Why there is so much media hype about transfers/Rafa leaving at the moment

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Over the past couple of months there have been so many rumours about players leaving and Rafa almost agreeing terms with other clubs only for when the rumours make it back to the club they are immediately dismissed.

Since the beginning of the season we all know that we have been going through a tough time in the League and the UCL. In my opinion, this is the reason that the media are able to come up with so much rubbish about players leaving. Rumours such as Torres and Gerrard leaving in the summer and Benayoun almost agreeing terms with Dinamo Moscow. Its obvious that they see us as slightly vunerable as of our poor run of form as recent which gives the media perfect reasons to pounce and to cause uproar amoungst the fans and possibly cause internal problems within the club (the last thing we need). The rumours are coming from the same papers mostly and so we can usually dismiss them immediately. But, these rumours are just malicious and im sure as we begin to prove all of these critics wrong these tasteless rumours will stop being produced.

However, the great thing about this is that the quicker these stupid rumours come about, the quicker they are being dismissed. It does frustrate and annoy me that the media are allowed to come out with such ridicolous rumours. But, we should treat everything as a rumour untill confirmed by the club.

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  1. agreed… what i was trying to say is its never often that they get the chance to make these rumours about the best club in the world so there is no doubt that they will make rumours. But, were better than them.. Couple of weeks and we will completely silence anyone criticising us. We will bounce back so fast after we dominate Everton in the derby.

  2. in my own conspiracy mind I believe Rafas Rant is behind all of this. Anyone, British or foreign, is NOT to mess with ‘SIR’ Alex, or his gangster cronies in the press and amongst Premier League managers will come down hard with great vengeance and fury at those who try to humiliate the Great one. The pressure Rafa has been under this year has been completely unjustified. Forget Terry, the witch hunt on Rafa is never ending and will only cease the day he makes peace with Fergie. Is it a coincidence that Wenger no longer has sections of the press constantly on his case since he and Fergie took to the stage together at an award ceremony and made up? Fergie has more power in the game than we realize. Its just a thought :-)

  3. Rumours this time has tested my sense of humour (RAFA leaving with KUYT, BABEL & Co..hohoho)!! JOkes man !!
    But ya your right that it disturbs players’ mindset and also the ambience of the dressing rooms..(if the rumours get louder)..
    Its a CRUEL rule however..whenever any thing supercedes expectation (like we did last time in the EPL..many people wouldn’t have bet it before the start of last season..)..In such cases all these rumours (so-called..or just whims of the press) do come in..people try to bring in OUTLANDISH claims!!
    However the frequecy with which rumours have spread for/against our club..and the way it has been rubbished around..The press should realize during such FINANCIAL CRISIS all around ..its not such a good idea wasting column space..as people will soon realize that those bunches are more intersted in FANTASizing than bringing in real NEWS..

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