The Daily Antoine 19/2/2010 LFC News Digest

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Well we won last night and kept a clean sheet, now we go to Romania with either Torres or Benayoun or both in the line up. Anybody wants to bet against our chance of qualifying?

Stevie G agrees with me :-) more…
(Well it is more like I agree with Stevie :-) )

Rafa salutes his players more…

Carra salutes Dani Pacheco more…
(The kid is awesome)

And the young Spaniard is delighted with the Kop reception more…
(We are going to be seeing more of Dani in the games to come)

Mascherano calls for calms heads before Sunday’s match more…

Double standards? You be the judges, Check out this and then this

Pompey wants to be able to sell players outside the transfer window more…
(It is not going to happen, if your name was Man Utd then the FA would make a special concession)

Have you seen the latest Pepsi commercial? more…
(Surprised that Lampard is appearing in a diet beverage)

The Daily Mail is linking Rafa with Juve, Real & Milan more…
(They never give up do they?)

And finally good news, Vidic is not leaving Manchester United more…

(That is awesome, as long as Vidic plays we can be guaranteed a red card:-) )

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FT Liverpool 1 – Unirea 0 (N’Gog)


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  1. Pacheco is the one for the moment for LIVERPOOL FC..!! I hope the unsung hero behind that goal ..Ryan Babel also gets his due by getting a series of starts..

  2. Babel deffo should start from now on let him have a few games and see what happens! Pacheco should hopefully get more time on the pitch as well. Bring on city on Sunday!

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