be in charge until the end of the season. But whether we like it or not, don’t be surprised if he leaves for Italy in the summer.

I still respect Benitez, and that won’t change even if he decides to leave. But that may well be the case. He has been with us for 5-6 years now, stuck with us through thick and thin like a true fan, and even if he leaves, he certainly want be turning his back on us. He didn’t leave when Real wanted him, because he loved it here, but he may very well leave in the summer, in his and the clubs best interest. Not because he has lost love for this club.

 Looking at Rafa during matches, as usual, not much emotion. But just his general body-language speaks alot. He too is dissappointed, but more than that, he is frustrated. He has tried everything but nothing seems to work. Our luck has haunted us misrebaly this season. And no one, not Rafa, not the players or the fans can do anything about it. We can’t control how luck affects us.

Last season we came so close to winning the league, and were unfortunate not too. No use cribbing about that now, but I think Rafa thinks he took us as far as he could last season. It just looks like Rafa has lost confidence in his own ability. I still believe that he is the man in the long-term, but probably the man himself doesn’t think that.

Put yourself in Rafa’s shoes; imagine going into a dressing room, week in and week out, telling the players to keep faith, encouraging them to forget the past loses, and look forward to the next game. And then have to do that all over again. He is probably growing tired himself. He must have evaluated all his possible options of what he can do, try a different approach, but even the best of formations and team-selections that look so good on paper, don’t seem to get the results in reality. He has probably even tried different apporaches in his man-management style. And it may have worked, he may have lifted the players confidences, and they come out all guns blazing in matches, control the play, look the dominant team until it all comes crashing down at the final whistle. Just look at the Arsenal game; I don’t think any team has bullied Arsenal this season like we did in the first half. But second half, something went wrong. The Man City game, dominant again, but two quickfire goals from Man City, and the final scoreline didn’t do justice to the performance. Even the Stoke game, an injury ravaged side that played very well in a tricky fixture, didn’t get the result they deserved. Players like Kyrgiakos, Degen who don’t get too many first-team chances desreved to get 3 points for their performance. But that hasn’t happened. All season. The league-table doesn’t speak the complete truth. We deserved to be higher up the table, not in 5th spot. But bad-luck, injuries, refs, outside interferences havent helped us at all.

The point that I am trying to make is that Rafa may have grown frustrated with this, no matter what he tries; it just doesn’t seem to work out. He would have expected us to carry on from last season. And our squad at the beginning of the season was certainly capable of lifting the league title. But it’s been unfortunate for us. Does Rafa want to go through this all over again next season? Maybe not. He may want a new challenge. A different experience maybe. And who can blame him for that.

Either way, I still truly support Rafa, and will continue to respect him no matter where his future lies.


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  1. I didnt even read the post, Rafa is not going anywhere and it seems that only Antoines posts are relevent to true fans

  2. You said ” And no one, not Rafa, not the players or the fans can do anything about it.” You forgot about the owners. You forgot about new investment into the club. How about funds injected to strengthen the team?

    Correct me if I am wrong, the way you put it in the article it seems that you know what is going on behind the scene or you seems to know what is going on in Rafa’s mind. Are you a member of the backroom or are you an expert in reading body language or maybe you have a special power to read people’s mind?

  3. @khan: yes, your right, i forgot to mention the owners, but you forgot to read in what context i was saying “no one, not Rafa, not the players or the fans can do anything about it”. So ill repeat- no one, not Rafa, not the players, not the fans, not the owners, not the potentila owners, not the ground-staff, or the tea-lady, or the physio etc etc., can do a darn thing about BAD LUCK.

    And no, im not in Rafa’s head or watever else you have said, i have posted this artcile as a part of my ‘opinion’…

    So in my ‘opinion’, Rafa could leave…

  4. HOPE with all my heart that we still get to the fourth spot..rafa gets money to spend from the YANKS..and even also more importantly YOU BE WRONG..mr. SAMI..A few victories will change everything..see it this way if we continue what we are doing by some means then ..in two months time ..the table will LOOK DIFFERENT..
    Mr. SAMI..i know you singing about our present unfortunate times..BUT HERE’s somrthing to cheer you Up:
    1) Tots draw hull,loose to wolves draw brums..
    2) Villa has won today after faltering for sometime now..
    3) Man city has had a demoralising defeat..which could take its toll on them..
    are there any contenders left for the fourth spot ??
    REMEMBER: THE BEST THING ABOUT LUCK IS THAT IT …CHANGES VERY FAST….who can say the rest of the season be a different and better one for us..WE ALL HOPE FOR THE BEST !! and HOPEFULLY IT’LL CHEER UP RAFA!! and he stays!!!..GOD BLESS THE REDS!!..HAIL LIVERPOOL FC!!..YNWA!!

  5. Rafa will not leave.

    He has total control over the club,except the finance.

    He won’t get sacked because it would cost to much to do it.

    The only way it would is if the club was sold.Even if a wealthy joint third owner came along,they still probably keep him.

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