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As we all know and agree it is time there is a change at the club. Firstly, we need Gillett and Hicks to sell up. I do not believe (other than the initial fee for fernando torres) that they have brought much to the club and they are just continuing to cause problems amoungst the players and especially the fans. Within the past couple of weeks there have been signs in ‘The Daily Mail’ saying ‘Thanks but no yanks’. I think this is a clear message of how unwelcome they are and how frustrated the fans are becoming. Secondly, it would be nice to sign a couple more players over the summer. Personally, I believe we need a defender. Carragher and Krgyiakos are both great players but they are getting older and we need to be sure we will have someone to fill their shoes when they finnish their careers. Agger is also great but I believe we do need another player. Secondly, I am happy that we are playing N’GOG more. Torres is world class when he is playing but at the moment it is hard to know whether he is constantly going to be fit and it is great for N’Gog to get the experience he needs. So, I think we all agree there is time for change at the club. Gillett and Hicks are patience is wearing thin.


  1. Welcome Hugh! I agree with change, specifically with H&G getting as far away from us as possible. With regards to the two central defenders Carragher is both a legend and an institution and he does have a couple more years in him, if he is played central. Kyrgiakos was a stop-gap solution when both Agger and Skrtel were out injured. For the fee we paid for him he is proving to be a bargain! Ultimately both Agger and Skrtel are young and Ayala is waiting in the wings as he will be a fine central defender in the years to come.
    Ngog plays mainly because there is not real Fernando Torres replacement. The lad is doing his best, as is Lucas and Insua.
    However the point is we need change in the ownership of the Club. We need people that are real football fans not money making machines!

  2. Mate just wanted to make a point ..its true, what You say..but may be we can now try El zhar and Pacheco more..sorry mate I know NGOG is a hard worker..works real hard..but he is having no impact on outcomes..(may be he gets fouled and earns penalties..but thats not the same as scoring goals)..he keeps hitting bars with such accuracy and consistency ..i belive he too is out of LUCK..(Only if Babel worked as hard and had the same urge ..He would be our best bet upfront now..but he is busy crying over facts of the past ..like how Liverpool has ruined his career from a “player of the year” status..)

    Ofcourse we need new investors who could buy us better players..because other wise i don’t see our beloved Liverpool fc out playing oppositions with this team..atleast not in this form..

    But for the time being RAFA try the reserves please…EL ZHAR AND PACHECO must be tried..
    Hope we fare brilliantly in the coming months and retain the 4th spot aided with some good wins!! YNWA

  3. Welcome Hugh.

    I really like the “Thanks but no Yanks” message. Sums up the feeling of most supporters, it is to the point but quite polite :)

    Antoine, would it be appropriate to emphasise this message on EOTK via banners etc?

  4. I was born in Chicago in the 50s, so I learned at an young age to respect and hate the Yankees. As I have grown older the appreciation continues and I have outgrown the younger anger over yankees constantly besting

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