Turning Point.

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The Derby victory was an important one. Very important! We now go into a very difficult week in form. 7 games unbeaten and only a single goal conceded. What a high contrast from a few weeks back when we were in a run of some 6 wins in 20 games in all competitions. And with a blink of an eye, that has all changed. And this is for the media- we have achieved this with Rafael Benitez as our manager!

This victory also gives us a lot of confidence. Everton may not be the greatest teams, but the team will certainly be happy with getting a victory over our bitter neighbours, and that to with only 10 men for most part of the game. The passion may be rushing through their body right now. You could see it on the players faces, they were as passionate as ever. And if you were a player in this mood, you would want the next game to come as fast as possible. And thankfully, it is.

After the match last night, while the Spur-Villa game was on, I was looking at the live Premier League table, to see where we stand, and also Spurs, City, Villa etc. I just took a glance up (which I havent done much this season), and I noticed something, that got me more optimistic than excited. We are now just 5 points behind Arsenal. Just FIVE. But they have played one match less than us, so hopefully Chelsea can get a result their tonight (I would prefer a draw). A few more days, and everything could change. The fight for 4th place is intense, 3rd spot isnt that far away. We couldnt even look at 3rd spot a few days back, but what a month or two can do is amazing.

The fans are getting behind the team now, they are chanting Rafas name. Rafa had promised 4th spot. We are there. Just have to hang on for a few more months, or who knows, climb up a bit as well. Hopefully the financial issues are sorted out soon as well. Rafa had said before the game that a victory could turn their season around. That statement holds so much truth. This could really be the ‘Turning Point’.

“The city has two great clubs- Liverpool and Liverpool Reserves” – Bill Shankly

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  1. Well said! Except that I’d prefer a Chelsea win tomorrow. We’re not in with a shout of a title, and I’d rather it was Chelsea taking it than the scum. But very proud of the boys and Rafa for sticking together through this tough time. It’s very funny and refreshing to hear the media changing their tune!

  2. let Chelsea win I do not want the Mancs to win the league.

    Plus as you say 5 points behind same number of games.

  3. I too would prefer the lesser of two evils- Chelsea -to win the title rather than Manu. But if i wanted a result from tonights game, i would love a draw, but if i have to pick a team to win tonights game- it should be Chelsea.

  4. Mohammed friend, believe me, we are better off with Chelsea winning for many reasons. 1st we dont want Man Utd to win the PL and they’ve had it easy the past two games, 2nd, if we snatch a win at Arsenal we come 2 points away from third and farther away from our chasers, 3rd a loss for Arsenal will see them mount a frantic game against us to recover their morale and that will work in our favour.
    Against the Gunners I’d be happy with a point, it’s the Man City game we need to win as they are our direct competitors for 4th which should remain our focus without us getting carried away.

  5. Chelsea must win today ..although i xpect a tufer fight than last time..

    However, I am in complete agreement with you Mohammad regarding
    that RAFA needed this support and he deserves it..
    {I must say i didnt see Liverpool drawing Wolves(at least a 1-0 was expected in our favor)..but then neither did i expect anymore than a draw with everton at most..(and with 10 men ..may be RAFA would have taken that at the break)..It was only relying solely upon set pieces that we had a realistic scoring chance in Attack..and we did enough..(Thanks to dynamic Dirk!!)}

    Yes we have done it under RAFA..!! Well Done!!.. Would have a loved a lot more use of BABEl throughout the season as compared to NGOG..but anyways if results are coming our way being plain defensive..Well,,who cares?
    YNWA LFC!!!!!

  6. @tonio: as i said, if i were to pick a side, it would be Chelsea. But i guess i still live in hope of an unlikely title challenge. As Bill Shankly said “Aim for the sky and you’ll reach the ceiling. Aim for the ceiling and you’ll stay on the floor.”
    But i agree, lets not get carried away.

    @kaustav: even i didnt think that we would draw wolves, but then again i expectd us to draw villa. So i guess it gets evened out! =)

  7. Sami..if we are to still chanllenge the title..we need to win a lion’s share of the remaining 14..Well thats a tall order..unless the bad luck that struck us last year gets evened out completely by overwhelming Good luck..
    Seen the tweet of the day was real intersting…at that rate we may win the title..but we’ll see to it at the end of march..till then all we need is to just take a game after another and focus on winning..and not disappointed if we find going a little tough in some matches and not be carried away by some victories that we may have this month..because at the end of the day all we’ll haveis 3 points winning a match..whoever is the opposition..We need to keep the momentum going..heaping in confidence..and getting a 3 pointer after another..the rest will be destiny ..But way to go REDS!! YNWA!!

  8. Guys! Given the way we hit rock bottom this year, let’s all be happy with a Champion League spot and perhaps a good run in the Europa League and possibly win it! :-)

  9. Your right Mr. Bone…Genuinely hope we do brilliantly the remaining year..Have an investor and some good funds for the summer…(Turan and balotelli..would be brilliant signings..hehehehe..m dreamin of summer funds already)

    As for this year No more injuries please..Hope we have TORRES coming back and staying in peak form..YNWA!!!

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