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I know that the first thing that comes to peoples minds is- blame Rafa!. And to support that, yes he does deserve blame. Ive said this before as well. The players too deserve blame. And im not going to go and blame this on our owners. Theyve been horrible in their duty, but our recent form is hardly even their fault.

Now we are having one of our worst seasons in recent times. At this point last season we were beating Real 4-0 in the UCL, and it pains me greatly to see Arsenal and Manu get emphatic victories now. Its only 1-0, it can and should be turned around. All we can do right now is support the team.

Im sure everyone is angry, ticked off, frusrated, depressed, words cant describe our emotions at this moment. When i think of a soultion to Liverpools problems when im having a debate, all i can say is “i dont know what went wrong”. And truly, where did it all go wrong from last season? Its not all the Alonso factor.

But im writing this as a sincere request. I said it a couple of months back, and that fact remains unchanged- Rafael Benitez is going to be manager of Liverpool FC until the end of the season no matter what happens from now till the end. He probably will be in charge beyond this season as well. But as of now it looks like his future is hanging in the balance. Im still going to support him. But i dont have the privelege of travelling to our beloved Anfield, but i requets those who will be going to not jeer the team. Please, we dont want the boo-boys. Anfield is still wonderful, the atmosphere is great. Its unfortunate we have had to hear fans booing their own team there. Truly that was the last place i expected that to happen. When i hear jeering in Anfield, its hurts me more than the loss in the match itself. I dont see the positive of conducting such an act.

Please, please, please still support Rafa, still support the players. Remember the kop pledge:

“Always support the team, no matter how bad they are playing.
If the team is doing badly, cheer even louder as they need your support more.

If a player is struggling, sing his name louder and more often as he needs it.

If the opposition are the better side and perform well, appreciate it and give them the credit they are due.”

I request those travelling to Anfield to allow their voices to be heard in support of the team/manager/players. Otherwise, STFU.

If someone can give me a valid reason as to how jeering the team will make this treacherous season better, then go ahead and jeer. But im confident that no one can come up with a valid reason.

This seaosn has been pathetic, hope it doesnt get worse, but come on you Liverpool fans!! Our team needs us! The players confidence is low, but if we show our support to them even in this woeful form, the only thing the players can say is “Wow! We love this club!”. We may not be the best team in the world right now, but we certainly can show that we have the best fans in the world. Its our time to take a stand, and make everyone in the BPL, and the world take notice:

“We our Liverpool fans, and we will always have Hope in our Hearts!”

Keep the faith.


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  1. Well said but you cant blame fans, myself included for being totally fed up. Our football this year with the exception of about 4 matches (and a half against Arsenal) has been truely awful. At least next season with some new staff (lets be realistic including a manager), we can get back on track.

    Our Euro cup or whatever its called matches have been a real advert for the competition havent they! Totally awful. no atmosphere what so ever.

  2. Why are we still supporting Rafa? why do you want us to keep the faith in him? His style of football is shocking. Liverpool last night were a laughing stock and rafa comes out and says “I am disappointed with the result but really pleased with the effort of the players. They were fantastic today.” NO THEY WERE NOT. They were terrible and i blame Rafa for that.

  3. Good post. I think the major concern for us supporters is not so much the disappointing season itself, it is the apparent lack of unity between team and manager and the fact that some players can play as bad as it gets but will automatically start the next game again.

  4. Can’t comment much. I support the Manager and players but as long as they keep me uncomfortable, I am blaming all of them but not LiverpoolFC. I support LiverpoolFC before I knew Benitez or Gerrard and no matter what, they can’t take away my love for LiverpoolFC.

  5. Pro- rafa will run out of steam my friend …its getting from bad to worse.. However I don’t know how, but only if Rafa can win all the remaining matches Liverpool have left and yes also those 2 BIG ones..may be then Rafa can win a few hearts ..but otherwise its looking Dull for him..
    I mean if the Reds could stoop so low to be beaten by Wigan..Rafa should be able to do more than just say “disappointing performance”..He has to even such a dent by major victories against Man United and Chelsea..If he can do that then he will have something to say..The Reds also gotta crush these “Lille”-puts..and proceed further..

  6. All these months I’ve supported Rafa, but then I see the absolutely gutless and heartless display at Wigan and then I think, what would Shankly say if he saw these dispirited bunch of players? Remember how he said “I’ve drummed it into these players that we play for you, the fans”? It doesn’t seem like the team has any fight or pride left in them.

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