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One year ago today we beat Manchester United 4-1 at Old Trafford it now seems like a lifetime ago.

We have a new writer, welcome to E.O.T.K. Martin Turner, here is his first posting

Well here is a positive as LFC & EFC supporters unite for a common cause more…
(It is great to see football supporters unite off the field like this, we need to do more of this)

Well it is is Sunday and all kinds of crazy rumours are all over the rags including one that the Rhone group have lodged a takeover bid for LFC more…
(They just love to tease us don’t they?)

The same Sh*te of the World is also reporting that Albert Riera is going to Villareal
(I would not believe anything they say)

And Real Madrid are putting a bid in for Stevie G more…
(ROFL, I fell off my chair laughing. Real Madrid is one club Stevie will not go to after he saw what happened to Owen.)

Stephen Ireland is being linked with us more…
(According to the Mirror we are competing with Everton for his signature)

Rafa claims that he is not feeling pressure more…
(I am)

However there are still some who believe that Jose Mourinho can be signed as the next Manager more…
(Mourinho will never come to LFC with H&G in charge, don’t understand why people keep believing this nonsense?)

Carra in the meantime is calling for caution against Pompey more…
(Exactly Pompey have nothing to lose)

Kenny “Let us make it right” more…

Yossi might be back to face Pompey tomorrow more…
(Keeping my fingers crossed)

Torres wants to see 5 top signings at Liverpool this summer more…
(Oh El Nino I wish H&G would listen)

Masch calls for the end of the goal drought more…
(I hope so)

And fellow compatriot Insua is dreaming about the World Cup more…
(Please forget about the World Cup and let us focus on L.F.C.)

And finally here is a great write up by Paul Tomkins more…
(Paul is right on)

Tweet of the Day
ROFL someone is a year late RT @OliverMillsFTW: Going to Manchester tomorrow for the Man Utd vs Liverpool game. LOVE UNITED, HATE GLAZERS

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  1. hi Antoine keep up the good work, love reading your daily post,s. Wow people still going on about Jose Mourinho. He would never come unless the cowboys ride in to the sunset. Funny a year ago we was scoring for fun with pretty much the same team. All these so call experts were falling over them selves saying what a great job rafa was doing with one hand tied behind his back. But a year on nothing change rafa still working with one hand tied behind his back but now everyone saying he the worst manager ever.
    At the end of the day no one is bigger than liverpool not even the manager but i would still think Rafa should at least have one more season and if we go through this again then maybe it be a time for a change but now is not the time or in summer for i really do believe that with the young players coming through then we are going to be so amazing in the next few years. Just keep the faith everyone and see the bigger picture and not about here and now.

  2. We do not need to be too cautious in our play. Like playing with 2 defensive minded midfielders(Mascherano & Lucas). We need forward passing players like Aquilani. We can play 1 DM, 2 CM’s in the midfield. Masch is doing his job pretty good.Personally, I dont have anything against Lucas. Its just that Liverpool do not need 2 DM’s at the moment. Even though Rafa has given Lucas the role to go forward, he’s not going to do it naturally. He will only realize that he need’s to go forward when the managers(assistant) shouts at him. In the contrast, Aquilani is a natural forward thinker/passer. You can see the proof in some of the matches when he assists Kuyt’s goals. And he also need match confidence back. He’s not going to get it if he’s sitting on the bench like a china doll. I think Rafa is too afraid to make mistakes/challenges. I know the season is going to end soon and he’s taking some steps to avoid letting in goals at the back, but if we need to score goals we need forward or adventurous players and Lucas and Masch is not one of them. By playing Aquilani, it will also reduce the burden/pressure from Gerrard(he’s cracking under it). It will allow Captain Fantastic to have more freedom around the pitch. Our midfield area would be quite balance and Torres would have no problem by taking assists from Gerrard, Kuyt, Maxi, Babel, Riera , and others.

    So, my point is, we simply DO NOT need 2 DM’s in the form of Masch and Lucas. Just put one of them on the pitch and the other long passer(like Aquilani) and Gerrard. Our midfield would be UNBEATABLE.

    I know its a long rant and also on the wrong page. But remember I’m not against Liverpool or Rafa or any other true reds around the world. I will support them as long as I last. The only one I’m against is H&G.

    Anyway, nice update Antoine.


  3. Antoine , Reira will be sold for sure, why keep him if he cannot be played..He is simply not in Liverpool’s long term plans..

    As for the Rhone Group invessting or planing so, the news speaks that ousting Rafa is a certainty..Well the Do we surely have a Mourinho then ?? Good rumours..but they satisfy humor more than logic..

  4. In Rafa, I always believe, form is temporary, class is permanent!

    #1. He gave me my proudest week for becoming a LFC fan just a year ago (Eating Galaticos 4-0 for breakfast and thumping United 4-1 for lunch, even humilating Villa 5-0 for dinner. What you should ask for more!!??)

    #2. He gave us FERNANDO TORRES two years ago. (also LUCAS and MASCH)

    #3. He gave us nothing, but just a win over the best team in the world. It was three years ago. (And also a runner up in Europe)

    #4. He gave me a new thought that FA cup can be won by 1 person four years ago. (Stevie was really a superhero)

    #5. He gave me the greatest comeback in football that I’ve ever seen. (Also the first moment I cried in football) It was five years ago.

    So, we just need to be positive. This is just a blip and I think Rafa just bring the club forward all this time. Let we see what happens in May. Dramatic 4th place? Or it just another European cup?

    Oh yeah, one more thing. We’re just played better UNDER THE PRESSURE. We got 2 trophies and the hell of comebacks.

    So, please, just positives, and let Rafa do his job. This is the moment that we show him “You’ll Never Walk Alone”

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